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Kiyo sighed as he walked into his room. It had been a long day at school and boy, did he have a lot of homework to do. Setting his large pile of books on the desk besides Zatch's trusty friend, Vulcan 300, he sighed again and stretched out his sore muscles. He then looked upon the action figure made from a Pocky box and chop sticks, causing him to wonder why Zatch wasn't playing with it at that moment. However, any questions he had were quickly answered.

"Hi Kiyo!" The familar cry of that said 6 year old mamodo rang through the room. Zatch, who was sitting in front of Kiyo's computer, grinned merrily at the teenager. Kiyo turned to him and smiled back.

"Hello Zatch, what are you doing?" Kiyo chuckled as he walked over to the cheerful mamodo child.

"Oh, I was just browsing through one of these web sites, Fanfiction dot Net I think it's called." Zatch replied as he turned his attention back to the web site. "It's really cool! People write stories about their favorite shows and books and post it up here."

Kiyo raised his eyebrow and leaned over Zatch to look at the screen. He scanned the site for a minute before straightening up to leave.

"Hmm, looks interesting." He said, although truthfully he couldn't care less.

"It is!" Zatch replied, nodding wildly. Kiyo gave a small laugh and shook his head. "I'm hoping to find some Praying Mantis Joe fanfiction!" Zatch continued, his eyes gleaming with hope. "Although... I'm not sure where I'd find it."

Kiyo hummed, studying the front page of the site quietly.

"I imagine you would go to the Anime and Manga section." he stated after a couple of seconds, pointing to the link the stated boldly, 'ANIME AND MANGA'."

"Right!" Zatch exclaimed with excitement, grabbing the mouse. "Thanks Kiyo! This'll be great!"

Kiyo laughed

"Haha, no problem. I'll be downstars doing my homework. Don't take too long on the computer though, I might have to do some research later.

"No problem-o Kiyo!" Zatch yelled as Kiyo left the room, closing the door behind him. "I won't be too long... Now where was I? Ah yeah! I was checking out the Anime and Manga section. Let's see..."

Unfortunately, it appeared there had yet to be a Praying Mantis Joe section. Disappointed but still determined to explore the site, Zatch continued to read through the selections, reading all the way done to the Z section.

"...You're Under Arrest, Yu Yu Hakusho, Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Zatch Bell... huh?" Zatch paused, reading the name over a couple of times. "Zatch... Bell... wow, that's really weird, this anime has the same name as me. Cool!"

He laughed his signature laugh and clicked on the link.

"Let's see, what are the character names. Zatch, Kiyo, Suzy, Folgore, Kanchome, Brago, Tia... Hey, wait a minute...

His jaw dropped open. No way, it couldn't be. He scrolled through the sections, quickly reading summaries hoping to prove himself wrong. No use, the summaries implied similar situations he and his friends had been through. A coincidence? No, this was too weird... He jumped up from his seat and ran to the door.

"KIYO! KIYO!" He screamed, jumping up and down wildly. "GET BACK UP HERE QUICK!"

Zatch then heard an annoyed grumble and the stomping of feet as he ran back to his chair.

"What is it Zatch?" The slightly annoyed teen said as he walked back into the room.

"Kiyo look!" Zatch exclaimed, jabbing his finger at the screen. " Look, look! I found this anime named after me and all it's characters have the same names as us!"

"Don't be silly Zatch it's just-" Kiyo began as he walked over to the computer. He read through it for a moment. His eyes widened. "W-what?..." he whisped in shock.

"See Kiyo?"

"It's-its just a... a... coincidence." He stuttered, knowing deeply that this was just too weird to be just a coincidence.

"Maybe... but call the guys anyway. They HAVE to see this."

Kiyo hesitated for a moment.

"B-but Megumi and Folgore are probably busy, what with their career and all. And Su-"


"Okay, Okay! Fine!"

Kiyo sighed and went downstars to phone some of the gang (oh how convenient it was that most of their team members were so coincidentally all in Japan that day). Meanwhile, Zatch decided to take a peek at some of these "oh so awesome" fanfictions.

"Well, er, I might as well look at what people wrote about us. Should be great, I mean, why wouldn't it be?"

And so their fanfiction adventure begins.