Okay, so like... Greed has Children of Cain, and I wanted to do something of my own.

But I wrote what I thought was going to be the first chapter to Cascading Darkness months ago, before my computer died back in December, so I thought there wasn't enough of a back story there and if I went off of that chapter, it would have been an increibly short fic.

So I decided to make the fic a bit longer by adding a bit more of a back story than originally planned. This is a more modern time frame, and, if you care to look at it that way, a sort of prequel to Lament of Innocence, how tihngs happened with Hughes and what led Roy to go after the Ebony Stone. Of course, they're two different time frames, but I didn't say it was a direct one. I just preferred a more modern setting for this one. I haven't been able to use one in a while, not for Fullmetal.

Dedicated to: Uke! This is dedicated to Uke (she knows who she is). You needed some cheering up and I took forever with this one. Uke!Roy of course. I hope you like, and I think I'm going to keep these chapters around the two thousand mark. I'm getting lazy.

WARNING: AU (very much so), a very slim cross over with Castlevania: Lament of Innocence, perhaps a bit of OOC

Disclaimer: I do not own Fullmetal Alchemist or Castlevania: Lament of Innocence. Kari belongs to Rose. Jax Havoc, Arianne Lucier, and John Hughes all cropped up from my mind. No, I have no idea who Havoc's and Hughes' parents are, but deal.

Pairings: HyuRoi

Shots rang out through the cold night, shattering the peace, chilling the air even more as the pure sound of metal tearing through flesh and muscle split the silence, bodies falling limp to the floor. Hunters... they had come it seemed. The wind howled ominously outside of the windows, trees, deciduous, slowly reviving from the winter, but not yet having gained their leaves clicked against the old mansion, footsteps of those who managed to survive the slaughter in the entrance hall stomped through the oak halls, whispering words of anger and disgust amongst themselves in some kind of language or code that he did not understand, but did not care to.

Again, reloaded, the semi-automatic began pouring into anything that moved, a cat, that parrot and a clock, followed by the three lagging behind the rest of the group, silver, to be exact, ripping through hearts, spleens, whatever he managed to shoot. He stopped briefly, raising claws attached to his hand, also a clear silver, digging deep into the chests of the fallen, twitching bodies beforeripping back, destroying the organ that kept such forms moving, before setting fire to the corpses, to ensure they never moved again.

Bright gold eyes focused ahead, through square spectacles, frowning. Cowards... didn't they know how to fight? These were the blood suckers that his clan of hunters had been fighting against for some time, and still, nothing seemed to go right when they had the leader cornered; the bastards always ran. "Jax, take the back. Arianne, the roof. The room is on the second floor in the center of the building."

"John, becareful." The young woman muttered, toting her own gun, lowering it before her in slight distraction.

"If we pull this off, we owe Hohenheim and his bitch a nice hefty sum." The final member of their team, presumably Jax, a blonde haired, blue eyed man with a cigarette sticking out of his mouth, as always.

"Yes, well, I'll stay out of it. I'm not here for the bounty. I'm here to make sure my kid doesn't have anymore nightmares. Maes hasn't been able to sleep since that curse..."

Arianne nodded, saluting mockingly, latching onto the top of the outside door frame and pulling herself up, disappearing on her journey up to the roof. That was their beautiful explosions expert who knew just what to do to crack the house open like an egg and find their little yolk hiding inside. Jaks followed suit, surprisingly a good sprinter when it came to short distances and left for around back outside of the house. That simply left him to take the front, which was something he was positively glad to do. The dark haired male stepped around the piles of ashes, listening to the scrambling die away as the culprits to such scraps against the fine wood floors skittered to the upper floors. Repulsive bastards... dirtying these sacred grounds of the perished family they had probably taken. The Mustangs had always been a noble clan, this had once been their home, but one night, they had mysteriously disappeared, Charlotte and Joachim Mustang, and their two children Kari and little baby Roy. That was about four years ago. He missed his friends, and this wasn't about the hundreds of thousands that the claiming of the leader's head would bring, it was about revenge, and bringing justice to his friends' murderers would be oh-so-sweet.

"Hughes! You are not going to believe this!" Arianne's voice broke through his reviere, jolting him back to reality as another came right at him, the ear piece he had in falling out at the swipe, ear bleeding from the claws, more than likely tipped with poison. The bastards always had to have a hidden weapon. He returned with a swipe of his own, the pale creature backing away with a soft hiss, John's gun raising to put a bit of silver in the annoying creatures chest, following suit with the already bloodied claws, tearing a hole in its chest before following suit with the fire. He was ruinning out of his special 'matches'...


Dark blue eyes watched the security moniter before her. Entire family... wiped out. Did they think it was that easy? No, she supposed it wouldn't get through their thick skulls it was harder to wipe out an ancient family like the Mustangs. They had planned it that way. Their disappearance was perfect for the fools who thought they could take down the family. No, they tore themselves apart. She laughed coolly, "Little Brother, they've come to take me away."

A little boy, in the process of using the beautiful crayons he had been given by the pale man with icy blue eyes to his right looked up, obsidian eyes glowing with fear. "Take Sissy away?" He sniffled, setting the red crayon aside and stood, moving towards his sister's office chair, clinging to her leg. "Sissy... don't go..."

She gave him a small smile. "The clan is very important, isn't it little brother?"

He nodded, head buried in her lap. He didn't want to think of her leaving, but she wouldn't say such things if she didn't have to. But... why did these people worry her? Everytime they had other hunters and intruders, she or her personal guard Archer seemed to be able to dispatch them quickly. Why did these three humans worry her so much that she was going to separate from them, from him? "Don't go, sissy. Don't leave me alone again." He pined, gripping the silky fabric between his fingers, the fine dress that the red headed woman wore so easily. He didn't like the color black on her, it made him shiver, but he dealt with it...

"Hush now." She said in her usual soothing voice, pressing her lips to the back of his head, fingers stroking idly. "Someone has to hold them off. The clan must survive, shouldn't it?"

The young boy gave a cry of protest, eyes welling up with tears. "Don't! Don't do it! You can't -- "

A finger was pressed gently to his lips, that cruel chuckle leaving her mouth once more, eyes glowing softly in the fire of the room. He didn't care much about the surroundings, but the room was the library where all those important to the clan had barracaded themselves for the time being. She had thought that they would come, but... if she was worried about those hunters, why bring those people? Those people... who lay over there, eyes wide open but so devoid of life. "There comes a time when you will need to grow up, little brother."

"I don't wanna! Momma and Papa are gone!" He clung tighter, inching up into his sister's lap, even as the footsteps above and outside the room began to grow louder and sound so harsh in his ears. "Don't do it!"


A hand came forward, gloved, obviously and knocked the boy from his place, the young lad rolling off and colliding with the security equipment that they had spent the time watching. He sat up, rubbing his cheek and glaring at the man, tears welling up in his eyes from pain and rejection.

She stood fluidly, eyes focusing on the child's form, callous in their stare. Dark eyes that once reminded him of the calm sky just as the sun had set, the times he felt most secure, most safe and here she was, glaring, looking at him as if he was the spawn of some merciful god that had condemned them to this life. He was... frightened as those dark eyes took a sudden change to a red hue, shaking the boy to his core at the sudden increase in power that seemed to radiate from that form. "You are a child, barely having lived life. You are a male, incapable of concieving a child in that body of yours. Who would be the better choice to keep the clan going? Dear little brother, you'll be a martyr for our brethren by staying here."

"Mar...tyr?" He repeated. That... was something she would be proud of, wasn't it? She would be proud if he fulfilled the job of this martyr, for her and the others.

Screeches sounded in the corridor, his dark eyes darting to the door in fear. It sounded painful, cruel. Those hunters... were they going to try that to his sister if they found her? "Yes. A martyr, Roy. Do you know what that is? It's someone who dies for their cause willingly. Will you protect your sister?"

The harsh ice had melted again, that beautiful fire that he longed to see in her eyes again returning with a force behind it that made him shiver. "I have to... die?"

"But no worries. We'll be reunited. I will bring you back to me. Can you wait?"

He nodded, raven locks bouncing with each movement, eager to please his flesh and blood. Anything to make her happy, he kept telling himself that, and, if he was just going to come back, for his sister did not lie, he had no reason to fear death. "Kari will come back?"

"Of course I will." She placed another kiss on his head, motioning for those remaining in the room to make their escape through the hidden passage way next to the fire place.

He remained still, listening to the pounding on the door and wincing as the wood began to splinter. His sister always kept her promises. To fear these ignorant morons breaking into their home was a travesty to thier name. He could not betray their name. Of course, the sick feeling in his stomach, which had been prominent during the feeding frenzy on those young men and women in the corner, all piled up, had come full force now that he wasn't occupied with his elder sibling, and there was nothing satiate it but the blood that pooled around the bodies. The door Kari and her entourage had followed down had closed once more, that strong longing to follow almost overpowering. He didn't want to die, not by these human scum anyway. Why couldn't he just go with them?

Dizziness swept his senses as the door to his right burst open. They sure did take their sweet time getting there, a blonde man and a dark haired male both stood in the doorway, from what he could see, hand immediately wrapping around the pendant he had been given by his mother after his birth. He didn't remember them, but he clung to the last thing that gave him a sense of closeness with those he never knew.

"Jax, wait!"

The blonde had opened fire. With these things, it was shoot now, wonder later. You couldn't have regrets if some kid or civilian got it the way. As far as he was concerned, the kid was there, forced to watch the brutal murder of his parents, and therefore suffered enough. Forcing him to live on was just as bad, if not worse than what those monsters had done.

"What?!" He growled, raising the smoking gun and ignoring the pained cries, but determined face to the youth they belonged to.

"Stop... they're not here. We lost 'em. Forget about chasing." He swept over towards the young boy, black cloak he used to help mask himself in the night flowing behind him.

"But John."

"Take a close look, Jax."


"Boy, what's your name?"

Roy blinked up through tears, on hand clamped over his side, the other over his leg, trembling and sniffling. "Go... go 'way..." Bastards shot him, more than the two he was able to cover. Why would he tell them anything?

Jax followed him over , crouching beside him and prodding the youth with his gun. "He asked you a question."

"Jax, the kid's hurt and scared, I don't think we'll get much out of him. Don't scare him even more."

"What are you gunna do with him?"

"Take him home."

"Are you insane?!" Jax interrupted, slapping at John's hands. "Hughes, this kid could be one of them."

Hughes sighed softly. "I know."

The boy pulled away, head swimming again at the sudden movement, clinging to the stone, feeling a sudden warmth beneath it. What... was that thing? He didn't bother to stay awake to inspect the cold, yet still protective warmth that crowded him, doing what his sister said and laying there, waiting for death, waiting to become a martyr for their clan.