Hi everyone! So did you all love Eclipse? I don't know if I really did. I don't like Jacob. Actually I don't like Werewolf Jacob. Non-werewolf Jacob I can handle, but if only he wasn't a werewolf! But besides that I really liked it! Time for the 4th book now! LOL!

By the way, sorry this update took so long. I guess I was too busy reading. Haha. This actually turned out a lot more serious then I planned it too. gasp Serious? Me? I know it's shocking! Enjoy!

Summertime Blues

Bella Swan walked outside the front door and locked it. She was on her way to her one and only true love's house. There was a chill in the air, and the wind lifted her hair up and rain drops came pelting down on her face.

She turned around and about fell off the porch. "Boo!" cheerfully exclaimed Edward. He had to catch her from falling flat on her face.

"Surprised?" he asked with another grin. Bella rolled her eyes and stepped off the porch the find herself slip on the muddy walkway.

Thank goodness for Greek Gods like Edward to catch her.

"I. Hate. The. RAIN!" practically screamed Bella as she walked towards the all too shiny Volvo. It was still shiny even though it was practically pouring down rain.

"Well it sucks you live in Forks then doesn't it?" Edward opened the door of his car for Bella. Before she could put her seat belt on, Edward was there speeding out of the driveway and on the windy ride to his mansion of a house.

"Why does it have rain in the summer though?" complained Bella.

Edward smiled and replied cheerfully, "Because it's Forks that's why!"

Thunder boomed and lightening striked a nearby tree.

"A horrible, rotten day," mumbled Bella. "Why Charlie decided to go fishing I don't know."

Edward coughed a looked away from her.

"Edward! Where are you going? I thought we were going to your house!"

"Well that was the plan….and you see plans can change. Alice decided it would be fun to dye your hair pink and have you become Guinea Pig Barbie again so…"

"Then WHERE are we going?"

"You'll see,"

Oh no. That can NOT be good. Bella hated it when Edward said you'll see. Normally it meant something bad. Like instead of becoming Guinea Pig Barbie she was going to become Alice's mannequin at the mall, or they were going to go do something stupid like backpacking or…

"Here we are!" exclaimed Edward.

Bella saw something that looked like the back of Charlie's head. "FISHING?!?!" she managed to choke out.

"Yep," said Edward getting out of the car. Bella was just speechless. She couldn't even say anything. Fishing? What! Why? How! WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!??!!??!!?

"Because I thought it would be could bonding time for the three of us!" exclaimed Edward. "You know you're cute when you turn red in the face like that,"

"Bonding time? BONDING time? How did you know I was thinking why?!? You can't read my mind!" it was all Bella could do not to scream.

"I can't. You're face gave it away. And yes, bonding time,"

"Charlie put you up to this!" accused Bella.

"Nope. I came up with it on my own. Maybe he won't hate me as much if I attempt to do something with him. Do you want to be sent to Alice?"

Bella considered her options. "But it's raining," she mumbled in defeat.

"Do you honestly think I could do anything outdoors with Charlie if it wasn't raining?" Edward handed her a rain jacket. He really had been planning this. A heavy rain jacket. Oh why, oh why?

Edward just smiled at her and patiently waited for her to get out of the car. Bella put on the jacket but didn't budge. Edward sighed, pecked her on the cheek, and lifted her out of the car.

Bella stalked toward Charlie mumbling something about stupid vampires and their stupid bonding ideas. Edward just chuckled.

"Bells! Edward!" exclaimed Charlie, his face brightening up. "I really didn't think you to would come!"

"I had no choice," said Bella with a smile. She could feel Edward's glare at the back of her head. Oh well. Served him right. Fishing. She had managed not to go in at least 6 years. She hadn't missed it one bit.

Edward walked over and started talking fishing terms with Charlie. Who knew there WERE fishing terms? Stupid fishing. Bella pulled her hood on her head. The raining hadn't even slowed down. Some way to spend a summer day.

All of sudden Edward cast out the fishing pole with such grace and poise, you'd think he took ballet or something. Was there anything he couldn't do well? Charlie was handing her a fishing pole.

Bella smiled and figured Edward would pay for this later. Oh would he pay. Oh yes he would.

Not really thinking about what she was doing, Bella went to cast out the fishing pole and tripped over a slab of wood on the dock. She went plummeting into the ice cold water.

Before she knew what was happening, Edward had dived in and put her back on the dock as fast as it had taken her to fall in. She hadn't even had time to scream.

Bella glared and him through gritted teeth as she was shaking. "I am NEVER going fishing AGAIN!"

Moral of the story: When your boyfriend starts to mention things like bonding with your dad while fishing, convince him to watch a football game with your dad instead. You won't get soaked because of your clumsiness.

Hahaha. Ok on second thought maybe it wasn't that serious! I hope you liked it! Please leave a review:)