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a Veela story

AN: IMPORTANT!!!!! I've come back and added this comment after several reviewers have expressed their concern over this being "a Harry gets abused by his mate story." This is not that kind of fic. Lucius is under Voldemort's spell...they say that absence makes the heart grow fonder well not in this case! Harry and Lucius will end up together and Lucius will learn to appreciate Harry or I'll kill the s.o.b.



"Hell hath no fury..."

Chapter one. Saving him from himself.

Lucius Malfoy was to be sent to Azkaban again. The proud wizard was stoic in his defeat even though he knew that he would not survive the Dementors a second time. Narcissa had divorced him...gone back to her own estates; his son had been forced to withdraw his support publicly in order to keep the Malfoy name from disgrace. Thank Merlin for Snape or all would've been lost. Under his Godfather's guardianship Draco although sixteen had been allowed to step in as head of the Malfoys.

Lucius Alexander Malfoy had dug himself a hole and nothing and noone could save him...well someone could Lucius shook his head forcefully. He'd rather be dead. He had secretly hoped that the Dark Lord would rescue him but he now knew that that wouldn't happen. Even Voldemort's favorite was held accountable for his failures. He touched the Dark Mark through his muddied coat remembering his Master. Closing his eyes he concentrated on the memory of their last meeting but found it blurred by another...


A month a Detention cell at the Ministry.

The struggle was mismatched but Lucius didn't care. Not like they would ever be together anyway. His life had been planned out. A beautiful wife, an heir, wealth and power beyond anyone's dreams! What did he care for the weakling that stood before him! "You know who I am."

Harry had looked terrified but the blonde hadn't cared and had tightened the grip until Harry had cried out in pain. Foolish boy! He had actually come looking for him. What for? Had he hoped to gain his favor? To gain his love? NEVER!

"I had suspected it for a year but Dumbledore helped me clariy everything," came the hoarse whisper.

"The Headmaster? Humph...And you're here because?" The aristocratic Wizard demanded releasing the harried youth.

Harry rubbed his arms to get the feeling back into them. His heart was beating fast and he was gasping for air ."... I had to talk to you!" To be this close to his mate and to feel his rejection was proving to be too painful a torture.

Lucius crossed his arms and looked down at him. "What about? You know nothing of me you stupid child."

"I know I'm braver than you." Came the fiery reply. The emerald eyes shining defiantly. Dumbledore had been so wrong. Veela or not Lucius would never accept him. How could he? He was a half blood! An aberration in his mate's eyes. "I'm sixteen not a child! I'm your mate and I'm not afraid to try and be happy at your side. I'm half veela and so are you! You know that we belong together and that we can't be happy with anyone else! Our souls are bonded!" Lucius grabbed Harry angrily only to release him as if burned. Harry felt a bolt of magic travel through his body and clung to the tall blonde stubbornly.

"We are not bonded!" Lucius hissed pushing the youth violently away. Harry fell to the ground roughly but was more hurt by his mate's words than the physical abuse. The blonde looked him over with undisguised loathing. "I have one master! And he does not care to share my attentions with you!"

"What!" Harry gasped in disbelief. When Narcissa had been informed that her husband was half Veela and that his mate had come into his inheritance she had quickly agreed to divorce him. Even the witch had known how impossible it was for the pair to remain married. Even she knew that no marriage no matter how strong or desirable could stand against the bond of magical creatures such as Veelas. Getting to his feet Harry shook his head in denial. Lucius was his mate! His dominant! They were supposed to be a family! If Lucius didn't love and cherish him noone would, noone could! He needed his mate! He had to have him!

Lucius smiled proudly. "The Dark Lord has honored me with his attentions you idiot and I'm not about to give up his favor for someone as insignificant as you!"

Harry took a step back as if slapped! Lucius and Voldemort! No! No! No! The cold grey eyes that looked at him screamed the opposite. Unable to take anymore Harry had run from the room.

End of flashback...

Lucius woke from his reverie and pulled on the magical chains repeatedly but they were too strong and he was too weak to do much. Cursing Harry he leaned back and waited. Although he had no proof he knew the little submissive had blocked his release. Hell hath no fury like a submissive scorned! Had Lucius been stronger and more focused he might've wondered why Harry who had professed his willingness to accept him would aid the Ministry in condeming him to Azkaban. Unfortunately, weeks of interrogations and potions of every kind had left him if not broken at least vulnerable.

Hours later he heard footfalls approaching and gathered what strength he still had.

The solid door groaned as it was pushed open and the tip of a wand lit the darkened room. Grey eyes met weathered blue ones. The elderly Wizard looked tiredly and maybe even tragically at the blonde before him. "I'm sorry it had to come to this Lucius," he apologized.

Lucius interrupted him pointedly,"Lord Malfoy if you please Headmaster. We are not friends that I would allow you such familiarity."

Stiffening at the chilliness of the man Dumbledore nodded, "Very well Lord Malfoy. As a Wizard who is the only family of one who is close to my heart I hope that you -"

"Hope what? That I die?" Lucius sneered looking away in disgust.

"How wrong you are Lord Malfoy." How to make the Wizard understand that his only true happiness would come at Harry's side. Was the man's heart so poisoned from years of servitude to the Dark Lord that he would give his submissive up? Had the veela bond been weakened to the point that Lucius could turn his back on his mate? Surely he knew what that meant!

"You fool! Do you think I can care for him? I'm repulsed by the mere thought that he and I-"

"Enough! I had thought that your veela self would help you assimilate and accept your imminent mating, I see that I was wrong."

"Very." Lucius had spent years stamping out any sliver of Veela instinct that pulsed through his body. When he had received the dark mark the veela inside him had practically withered away. It was only in moments of weakness that he could feel the almost non-existent beat of his other self. That he had not met his mate until recently had given his bond with Voldemort the chance to take precedense over his bond with Harry. At this point nothing but Voldemort mattered to Lucius.

Dumbledore looked at the aristocratic features half hidden by the long blonde hair. Wanting Harry to overcome his mate's rejection he agreed to help him. First thing he had had to do was remove Lucius from the Dark Lord's service. He had called in every favor to make sure Draco took over as head of the Malfoys. Maybe, if Lucius no longer held a position of authority or power Voldemort would not come after him, he could only hope. Unfortunately Lucius did not only hold the Dark Lord's interest because of his name but because of their intimate relationship. Harry could survive their lack of intimacy for a time but no Veela submissive or dominant could survive infidelity. To make matters worse he didn't think that Voldemort would simply give up on his lover. He had gotten word that the Dark Lord was planning to rescue Lucius during his move to Azkaban. If Voldermot got a hold of the Pureblood Harry would die. He had to help the youth if he wanted him to fight the Dark Lord. "You will be transferred to Potter Mansion where you will remain until Harry does what is needed."

"You mean to keep me alive!" Lucius tried to stand but the chains kept him where he was. "Of course! If I go insane in Azkaban then so does he! If I die then so does he! I guess the little halfblood isn't as inane as I thought him to be!" Lucius shouted pulling on the chains with a renewed strength. He had to escape!


"There is no bond! And I don't want there to be one!" the younger Wizard shouted stubbornly.

The Headmaster's voice rose above Lucius'. "There is and you will learn to accept it and him! You're Veelas! He has feelings for you!"

"Don't tell me the little submissive is in love with me!" The blonde taunted cruelly.

"When I found out that you were his mate I hoped that your veela self would soften you towards Harry... I was wrong." the old Wizard murmured mournfully. "It appears Harry is right. The Dark Lord is interfering through the dark mark. I may not be able to force you to accept him but I can help so the both of you can have a chance at happiness."

Lucius sneered and looked away. Old Fool! As if a Wizard like him would settle for someone as insipid as Potter!

"You can not go back to him...if he finds out about this he will kill you to get to the boy...I guess there's nothing for us to do but save you from-"

"The Dark Lord?" Lucius finished smugly.

"No Lord Malfoy. Save you from yourself," Dumbledore corrected aiming his wand at Lucius' chest.


Harry sat in the cell next to an unconcious Lucius as he ran his small fingers through the long blonde hair. Dublemdore had left to make the necessary preperations to transfer his mate from the Ministy cell to their new home. A month ago he made a decision. If Lucius would not love him then he would love no one else. They were meant to be together! He was not afraid of death but he could never live without Lucius. The Dark Lord had taken his parents he would not take his mate too. Leaning over he touched his lips to the blonde's and made a promise to fight for their happiness.


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