The new morning brought a few elements of surprise to a number of people – both in Dimmsdale, and on Fairy world.

In regards to Dimmsdale, the surprise previosly mentioned showed up on a lot of people's faces on board the school bus. First, when Tootie got on board at her stop, the general banter ceased as they took in Tootie's new look. The facial and the dress that she wore made more than a few jaws drop in awe.

Tootie smiled at the looks that she was getting, but she was still astute enough to realize that she did not want to end up acting like members of 'Trixie's popular kids clique', so she replied to all of the 'helloes' and 'good mornings' as she walked down the aisle to where Timmy was sitting. That was when more jaws dropped.

"Care to sit with me, Tootie?" Timmy asked – loud enough for the others on the bus to hear. Cosmo and Wanda – in their backpack and watch disguises – were smiling at Timmy's stance on the bus.

"I'd be glad to, Timmy", Tootie replied, sitting down beside him.

A.J. and Chester could not believe their eyes. Tootie – not only looking beautiful, but sitting next to Timmy Turner as well... at Timmy's own invitation!

"This isn't making sense!" Chester moaned, in a manner reminiscent of the time at the mall not too long ago when A.J. had a crush on a girl named Timantha who broke a sacred taboo by going into the boys world of the Comic Book store! That same girl had taken Trixie Tang to the last remaining boy-bastion of the video game arcade later on that day, which really turned his world upside down.

"Don't worry", A.J. replied, "When Trixie gets on board the bus, Timmy's attention will be distracted. I agree that Tootie looks nice, but Timmy ALWAYS notices Trixie, even though the reverse is invariably the case in return.

A.J.'s smug assertion seemed to satisfy Chester, though seeing Timmy and Tootie talking and holding hands was quite freaky. For some reason though, he did not have the heart to tease Timmy about it, given that there were more than a few looks of envy on other students' faces. The fact that the heroics of those two at Dimmsdale Cave were well-known was another factor in Chester's - and the other kids - not to poke fun at the two.

A.J. - like Chester - was similarly impressed with the events back at the cave, but he was sure that Trixie would end up 'restoring the normal order of things'.

However, unfortunately for A.J., his assertion was blown away when Trixie and Veronica got on board the bus at the next stop. As Trixie walked down the aisle in her usual haughty manner, she did her usual "Good morning empty bus seat" routine when she passed by Timmy's seat, but then she stopped and frowned.

"Hey Trixie", Veronica said, "something wrong?" She had nearly rammed into Trixie when she had abruptly stopped.

Trixie turned back towards the seat where Timmy and Tootie were sitting. She started to say, "Didn't you hear me? You didn't return my greeting that I usually ignore…" but then stopped when she laid her eyes on Tootie.

"Tootie Flannigan?" Trixie gasped, taken completely by surprise by her makeover. Tootie looked up at Trixie.

"Tang", Tootie replied briefly before turning her attentions back to Timmy.

"You look positively beautiful!" Trixie exclaimed, "who did your hair and face?" Tootie turned back to her.

"Oh, Britney Britney for starters", Tootie replied. Timmy nodded to confirm her answer.

For her part, Veronica was looking just as surprised as Trixie. Perhaps there could be a chance for her to get Timmy's affections by getting Tootie 'out of the way'…

"Hey Trixie", Veronica ventured, "Since Tootie is looking so pretty, and having Britney Britney as her makeup artist, perhaps we should invite her over to the popular section. She's looking too good for this part of the bus now".

Trixie thought about that suggestion, then smiled. Why not? She asked herself. It would get Timmy back to his usual demeanor that she loved to brush off...

"How about it, Tootie?" Trixie asked, "You certainly meet the entrance requirements".

Tootie looked blankly at her for a few seconds, then slowly smiled. Timmy was afraid that Tootie would accept, but what she said next made him smile in a sense of utter satisfaction.

"Sorry, Trixie", Tootie said politely, but firmly, "I appreciate your invitation, but I'm quite happy sitting here with the company that I have". To emphasize her point, she leaned over and kissed Timmy on the cheek.

"I guess that answers your question, Trixie", Timmy said after getting his bearings back, "I think it best for you to get back to your area of the bus. Tad and Chad are probably missing your presence by now. I won't be".

Trixie just stared in shock at Timmy's statement. Her favorite not-boyfriend just said that?!!

Red-faced, she reached out with the intent to mess up Tootie's hair for spurning her invitation, but instead, she found herself adjusting Tootie's scrunchie.

"There, that looks much better", Trixie found herself saying.

Trixie then – followed by Veronica – headed back to the 'popular section' of the bus with a mystified look on her face.

"Why did you do that for, especially after her refusing your invite, Trixie?" Veronica asked after they sat down, "I've never known you to forgive any slight. Are you all right?"

"All of a sudden, I had a real urge to help her look pretty, Veronica. I can't explain any more, okay?" Trixie hissed back.

Veronica didn't understand, but she found herself looking forward to where Timmy and Tootie were sitting in the bus and wondering just what was going on…

After the bus pulled up outside Dimmsdale Elementary School, the students egressed and headed into the main building. Timmy had gallantly offered to help Tootie with her books, but Tootie politely refused, saying, "It's all right, but we will meet up at lunch, okay?"

"It's a date", Timmy replied, agreeing. Tootie blushed at Timmy's use of the word 'date'. But just then, a shadow fell over them. Both of them looked up and saw Francis leering down at them.

"Uh oh", Cosmo muttered sotto voce. Wanda silently agreed with Cosmo's comment...

"I missed you both yesterday", Francis sneered, "so its now time to make up for my lost bullying over the last couple of days!"

With that, he picked up Timmy by his head and drew back his fist, but then Tootie bravely stepped up.

"You want Timmy, then you'll have to go through me first, you big bully!" she exclaimed.

"Fine with me, Flannigan!", Francis replied, "Ladies first, then".

Francis dropped Timmy to the floor, and then went to grab Tootie, but just then, he felt weird.

"Here", Francis found himself saying, "Here's some eye shadow and other makeup for you to keep you looking pretty". He handed Tootie a makeup compact.

"Where did you get this, Francis?" Tootie asked curiously after taking the compact.

"Uh, from one of my victims?" Francis answered non-convincingly. Francis started to blush some.

"Just don't beat up on Timmy any more, okay?" Trixie asked next. Francis found himself nodding dumbly.

"You don't have to go on proving your bravery, Tootie", Timmy said after Francis walked away with the same dumb look. Tootie squeezed Timmy's hand affectionately.

"See you at lunch, Timmy", Tootie said, "I'm looking forward to our 'date'". with that, she walked off.

As she walked off to her class, Timmy headed off to his. As he entered the class – where Mr. Bickles was still acting as substitute teacher, he saw Francis at his seat still looking dumbfounded.

Another person looking dumbfounded was Jorgen Von Strangle. He was nodding dumbly to the tirade directed to him by his wife, the Tooth Fairy.

"Jorgen Von Strangle!" she had snarled, "I spend a week off at the Fairy World Magic Springs Spa, and when I get back, the first thing I see is you beating the pulp out of poor Binky!"

"But – but – but Dearest", Jorgen stammered, "He had been beating me up while you were away and I was only initiating payback…."

"Binky? Beating YOU up?!!" Tooth Fairy said skeptically, "a likely story! I thought I married a thoughtful person, not a bullying thug!"

After an hour of haranguing at the Tooth Fairy's hands, Jorgen used his magic wand-staff to restore Binky back to full health.

"Sorry, Binky", Jorgen muttered, "Take the rest of the month off – with pay!"

"Make it two months", Tooth Fairy hissed.

"Yes, yes, Two months!" Jorgen said in hasty agreement.

Anyone fearsome at the reputation of Jorgen Von Strangle would have loved to have been a party to this. Tooth Fairy was one of only two people in Fairy World who could ever intimidate Jorgen Von Strangle – the other one of course being Big Daddy.

And as for him, Big Daddy was totally back to normal, and after his morning round of extortion – I mean, soliciting for new clients – He had Calzone and Ponzi issue a written request for Wanda and Cosmo to spend the following weekend with him. After all, he owed something for Cosmo's taking care of him…

And so, this tale of wimps getting the upper hand - for a couple of days at least – comes to an end. Timmy was glad that in this case, things have worked out for the best. Thanks to the unintended wish he had uttered after the cave episode, Tootie was not only pretty - and his girlfriend, no one wanted to tangle with either of them for fear that Tootie would end up less pretty as a result.

For her part, Vicky – when she came over to baby-sit Timmy that night while Mr. and Mrs. turner were chowing down at the Cake and Bacon – brought Tootie along with her, and she made it clear that Timmy was to be a good host for her. Timmy certainly didn't mind carrying out THAT instruction. He also didn't mind when he saw Vicky bash Francis over the head later on that evening with an empty bottle of Steroid-ade and telling him that she was no longer one of his customers…

"So, Timmy?" Tootie said to Timmy as they were playing a game on his V-cube, "a penny for your thoughts?"

"My thoughts for you are free. I was just thinking about the last couple of days, Tootie", Timmy replied, "and enjoying the results of it all".

Leaning over to kiss Tootie on the cheek, Cosmo and Wanda watching from the fishbowl smiled at Timmy's affection for Tootie. Cosmo was also happy about the invitation that he had received to visit Big Daddy the following weekend. Finally - he thought – his father-in-law was getting used to him. Good thing he didn't know about the 'extra coarse-grade barbed-wire steel wool Brillo pads' Uncle Calzone had just acquired for Big Daddy's show of 'appreciation' to his son-in-law…