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Confusion of a Teenaged Boy

Chapter 1

"Winners are Grinners... or not..."

Superstardom got tiresome, people who crave it, don't realise what they'll miss in a normal life. Taking even the most important things for granted with out even realising. Being able to come and go as you please, have a proper relationship and loyal friends are some of the things Wolfram Bielefelt will never get back.

"Oh my god!! NO YOU DIDN'T?!?!?" One of the male teens in the black school uniforms waled in shock. The other nodded blatantly shocked by his friends outburst.

"Ahh, yes, yes I did…." He says pulling two tickets out of his pocket, and within a second they are stolen from his hand.

"HOW DID YOU GET THESE??!! I heard they were sold out!! I MUST go!!! Yuuri…. take me with you" Yuuri is caught off guard when is friend takes a hold of his shirt in desperation. "Please…" He begs.

"Murata, I was planning of bringing you…. I don't know why you like him so much. He's just a pretty boy!" Yuuri rolled his eyes, while Murata gaped in insult.

"Just a pretty boy? JUST A PRETTY BOY??!! He is THE Hottest guy in Japan!"

Yuri takes the tickets back from his friend with a roll of his eyes.

"Whatever you say, but personally I don't think that there's anything special about him." He looks thoughtful. "In fact, I think he's a little stuck up!"

Murata sighs sadly and places a hand on Yuuri's shoulder.

"My poor misinformed Shibuya. You just don't get it. Anyone that attractive is allowed to be 'stuck up'. It's a law of nature!!" Yuuri shrugged the hand off.

"Funny, I've never heard that law before!" He adds sarcastically.

"If you don't like him that much then why did you buy the tickets?" Murata asked pushing his glasses up his nose.

"Just because I don't like him doesn't mean I don't like his music… and I didn't buy them… I won them… apparently I entered some contest" Yuuri says suspiciously eyeing the other. Murata smiled awkwardly.

"Well I entered us both, it just so happens, that you've always had better luck than I have! And the proof, is right in front of us, my friend!" He says pointing to the tickets.

"Hmm, ok… well.." Yuuri pauses and pulls something else out of his pocket. "I won these backstage thingies with them…" Murata's face pales, and his eyes widen.

"You mean you WON first prize…. I thought…I thought you'd won one of the complimentary prizes…" He pauses and looks like he's going to faint. "Do you know what this means……?" Yuuri blinks absently.

"Umm… we get to go … backstage?" Yuri feels both of Murata's hands on his shoulders, as if he needed to brace himself so he wouldn't fall over.

"It means…" He takes a deep breath, his face still as pale as death. "We…. We… get to have a private meal with him… ALONE" and with that final burst of energy, Murata is on the ground, out cold. Leaving Yuuri more than a little shocked.

Yuuri is attacked by another wild shirt being thrown at his face.

"Is this really necessary? It's just a concert….." He asks pulling the material from his view. Murata pulled himself from the wardrobe in total shock.

"Of course it is necessary!! Its not just a concert…. It is the BEST concert and dinner!! …. How about this one…" He holds a blue pin striped shirt to his chest. Yuuri leans back on his arms on the bed.

"Oh yea I keep forgetting about that…." He admits, and screws up his nose at the shirt. Murata drops it to the ground absently.

"You FORGOT… How could you FORGET!??? This is the GREATEST thing to ever happen … and you … GAHH Your NUTS!" He pulls out another shirt, this time red. And looks at Yuuri in question. Who raises an eyebrow.

"Don't you think your going to look a tad….. formal… It's a concert, not a ball" Murata sighs loudly, before taking trying the shirt on properly.

"Yuuri, Yuuri, Yuuri… " He shakes his head. "I want to look good to meet him, I don't want to look like some hormone crazed teen…" He adjusts his collar.

"But you are some hormone crazed teen…" Yuuri smiles.

"I don't want him knowing that though, I want to come across as a mature well-rounded individual" He turns around to show the other. "That's if I have any chance with him" Yuuri breaks down in to hysterical laughter. Murata turns back to the mirror to view the shirt.

"What… too bright?" He brushes it down with his hands.

"No… no…. It's…Oh my god!" Yuuri tries to explain but his laughter wont cease. Murata locks him with a glare.

After a few seconds, Yuuri had composed himself enough to finally speak.

"You think … you want… to… date him…." Murata stared with 'duh' expression. "You think that someone like him… would give someone like you the time of day… EVER?" Harsh, but true.

"You never know…." Murata says pouting slightly.

"He's not exactly known for 'sleeping around' let alone having a relationship with a 'fan'….. in fact…. I can't even remember him having a public relationship at all… I guess, his career is more important to him." Yuri says starting to drabble towards the end.

"Just because it hasn't happened doesn't mean it never will….. so, do you like this one or not?" He changes the subject quickly, trying not to down his hopes to much, and points to his red shirt once more.

"Whatever… It's fine!" Yuuri shrugs, disappointed that the subject had been changed, he was in the mood for laughing…. And not for a fashion show.

"Good! I like it!" He nods in approval. "Now…. Pants" He pulls out a pair of pants from a hanger and holds them against his waist. "What do you think?"

Yuuri groans loudly and collapses back onto the bed.

This is NOT fun…

"Another drink Wolfram?" The taller man asked the much shorter boy seated in front of an overly-sized mirror.

"Something red…" He answered as a young lady was powdered his face and another combed his hair.

"Right away" The man opened the bar fridge and pour a drink for the young pop star.

"Are you ready for tonight?" He asked placing the drink on the bench in front of the boy.

"Conrad, it's just another concert, it's nothing…." He insisted swiping a piece of hair out of his eye.

"Oh no, that not what I meant, you don't remember…."

"Remember what?" Wolfram interrupted impatiently.

"The competition for the dinner date….. is for after the concert." Conrad held his breath waiting for a painful yell, but it never came.

"Great…" He heard sarcastically instead. "Probably two teenie-boppers, I'm sure these girls will be as annoying and gushy as the last ones." He rolled his eyes at his reflection in the mirror. The girls around him giggled loudly.

"Umm, this time… they are boys." Wolfram quickly swivelled the chair around almost throwing the girls to the ground in shock to stair wide-eyed at his counterpart. Conrad began to explain himself.

"You'd be surprised how large the percentage of your is that are male… Well we always knew you were I hit with the 'gay' community, but these boys are both teenagers attending a public school. They may be straight, and if they are, your touching even more people than we ever thought." Wolfram rolled his eyes disgusted.

"I don't want to touch anyone!" Conrad closed his eyes and smiled in amusement.

"That's not what I meant…." Wolfram interrupts once more.

"I know brother! But I guess…. This may be a pleasant change from the usual. Hopefully." He preyed silently.


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