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Chapter 15

"The End?"

Two figures in the upper stands of the arena stood agape, at the show enfolding on stage.

"Conrad… What is Wolfram doing?" The taller of the two, with the long black hair tied back in a lose ponytail, asked. Conrad's shock, turned to an honest smile.

"He's giving in" Conrad admitted quietly, before eyeing his counterparts disgusted gaze. "Gwendal…?"

"Well, it's highly inappropriate!" The elder brother announced turning to the exit. "I'm leaving, tell Wolfram that I do not approve of his behavior tonight!" He ordered. Conrad shook his head.

"I will not.." He turned down the request stubbornly. Gwendal turned back with a glare.

"Why is that?" He questioned angered. Conrad looked from the stage to his brother sternly.

"I'll be the first to admit that Wolfram can be juvenile and ill mannered at times, and I am sure, there would have been a more appropriate time and place for this to occur…" He took in a breath, and his eyes shifted back to the stage, where his brother, and school boy were still locked in tight embrace and battle of lips, while their friend danced around them in glee.

"However, that does not matter, as this is the most noble and mature thing, our brother has done in a long time." Conrad finished, his smile returning.

"How is that mature?" His brother spat. Conrad gave a faint laugh.

"Because, for the first time, he's putting Yuuri's feelings above his career. And as cliché as it may sound…" He returned his gaze to his elder brother. "He's following his heart."

Gwendal sighed. "Ok Conrad, as his manager, I will leave this issue in your hands" He turned to the exit once more. "Tell Wolfram that…" He paused in thought. Conrad looked on questionably serious. "Tell him, to work on his …. entrance" He stated, leaving Conrad to go back to the performance with a satisfied smile.

Dazed, and awestruck, Yuuri was lead swiftly off stage by Murata. And then shaken like a rag doll.

"Oh my god! Yuuri! You did it!!!" He shouted happily. Yuuri snapped out of his pleasure induces haze when the shaking became almost damaging.

"…I did it…" He whispered when Murata released him, to clap his hands together. "I did it!" He laughed to himself in pure shock.

Murata joined in the laughter, ignoring all the strange stares from the backstage crew.

"I can't believe you did that, and in front of a crowd of thousands, and it's even broadcasting live to air!! Just think of the headlines! Oh My God!! What if this performance goes to DVD…." Murata gasped to himself, before looking to Yuuri. "Yuuri…"

His friend lay awkwardly unconscious against a stool. Murata coughed awkwardly.

"Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that then…" He thought aloud, propping Yuuri up against the backrest.

"Don't worry people! He's fine…. Just a little, tiered is all…" Murata waved off the concerned looks of a couple of crew members with a smile.

The concert hit mid way. It was time for an outfit change.

Yuuri woke to another firm shaking and an uncomfortably wet face, and to his dismay, a completely different room.

"What the…? Where are we?" He questioned looking around the white room, that had tables with drinks and sandwiches.

"The break room. That obnoxious woman, had me drag you in here, coz we were in the way of all the craziness!" Murata stated rather bitterly taking a bite from a sandwich triangle.

"Where's Wolfram?" Yuuri asked tentatively. Murata smirked.

"He should be coming off stage now, I heard someone shout COSTUME CHANGE!" He mimicked a loud feminine voice. Yuuri tried to hold back the smile, but failed miserably. Murata laughed. "His change room is down the hall and on the left. You should go wait in there for him! Otherwise your going to have to wait until the end of the concert to see him again, which is…" He looked at his watch. "About two hours…" Murata barley finished his sentence and Yuuri was out the door.

He took another smiling bit of the sandwich.

Gosh he was a genius.

Wolfram leapt from the stage quickly, and was soon met by Conrad.

"COSTUME CHANGE!" The red headed woman shouted.

"It's gone excellent so far Wolfram, keep it up!" The elder brother urged. Wolfram nodded with a grin. "You look pleased with yourself!" Conrad added, with a smile of his own.

"I am" Wolfram stated. They headed up the corridor, to Wolfram's change room.

"That's good!" Conrad laughed. "The girls have left your next outfit on the gold hanger, you have a ten minute band interval to change, eat and rest." Wolfram nodded.

"I'll leave you to get yourself organized." Conrad said branching off into the break room, while Wolfram headed to his own.

He opened the door to an almost empty room, one teenaged boy sitting by a tray of sandwiches capturing his attention.

"I'll admit, you were right Murata" He said walking closer to the seated boy, and taking an offered seat near by.

"And you thought my idea was crazy… hehe I proved you wrong" Murata took a confident bite from another sandwich; he always got hungry when he was excited.

"Yes, I was wrong, but I am also very happy you were right." Conrad admitted.

Murata pursed his lips; he wasn't used to mature people, people who admitted defeat so easily…

It was…. Awesome!

"I will assume Yuuri took your hint, to go to Wolfram's room?" Conrad questioned. Murata nodded arrogantly.

"And Wolfram?" He asked.

"On his way there now"

They both smiled.

Gosh they were geniuses.

Wolfram opened the door to his private changing room, to discover, it wasn't as private as he had thought. For, in the centre of the room stood a boy he had become so familiar with in the last couple of weeks. The boy had a weak smile playing on his lips, and his eyes sparkled with excitement.

Wolfram let a smile come to his own face as he stepped confidently toward the dark haired boy. The others weak smile became more confident as the other joined him at the centre of the room.

Wolfram faltered. He had done wrong by the boy, and needed to get the pain from his chest.

"Yuuri, I'm sorr…" But no, his apology never completely left his lips, stopped by the crushing force of the others. Yuuri had literally pounced from where he stood to crush himself firmly to Wolfram's body.

Wolfram would admit, the move did, shock him, and was in no way subtle, but he wasn't complaining. He didn't hesitate in kissing back, as this was not of those moments in which you can. And of course, both he Yuuri have had to wait long enough.

It didn't take long for the kiss to turn from chase and innocent, to longing and passionate. Neither being successful in holding back any of their emotions.

It was like the last weeks had built up a storage of energy, that could only be released in one way, and that kiss had opened up the gates to a force, that neither wished to stop.

Yuuri used what control he had, to push up against Wolfram, forcing him back, and into a sturdy clothes rack.

Wolfram's breathing was already labored from his onstage performance, so catching his breath now was more of a chore. He struggled to keep up with Yuuri, despite his sudden burst of adrenaline. His hands took a hold of the horizontal pole across the top of the clothes rack, to keep him from losing all balance, and falling heavily to the floor, though the position did make him look rather submissive. One of Yuuri's hands was wrapped up at the back of Wolfram's neck, tangled in his hair, while the other was pressed firmly to the blond's waist.

Wolfram easily ignored the coat hangers digging into the back of his neck while Yuuri's tongue swiftly invaded his mouth.

"FIVE MINUTES PEOPLE!" An annoying voice echoed in the background. Wolfram's brain snapped into alertness.

Five minutes?

He broke their lips apart, his eyes suddenly frantic.

"As much as I'd love to continue… I have to change… and go back…" Wolfram paused, his breath hitched in his throat. "Yuuri… what are you d-doing?" he questioned with a stutter, looking down at the other's hands, which was flicking open the buttons of his vest.

"Helping you change" Yuuri said, though how he managed to sound so innocent with that smile, and undoing his top, was beyond Wolfram. It appears Wolfram had underestimated Yuuri, a lot.

Wolfram took in a breath when his vest was pulled open, and Yuuri began work on his white shirt underneath. Wolfram used all his energy to release his hands from the pole keeping him standing, to let the vest slide from his arms and to the floor, he then placed his hands on Yuuri's shoulders for support instead.

Yuuri made haste with the rest of the buttons, barley pausing between each one. Wolfram closed his eyes tightly, as cool air came in to contact with his sweat slick chest, which was being exposed by curious hands.

Wolfram frowned, this couldn't go on, at the rate this was going his pants would become very uncomfortable any moment now, and he couldn't very well go onstage like that.

Yuuri's nimble fingers finished off the white shirt, but before it could slide off, and Yuuri could start on his pants, Wolfram took a hold of hands. Yuuri looked on confused.

"Please understand, how hard it is for me to ask you to stop…. But if you continue, I will be in no condition to finish my concert…." Wolfram breathed deeply. Yuuri laughed.

"Fair enough, wouldn't want you disappointing your fans!" He said with a grin. Wolfram smiled.

"This is what you want this time… right?" Yuuri asked, he hoped this wasn't another joke on him. Wolfram's smile remained. And he captured Yuuri's lips in another quick kiss.

"It's exactly what I want" Wolfram said with a genuine nod. Yuuri's smile was so wide, every tooth was visible between his parted lips.

He loved just how corny life could truly be.

Yuuri packed his clothes in to his suitcase, waiting for Murata to finish with the bathroom. He was yet to turn the T.V on (Something he was generally so accustomed to) as the morning had been so busy.

They'd had an early breakfast with Wolfram and Conrad, and were now packing to make their flight back home.

He would easily admit he was sad, very sad, Wolfram still had to finish his tour, before they could see each other again. He didn't know what he was going to do to keep himself occupied during that time, the stuff that he used to do, just seemed to trivial compared with spending every waking moment with Wolfram.

He laughed outwardly, as his newly found clingy dependence on the other, which he managed to keep hidden well, when they were together, but came out with vengeance when they were apart.

He heard a quiet knock on the door, which he soon identified would be a newspaper, they receive every morning complimentary with their room. He opened the door and retrieved it.

He wasn't one to read the newspaper, but he always liked to look at the pictures, and find out which celebrities had fallen off the tracks this week, truth be told, he'd picked that habit from Murata, who was a gossip whore.

He unfolded the paper to view the front page.


Flick. Flick. Flick.

Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

He took the hint and skipped to the entertainment section.

And that's when time stopped.

His eyes were sauces.

His mouth was agape.

His arms were limp.

Oh hell no!

Ken Murata slipped on his white and floral dressing gown, and towel dried his hair. He felt good. Conrad had told him he had fabulous hair. He flicked a wet strand behind his ear. He wasn't modest, he did have fabulous hair.

But Conrad had said it, and that was just… awesome!

He contemplated giving himself a quick facial before they left, but he knew they were pressed for time. He looked up at the clock.

He frowned.

"It's… stopped…" He mumbled to himself. That wasn't a bother, his watch was by the bed, he would get that.

He exited his and Yuuri's bathroom, and into the main room of the hotel.

"Oh hey Yuuri, I'm almost done, have you seen my…" He stopped when he noticed his friends frozen shocked expression. He waved a hand in front of his eyes.

"Yuuri? Are you ok?" He asked. He took note of wear Yuuri's eyes were directed at the paper. Oh…

He had to force himself, not to laugh, at the site of the full page image of Wolfram and Yuuri making out on the stage from last night.

He tried… but he failed.

However selfish or insensitive it may have been, he couldn't help it, Murata laughed.

He laughed so hard he had to clutch his stomach to stop it from exploding everywhere. The burst of noise woke Yuuri from his shock induced daze.

"MURATA! How can you laugh at that?!?!?!" He shouted. Murata attempted to catch his breath enough to speak, but failed.

"MURATA!" Yuuri slapped his friend upside the head. Murata cringed, and forced himself to settle.

"It's all in good fun Yuuri!" He stammered out. "What did you expect though? You kissed Wolfram onstage in front of millions. I did tell you it was broadcast live didn't I?" Yuuri frowned.

"Yes you did mention it, a little late though!" He growled. Murata laughed awkwardly.

"Come on Yuuri! They got your good side! The back of your head, even I can barley tell it's you! Maybe no one from school will even know…" Murata offered, knowing what Yuuri's main worries were. Yuuri glared at his friend, before picking up the paper and pointing to the words. Murata read them quietly, and shifted his glasses up his nose.

"Ohhhh, I get ya, they printed your name…" He placed his hands on his waist. "Well… it appears, your screwed." Yuri threw the paper to the table, and collapsed on the bed with a groan.

"This can't be happening…" He breathed.

"Don't worry about it too much Yuuri, no ones going to care, and the ones that do, are just going to be jealous it wasn't them" Murata insisted picking up the paper to look at the picture closer.

Yuuri sat up when he heard a sudden gasp. "What?!" He questioned in shock. Murata showed him the page and pointed to the corner.

"Look! I'm in it too!!!" Yuuri squinted to get a closer look.

"It's your hand…." Yuuri said. "It think….?" Murata smiled.

"It sure is, my friend. So now I'm famous." Yuuri raised an eyebrow. Murata laughed. "I'm just kidding." He frowned. "I'm actually kinda shattered they didn't get my face in there… even maybe, just my hair." He flicked a few strands of his hair to the side of his face dramatically. Yuuri frowned, Murata had been like this ever since breakfast, he just wanted to scream. 'Ok I get it! Conrad likes your hair!' But he didn't, he'd let his friend have his glory, even if it was dreadfully annoying.

With their bags packed, Murata and Yuuri, headed downstairs to check out at the desk.

They were greeted by Conrad and Wolfram at the bottom of the elevator, both with unusually large smiles on their faces, one more than the other.

"Mr. Murata, Mr. Shibuya. Good morning again!" Conrad said with a bow, and Wolfram gave a nod.

"Hey!!" Yuuri greeted.

Murata smiled, and with a flick of his hair he spoke. "Good morning" Yuuri shook his head.

"We have an offer for you both." Conrad started.

"Umm.. ok, what is it?" Yuuri asked.

"For you both to accompany us, on the rest of the tour" Wolfram finished for his brother.

Yuuri and Murata shared a shocked glance, and nodded their acceptance dazed.

"Gadehblah??…" Yuuri questioned in a language never spoken by man.

"We were going to offer you at breakfast, but we were still waiting on approval from our older brother." Conrad spoke smiling slightly. "But as it turned out we didn't need it…" He left off. Murata and Yuuri remained confused. "As someone of higher authority allowed it" He finished.

"Oh… ah… who?" Yuuri asked, not quite knowing how else to respond.

Wolfram frowned.

"My mother…." He answered. "She wishes to meet you Yuuri…"


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