Authors Note: Here is a One-Shot that I enjoyed writing. I am a HUGE Drac fan and would love to see him come back. GO VLAD!! Woot!

As this is my first Van Helsing FF, I would love some reviews! Thanks!

Lighting Flashed in a room full of dusty equipment surrounded by cold, stone walls. A pile of ash and bone topped by a gruesome looking skull lay quietly near a collapsed metal contraption. Remnants of a large fire caked the walls, machines, and floor. Electricity crackled. The room smelt of death.

Suddenly, the scraping of bone against bone could be heard. The ashes and remains no longer lay quietly, but rose up slowly and began to take the shape of a standing man. The skull rose by an invisible force to take its' rightful place at the top of the mass as the ashes faltered slightly to the soft chilling breeze that blew through this place. Like water, the ash enveloped the bones and skull as meaty strings of flesh began to appear. Skin formed dutifully, wrapping itself around the muscle and tissue to create a living being. As the remaining hair sprouted from its' scalp, the last of the ash lying in the eye sockets clumped together to form piercing eyes that completed the shadowy, chiseled face. A nude man now stood confidently on the dark stone floor.

His hand rose deftly to scrape his black bangs from his face. The rest of his hair pooled around his back and shoulders, creating a cloak-like hood.

Fingers of dark, shadowy material rose from the ground and covered the man. They wrapped around his legs at first, then covered his torso and arms, eventually making his entire body disappear. The shadows then faded, leaving the man covered in dark silk material for clothing. Bending down, he picked up a large, slightly scorched golden clip at his feet. He then gathered all his hair up into one hand and inserted the golden clip at the nape of his neck, creating a ponytail that controlled the beautiful black sea of hair.

The man was grim, an angry look upon his face as he snarled and transformed into a hell-beast. He burst forth into the night, shattering the only window yet to be broken.

And that was how old Lucifer gave Vladislaus another chance.

That was how Dracula returned.