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A/N: Hey, guys! I would like to present my second fic: Transferred My Heart! My first attempt to make a love web! Ha-ha. So many boys. Only one Sakuno. This is going to be a Sakuno-centric (obviously), so just read to find out Sakuno's likely pairs. The setting is pretty much the same in terms of having Tezuka as captain and Echizen still residing in Japan. It's just that they'll all be in Senior High in this fic. Anywho! I hope you guys will enjoy this one!

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- - - - -

Transferred My Heart
by: OrangeAce


- - - - -

"Sakuno-chan, we're finally in Senior High!"

Tomoka excitedly pulled Sakuno with her towards the tennis courts, even bumping several people in the process. It had been quite a long time since they've seen the regulars together, and the two couldn't wait to witness the said get-together in practice. It was a windy September's afternoon and it was the first day of the girls' Senior High year in Seishun Gakuen. Sakuno giggled when she saw her friend with sparkling eyes happily reminisce the good old days with the regulars as they made their way towards the courts.

"Even if the thrill and excitement is there, you still can't help but miss the old days in Junior High, too, ne?" Sakuno softly asked her friend who quickly nodded in response. "Well, I hope things don't change much even if we're older," she added, causing Tomoka to pat her shoulder affectionately.

"Yeah, and hopefully things will get even better," Tomoka said. "But I know one thing's for sure," the girl paused dramatically, "Ryoma-sama and senpai-tachi will still be together to form the strong Seigaku tennis team!"

Sakuno nodded her head in agreement and she flashed a bright smile, "Yeah." 'And the friendship we had in Junior High hasn't gone away, even after all these years,' Sakuno thought to herself, certain that Senior High would be as good as Junior High just as long as she remained to be friends with her beloved Seigaku regulars.

- - - - -

Reaching the tennis courts, Sakuno and Tomoka found the regulars huddled in a corner, seemingly having no intentions of practicing tennis. Bothered by this observation, the two approached the boys to find out what was happening.

"Good afternoon, senpai-tachi and Ryoma-sama!" Tomoka greeted as she squished herself in the circle quite shamelessly.

"Good afternoon!" The upperclassmen greeted back in the same vigor. Well, save for Tezuka, Kaidoh and Ryoma who still remained stoic and indifferent up to that day.

"Ano, don't you have tennis practice today?" Sakuno piped in all of a sudden as she looked from face to face, expectantly waiting for an answer.

"Nah, even buchou said so." Sakuno and Tomoka turned to the sudden speaker. "It's first day of classes, so it's free time for us today!" Momoshiro grinned and was the one who answered in behalf of the team.

The others nodded their heads in agreement.

"That's great!" Tomoka replied quite randomly, then earning herself queer expressions from the others.

Sakuno chuckled at her friend's carefree attitude.

Then there was silence. The two girls stole a glance at each other, feeling rather uncomfortable at the regulars remaining to be silent. Did that indicate that the friendship they had built several years ago had grown a gap due to the separation from Junior to Senior High?

"So how's first day in Senior High, Echizen, Osakada-san, Ryuzaki-san?" Fuji asked, breaking the somewhat awkward atmosphere that had enveloped them.

Tomoka and Sakuno brightened at Fuji's start of the conversation.

"Fun!" Tomoka shouted eagerly.

"Hn," Echizen pulled his cap down, not really giving much of an answer.

"Ano… it was great. B-But of course, you still wouldn't be able to forget how Junior High was," Sakuno said thoughtfully, "Ano…" A blush slowly crept to her face when she realized everyone's full attention was on her, "because there are certain things that you still want to hold on to even if you grow older…"

The regulars seemed puzzled with Sakuno's sudden statement.

"What made you say that, Ryuzaki-san?" Oishi asked kindly.

"I still hope that the friendship we shared in Junior High still remains present..." Sakuno said shyly, finally voicing out what had continuously bothered her when she had seen the rest of them again. Though still unbeknownst, something would test this assumption soon enough.

The regulars smiled at their kohai's sweetness.

"I see," Oishi flashed a smile and gave Sakuno an understanding nod. Then a random thought crossed his mind. "Why don't we make a friendship vow right now?" Oishi suggested, responding to the girl's statement.

Sakuno and Tomoka's eyes widened at the suggestion. The wide, expectant grins on their faces were unmistakable.

"Seems interesting," Fuji remarked, smiling brightly at both girls.

"Ano… sounds nice," Kawamura commented as he scratched an invisible itch on his head, looking sheepish.

"According to my data, a vow increases the will to keep a friendship by 100 percent," Inui stated as soon as he had finished calculating in his infamous data notebook.

"I'm up for it then! I want this friendship to keep going on!" Momoshiro grinned widely as he winked at Sakuno and Tomoka.

"Nya! Hoi! Hoi! I want to join!" Kikumaru said eagerly while slapping Oishi's back repeatedly.

"Everyone will join," Oishi said as he tried his best to remain upright amidst all the slaps his doubles partner was giving him.

At the fuku-buchou's statement, Sakuno and Tomoka instinctively glanced at Tezuka, Kaidoh and Echizen.

"Ano…" Sakuno started, but was cut off by Fuji-senpai who seemed to have read her mind.

"Even Tezuka," Fuji assured.

"…and mamushi!" Momoshiro answered for the boomerang snake-specialist who glared at him for having to have given his answer.

"…and ochibi!!!" Kikumaru said as he bear-hugged the Samurai Junior who incessantly tried to pry off the hands of the red-head around his neck.

Sakuno and Tomoka smiled at each other.

"Okay then," Oishi smiled at both girls, "put your hands on top of mine," hei instructed, leading the group in this mark of their friendship.

The boy had stretched his hand forward, seemingly acting as captain in this sort of thing. Well, it wasn't like Tezuka to start such vows, right? Kikumaru was snickering at his partner's antics, but nevertheless, still followed what Oishi said.

Everyone did so…even Kaidoh, Tezuka and Echizen. Sakuno and Tomoka gave each other a knowing smile at finding assurance that they were all still going to be friends.

"This vow binds us all together to be friends forever."

- - - - -

To be continued…

A/N: Just a note to some feedback on this chapter. I know this prologue is kinda childish. They're in Senior High, I know. And making a friendship vow is random and all that… BUT! My reason is because it's a symbol that would remind them of their friendship, despite the obstacles that come their way. As Inui said, "According to my data, a vow increases the will to keep a friendship 100 percent."

A million thanks to Hinata123-chan who beta-ed this chapter! (:))