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Jack Versus the Katamari

Part 2

The plan had seemed so simple. Jack would run up to the ball, grab the cat, and pull it off. However, even the best of plans did not always work, and Jack was about to find out the hard way.

First off, the ball was constantly moving. Not only was it difficult to catch up to, but the cat was also constantly changing positions due to the way the ball moved. When he finally caught up to the ball and reached to grab the cat, Jack was surprised at how sticky the ball of junk really was. He pulled the cat with all of his might, yet it wouldn't budge. Eventually, a tug-of-war of sorts had begun, and Lulu's poor cat felt itself being stretched.

After a while, the cat decided it had enough of being pulled back and forth, and it let out a hiss as it bit down hard on Jack's hand. The boy let out a yelp and quickly released his grip on the cat. 'That damn cat!' thought Jack. 'You would think it would be grateful that I'm trying to rescue it!'

By the time Jack recovered from the shock of the bite, the ball was long gone. Jack let out a frustrated sigh when he realized that he would have to find it again. So, he began searching the various path ways in town and asking the random townsfolk that he came across.

Meanwhile, the Prince of All Cosmos had hidden himself and the katamari inside a large building. That pesky human had interfered again, and the Prince was getting frustrated. In his own dimension, the prince has his fair share of troubles such as being attacked by mice and getting cased by dogs. However, nobody had gone so far as to try to pull something out of his katamari. The Prince had no idea how to deal with such a situation and decided to try to avoid the humans of this new dimension.

Unfortunately, it soon became apparent that the building that the Prince was hiding in was teeming with humans. He was tense when he first realized this, but he quickly relaxed when he realized that everyone was too busy to notice him. As he explored the area, he figured that it was a magic school of some sort. There were tons of things to roll up in this place and the Prince was going to take full advantage of it. When the humans finally started to notice him, he was relived when they did nothing except to study him from afar.

Soon, the katamari began to grow bigger and bigger.

Time had passed by and Jack was becoming frustrated. He looked all over the town but couldn't find any trace of the weird ball-thing or the tiny, green man who was rolling it. Everyone he talked to didn't seem to know where it was, and a few people even gave Jack some strange looks. Still, he was determined to find the ball at all costs.

Suddenly, he heard a voice yell "Jack!" and he turned to see Marietta running towards him. In her rush, the pink-haired girl tripped over her own feet, but she quickly got back up and continued to her trek towards the boy. "Jack, you have to come to the institute quickly!"

"What's wrong?" asked the boy.

"There is a strange ball-like object there," Marietta explained. "It suddenly appeared at the institute and started to roll up various objects. At first, everyone was fascinated and all the teachers and students were studying it. Then, it started rolling up experiments and people's homework. It even rolled up the food in the cafeteria! No one knows how to stop it, and it's disrupting the classes. Please Jack, you have to do something!"

"Don't worry, I'll take care of it," Jack replied confidently. Marietta blushed and thanked Jack as she led the way. The boy followed the girl with renewed determination as he prepared himself for another confrontation with the ball-thing.

When they arrived at the Vareth Institute, Jack and Marietta were quickly greeted by the sight of the ball. However, it didn't look exactly how Jack remembered it. The ball was now about the size of a large human and it was steadily growing. Several Vareth mages were standing around while trying to decide what to do, and the whole place had gone to chaos.

'I hope that cat can still breathe in there,' thought Jack. A lot of junk had been rolled up after the cat had gotten stuck in the ball, and he could neither see nor hear the cat anymore. The boy wasn't sure if junk had muffled the feline's cries or if it had ran out of air. He prayed that it was the former because he definitely didn't want to face Lulu if anything happened to her cat.

Of course, it was partly the cat's fault since it bit him earlier.

"What should we do, Jack?" asked Marietta as the other mages gathered around them. Jack tried his best to think of some sort of plan, despite the fact that strategy wasn't exactly his strongest point. After while, Jack said, "Well, we could all attack the ball at once." The Vareth mages seemed happy with the rather simple plan, and they all quickly went after the ball.

Unfortunately, the so-called plan didn't work at all. The mages' magic seemed to have no effect at all for some reason, and the ball was moving too fast for Jack to hit it with his sword. Soon, the mages became weak from casting too many spells while Jack was getting exhausted from his wild ball chase. However, some of students who were hiding in the upper levels managed to gather up some courage and joined into the fray.

"Hey, Jack! Can I help?" asked the young mage named Aiden. Jack smiled and replied, "Sure, kid. Just be careful, alright?" The younger boy nodded and he began to cast some spells at the ball.

Suddenly, the ball moved towards Jack and the others at a brisk pace. "Look out!" he shouted as he barely managed to dodge it in time. Just as he got back onto his feet, Jack heard a scream. He and the others looked up to see Aiden get rolled up into the ball. Jack was in shock and Marietta had her hand over her mouth as they watch little Aiden struggle with all of his might.

"Somebody, help me!" the young mage shouted. As he was rolled up and down with the junk, Aiden's face began to turn green. "Somebody, please help me," he pleaded, "I think I'm going to be sick."

"Don't worry I'll save you!" Jack said as he chased after the ball. However, there was nothing he or anyone else could do as the ball squeezed through the doors of Vareth Institute and rolled onto the streets of Radiata. Still, Jack ran like maniac to catch up to the rolling ball of junk. Marietta tried to follow, but she tripped over her own feet in her haste.

What started as a seemingly simple mission to save a cat had now turned into a chaotic disaster. Now that the ball had the ability to roll up people, it was only a matter of time before all hell broke loose. Jack still didn't know what to do, but one thing was certain: the ball-thing had to be stopped at all costs!