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Running down the corridor passed his own cabin, Kirk slide to a stop in front of McCoy's cabin slamming the override switch of the door with a fist. As soon as the door began to open he managed to hasten it along with a strong shove and dived into the cabin ordering the lights on in the process. Skidding around the bed that had a large fetus shaped lump in the middle of it, he opened the closet door and instantly ran his eyes along the top shelf only to discover it lacking anything that resembled the beguiling devil bear he remembered from the Doctor's office.

In a brief moment of panic and frustration, Kirk swore repeatedly under his breath and he began poking through the rest of the closet. Clothes began to fly out on to the floor, occasionally a pair of pants would make it far enough to land on the bed floating across the snoring Doctor as he shifted around enough to be facing the cabin door.

A growl of impatience rumbled from Kirk's throat as he stumbled back out of the closet and advanced on the prone McCoy snuggled comfortably from head to toe in the warmth of his blankets. Whipping back the bedspread and top blanket, Kirk grabbed the Doctor by his shoulders and shook him to grogginess.

"Bones! Damn it Bones, wake up!" Shaking McCoy harder Kirk tried to get the man in a sitting position by propping him up against the backboard. "Where the hell did you put that damn bear!"

He wasn't exactly surprised by the sudden turn of events. Something told him that when Christine mentioned the fact that McCoy had noticed the bear was moved he would've waited until he was sure that she had left his cabin and would've gone in search of it. Where he would've gone with it from there was another question. And one that was going to take a little work to get if the Doctor to snap to within the next fifteen seconds.

"Damn it! Bones wake up!"

Head rolling around like a rag doll, McCoy started making familiar gurgling noise of coming up for air when the back of his head banged against the wall. Heavy lidded blue eyes opened and gazed at Kirk through a haze of sleep and dark locks of hair that had fallen over his forehead into his gaze. For a moment, he merely stared at the man who was holding him up, too pooped to honestly care what or who was thrashing him about like a mop. But a light finally dawned after the second time his head met the wall for the second time.

"Jim! What the hell are you doing in my cabin! Are you drunk again!" Shouted McCoy trying to push the Captain away from him and grabbing his covers at the same time. "I finally get to sleep and you gotta come staggering in here because you forgot to take left instead of right. And don't think I'm letting you sleep it off in here either! The last time it took me three months to get the smell out of my carpet."

"Bones, shut up for one minute and try to focus on what I'm saying!" Kirk had kept a firm grip on the Doctor's shoulders as he spoke slowly and directly into McCoy's face. "What did you do with that damn teddy bear!"

"What?" McCoy snarled with an ugly scowl as he kept tugging at the bedspread. "Bear? Some stupid jackass had stuffed it into my closet. The last thing I want to do when I start digging for uniforms is have that stupid thing sniggering away at me first thing in the morning. I tossed it into the back of bathroom cabinets. Thing gives me the creeps. If you want it to give some little bouncy yeoman, go for it. I doubt Joanna will ever know. Just as long as I can go back to sleep."

Releasing his death grip on McCoy, Kirk leapt off the bed, diving for the bathroom door. "You might want to get out of here Bones, instead of worrying about getting your beauty sleep."

Throwing the rest of the blankets and sheets out of the way, McCoy pushed himself out of bed and followed Kirk into the bathroom, casting a quizzical look at the pile of clothes all over the floor. In stocking feet he stood in the doorway watching in disbelief as Kirk tore through the first set of cabinets.

"Do you mind if I ask why, considering it's mine to begin with?" He asked as Kirk crawled under the sink.

"Because Bones…" Pulling his head out from the cabinet, Kirk pursed his lips as he sat back on his knees and gave the Doctor a deadly serious look. "Spock and I think someone from the Orionian organization was the one ordered it to be sent to you."

"What!" Blurted out a stupefied McCoy grabbing on to the doorframe to keep from falling over.

"We figure the Orionians are trying to disrupt the Dolcrock from joining the Federation, by setting off a bomb on board the 'Enterprise'." Continued Kirk ignoring the thunderstruck Doctor. "And we think they used that damn bear to get it on board."

"What!" McCoy stammered completely dumbstruck at the fact he had been living with a bomb in his cabin for the last two and half weeks.

"Bones, you can do three things for me right now." Kirk barked back opening the second set of cabinets. "One; quite saying that. Two; tell me exactly where the hell that fuzzy little deathtrap is. And three; do you have any of your equipment in here?"

Mouth still hanging open, McCoy stared flabberghasted down at Kirk pointed towards the single cupboard door that was just above Kirk's head. Once he had managed the second of the three requests, McCoy ducked back into the main room of the cabin and began tearing through his dresser drawers.

In the bathroom, Kirk hadn't touched the last cupboard door when he heard the high pitched giggling voice coming through loud and clear.

"I love you. You make my heart go boomity-boom."

It was an insidious device, Kirk acknowledged as he cautiously opened the door and peered inside. The cheeks were bright and flashing like a klaxon warning system in the middle of a Klingon attack. While the head was in danger of actually spinning all the way off of it's neck, the arms swinging wildly like propellers on a b-52 and that heartbeat was pounding away loud and clear. The bear's and Kirk's.

Deciding it best not pick it up in case that would set it off prematurely, Kirk waited until McCoy reappeared in the doorway holding a handful of equipment and a old model tricorder slung over a shoulder.

"Any of this useable?" He asked holding out the handful of items for Kirk to investigate.

Spotting the tricorder, Kirk snared the strap from McCoy's shoulder knocking the other objects from the Doctor's hands, scattering them on the bathroom floor. Activating it he aimed it at the out of control stuffed creature and watched the display as the first readings started beeping across the screen.

"It's already started its countdown. Activate the intercom. Spock's down in the transporter room." Ordered Kirk staring at the display screen and the tiny digital numbers.


"Hurry it the hell up Bones!" He shouted as the numbers continued their rapid dwindling.


Slapping the intercom switch, McCoy managed to keep his first highly tainted comments under his breath. "Spock, you there!"


"Yes Doctor, has the Captain found..."


"Spock, I've got an out dated tricorder down here! Pick up its signal and beam it out as far into open space as you can. And that's an immediate order!" Kirk interrupted as bead of sweat dribbled down the side of his forehead. "Now damn it."


As he spoke Kirk placed the tricorder in the cupboard space with the wildly gyrating bear that was still spewing out it's now garbled signature line over and over again. Automatically shutting the cupboard door, he was back on his feet and out the bathroom door, sprinting over the bed as he could hear the well-known hum of the transporter beam behind him.


Already ensconced behind the bed McCoy scrunched up even more when Kirk landed beside him, both men holding their breath and sweating as they listened as well as braced themselves for the inevitable.

"My heart goes boomity-boom." Could be heard trailing away as the tricorder and bear were whisked away from the 'Enterprise' several sectors away.

The shipped rocked gently when the waves of energy swept over the ship followed by two more before the 'Enterprise' shuttered back into it's normal warp track. Inside, it was barely felt unless you were one of the three who were aware of its approach to begin with.

In the transporter room, Spock stood soberly behind the instrument control panel checking the readings once more before side stepping for the totally lost ensign who had had the misfortune of being one duty when the First Officer swooped in on him for no apparent reason than to just fiddle with his dials.

In McCoy's cabin, the two officers sighed in utter gratified relief and went literally limp on the floor still braced against the Doctor's bed.

Smiling at the fact they had pulled it off Kirk glanced at McCoy. "Well, that made my heart go 'boomity-boom'."

"Mine stopped." Murmured McCoy still caring his shocked expression on his face. "But I'm pretty sure I did something else. Maybe twice."


"All right, so I can understand that the Orionians caught wind of the Dolcrockian mining situation. They somehow managed to get a spy in earshot of the high mucky-mucks of the Federation and that's how they found out about it. And that's how they probably found out that the 'Enterprise' was going to be the ship assigned this mission. Which would explain why they send that chenille covered terror to us to begin with. What I don't understand is why me?"

The three men had gone back to Kirk's cabin after they met just outside of McCoy's cabin door to regroup. The sat around the small round table, Kirk sipped at a glass of bourbon, McCoy had chosen Altair water remembering the sedatives that Chapel had given him earlier, and Spock as always merely sat with arms folded in front of him regarding the two other officers stoically.

"That has an easy answer Bones, believe it or not." Replied Kirk after another generous sip from his glass. "Whoever it was that set this whole thing up was aware that the V.I.P rooms are one the same decks as the senior officers. They were also intelligent enough to know that we always keep the highest ranking of our visitor's next door to our Chief Medical Officer in case of emergencies."

"The Orionians were also aware that it is one of our priorities to check all luggage and property brought aboard by any visiting dignitaries. Because of this Doctor, they needed another way to secrete the bomb onboard without raising any questions." Added Spock moving slightly in his chair.

"It also says that whoever developed that bomb knew what they were doing. They set up a timer that would guarantee it would detonate in the range of two and half to three weeks. The time span that the Dolcrockian's would be aboard the 'Enterprise'. He was also smart enough to use small enough parts that would fit within the mechanics' that made the bear operate, as well as using a material under the chenille fabric that would block out the basic scanning." Kirk went on gazing into nearly empty glass realizing how lucky they had been with piecing everything together as fast they had.

"The Orionians have always proved themselves to be extremely intelligent as well as dangerous." Spock quietly pointed out.

"Yes Spock, we were pretty damn lucky." Kirk sighed then drained the rest of his bourbon.

"Well, I'll be damned." Murmured McCoy running his fingers along the side of his glass, then his face screwed up in an irritated frown. "But what about all the trouble I had sleeping and everything?"

"The best we can figure is that they surmised that you being a senior officer, were probably fortunate enough to have the evenings off and would be sleeping. That's when the device would activate itself to pick up it's surroundings and possibly send back any information it picked up to the closest Orionian post or ship around. You probably heard it's internal workings when you did sleep and somehow registered it as actually being the bear." Kirk said, unsure if it sounded as genuine as he thought it had when he first came upon the idea.

"In other words, I was paranoid." Surmised McCoy shifting his tired blue gaze from Kirk to Spock and back again.

"I wouldn't say that Bones. I mean you had a bomb sitting in your bedroom all this time and even if you didn't realize it, you knew something wasn't right with the whole picture. Otherwise you wouldn't have had Uhura tracking down where the package had originated from." Kirk replied before finishing his bourbon. "Maybe at the end you went off your onion, but I wouldn't say you had completely become paranoid."

"That's supposed to make me feel better right." McCoy said with a nod as he gave Kirk a 'wait until it's your turn' look. "I think it's time for this old sawbones to head for bed."

"Sounds like a well thought out plan Doctor." Agreed Kirk as all three rose from the table. "In the morning Spock, send a report to the closest Starbase, the capital of Dolcrock, Star Fleet Headquarters and of course, let's not forget the Federation."

"Aye sir." Spock said hesitating at the door waiting for the Doctor to pull his socks back up before making his way to bed.

"What about Yates? He didn't have any part of this then?" McCoy asked almost disappointedly as he tugged at the top of the right sock then the left.

"'Fraid not Doctor." Kirk said sounding equally discouraged. "It seems the man just turned out to be another bureacratic pain in the ass, pinhead. Present company's families excluded of course Mr. Spock."

"Nobody's perfect Jim." McCoy flashed a grin as he started to head for the door.

"One more thing before you leave tonight gentlemen."

Both Science Officer and Doctor paused and glanced back at their Captain who was smiling at them with a menacing shadow underneath it.

"If anyone gets a package that doesn't have identifcation on it and makes any noise close to 'boomity-boom' send it back!"