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There were endings which I deemed unsuitable for Double Minded… As if any idea could be rejected from this story. Here are the ten I considered in what might jokingly be called the writing process.

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Rejected Endings Considered for Double-Minded.
If you didn't like the ending I posted, this proves it could have been worse.

No Kims: Version One
Author's Note
- This story didn't need a tragic turn, it would have been too out of keeping with the earlier chapters.

Kim looked across the transporter platform to Kim. She swallowed hard. They turned to Wade, "Hit it," one said.

Ron suddenly found Shego's hand holding his tightly as Wade threw the first switch. As Wade adjusted controls the bodies of Kim began to glow with a greenish light, eventually Kims' features completely disappeared as the two green lights began to merge together.

A burst of yellow light exploded in the room as the young black man continued at the controls. "They're merged now. I just reverse the matter-energy setting and we're back to one Kim."

The yellow light began to fade as Wade worked with the transporter controls. But Kim's form failed to take shape in the glow.

"What's wrong?" Shego demanded.

"I don't know." Wade shouted, the concern in his voice worrying everyone in the lab.

"Stop it! Go back!" Anne Possible shouted.

"Too late!"

As the hum of the transporter faded so too did the yellow light on the transporter platform. Total silence reigned in the room for minutes which seemed like hours.

"Tell me you can fix that," Ron demanded.

No Kims: Version Two
Author's Note - Too many would want a sequel. This picks up from version one.

On the transporter platform a yellow light appeared. As Wade worked the controls it divided into two green lights.

"What's happening?" Anne Possible demanded.

"I don't know," Wade answered, "something is wrong."

"Don't lose her," Shego begged.

Wade worked frantically to reintegrate the light, but failed. Afraid of doing further damage he shut down the transporter.

Silence reigned in the lab as those watching the computer genius's efforts saw two Kims standing on the platform.

Kims looked at herself and one said something no one else understand, "It didn't work."

"Princess," Shego sighed. And to everyone's surprise a Kim jumped off the platform, threw her arms around the pale woman and gave her a passionate kiss.

Ron, meanwhile, had jumped on the platform and threw his arms around Kim, holding her tightly and kissing her with equal passion. "We were so worried. It's great to have you back."

"Back?" Kim asked, puzzled.

"I want to know why there are two of her," Anne Possible demanded.

Kim broke off from kissing Shego, "There've been two of me for almost two months."

Everyone but Kim seemed taken aback by her words.

"You disappeared almost two months ago when Warmonga attemped to transport you onto her ship," Wade explained.

"When she came after me I was so angry about what she'd done to you," Shego continued, "that I ended up putting her in the hospital."

James Possible stepped in to explain to his daughter(s) what had happened while she was gone, "I worked the government to try and get her a pardon for her help. They still haven't decided what to do with her, but she received permission to be here today with us… But why are you kissing her?" he asked Kim.

"I'm not, I'm kissing Ron," Kim pointed out.

"Kim," Kim hissed, "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore."

"I'm not ever sure we're in Nebraska."

One Kim: Version One
As Wade worked with the matter-energy conversion unit a single Kim coalesced from the yellow light.

Author's Note - I don't reveal what her orientation is, leaving it a mystery. That end had some attraction for me. Readers could decide what they wanted.

One Kim: Version Two
I reveal her orientation to the readers.

Author's Note - Half of the readers are outraged and send hate reviews.

One Kim: Version Three - The Mouse Version
Everyone stared at Kim for a minute as she shook her head, trying to adjust to being one again.

"Kim?" Ron asked timidly.

She turned to him, and smiled with obvious warmth. "Ron!"

Shego dropped his hand and turned away, she felt the tears start and wanted the leave the lab before anyone could witness her weakness.

"Shego," Kim called, "where are you going?"

"Out. Have fun…"

Shego was moving at a run when Kim's voice brought her to a skidding halt, "I love you!"

"What!" Ron and Shego said together.

Ron had started moving toward the platform to be with Kim, "But- I thought-" he stuttered.

"Hush," Kim said, stepping down from the platform and taking him by the hand. As she led him toward Shego she continued, "I love you Ron, but I love Shego too." She took Shego's hand with her other hand. "There's got to be some way to make this work."

Even Ron's usual ability to conjure up fantasy scenarios seemed to fail as he and Shego looked each other in the eye.

"Somehow I don't think this is going to work, Princess," Shego said. "I think you're going to have to decide one way or another."

"Why?" Kim demanded.

Ron's eyes had started to glaze over just a little, but he still followed the conversation.

"Three isn't an even number," Shego pointed out, "I just don't think relationships work with odd numbers."

"We could talk with Bonnie," Ron suggested. "She seems pretty open minded."

Author's Note - Not Mouse as in Mickey. Mouse is a reviewer who likes a good threesome, but will take a bad threesome or four on the bed in a pinch.

Two Kims
Author's Note - I decided fairly early that keeping two Kims would provide the happiest ending. I considered a number of different ways to keep both, but what I wrote in chapter 17 seemed the most cartoon like.

Three Kims
Author's Note - While a transporter malfunction would give me a third Kim easily enough I wasn't sure what to do with her - although either Bonnie or Alex would have been happy to solve my problem for me.

Four Kims: Version One
Author's Note- If Double-Minded was confusing this could have been chaos.

"Just stand over there on the transporter platform," Wade told the Kims, who nervously moved over to the unit while Wade stood by the console.

"Is this safe?" her mother asked.

"Well, I couldn't exactly test it, but if I read the directions right this is standard procedure for re-joining an individual who's been split."

"What if one of the Kims is from a parallel dimension?" James asked.

"Theory says we still have both Kims after I try this, and I have to reboot and run a diagnostic to see if it can pinpoint where she came from."

On a nervous glance over at Ron Shego caught him glancing nervously at her. She had nothing against Ron personally, despite his taste in girlfriends, but if the choice was her being heartbroken or him being heartbroken… He was young, he'd get over losing Kim. She imagined his feelings mirrored her own. Well, she suspected Ron wouldn't mind getting her and Kim both in bed. Would she be willing to share Kim if it came to that? She looked over at Ron again. Maybe she could let Ron have Kim on alternate Thursdays.

"All set?" Wade asked Kims.

They nodded, glancing at each other, "Been nice knowing you," they said simultaneously to the other and gave each other a nervous smile.

"Three… Two…" Wade began a countdown, "One… Zero!" There was a crackle, a bang, and white smoke filled the lab, obscuring everyone's vision.

The coughing stopped as the emergency vent cleared the room of smoke. The watchers anxiously watched the platform as the fog of smoke dissipated.

"That can't be right," Anne said in amazement. That appeared to be the opinion of the four Kims who stood on the platform, eyeing each other.

"Expletive deleted," Wade said. "It wasn't supposed to work like that."

"Well, doh," Shego commented. "Princess, you okay?"

Two of them turned to her and smiled.

"KP?" Ron asked.

Two of them looked at him and broke into a grin.

"BOOYAH!" Ron exclaimed. "The Ron man hit the jackpot."

Four Kims: Version Two
Author's Note- Or, if the story was not weird enough already.

"Let me try again," Wade begged. "I think I know what I did wrong."

"No way," Anne Possible told him. "We can't afford the risk of having eight."

"Well we have to do something," two Kims said, "I'm not sharing Ron, even with me."

"Let me try, please," Ron begged.


"Ron? Have you ever wanted to be twins?" a Kim asked.

"I don't know what you… One of me for each of you?"

"Now see here," James interrupted. "I don't know about where this is going."

"Well, if there are four of me," a Kim explained to him, "the two of me each want a Shego, and the two of the other me each want a Ron."

"I'd advise against that," Wade said. "I'm not sure if I can duplicate what I-"

"You just duplicated me," three Kims pointed out.

Four Kims came down from the platform and pushed a nervous Shego and scared looking Ron on to the platform. The four Kims moved back to be with her parents. "Here's looking at you kid," Shego said to the young man.

"Appears I'll be seeing you in stereo in just a minute."

"Do you need time to think about this?" Anne asked.

"If I think about it I'll back out," Shego called. "Hit it now, Wade."

There was an eerie familiarity with the second crackle, bang, and cloud of acrid smoke. When the ventilator had cleared enough smoke to give Kims a view of the platform they saw only two figures standing there. But as the smoke continued to clear it became apparent that Ron and Shego had changed in ways other than number.

Ron stood slightly shorter than he had before, with more curves. He looked in amazement at his chest. As he put his shaking hand up he hoped it would pass through another holographic boob. There was nothing holographic about his cup size. Sudden fear seized him and Ron reached between his legs to check an essential aspect of his Ron-ness. "It's gone!" he announced in a voice with a higher pitch than he normally spoke in.

Shego had grown several inches in height and broader across the chest even as her hips had narrowed. Shego's chest was flat, and as Ron made 'his' announcement of missing parts Shego fearfully reached down to check her equipment. "I, ah, seem to have found what you lost."

Four Kims: Version Three
Author's Note- The duplication of Shego and Ron works, but, while weird, it seemed too clunky to consider.

- All the Ends that Were Fit to Post, and Then Some -

2013 Note: I had plans for a follow-up story that would have Shego & Ron on the moon. Morning becomes Electronique would have been the start, but I have more ideas for stories than time.