Naruto of Sparta.

Spartans. The greatest warriors the world has ever known, it is said they were descended from Hercules himself. Many thousands of years ago, this civilization flourished. The Spartan are an adaptable people, always adding new military ways to their own. But eventually they met their end, times changed, the Spartans were no longer needed, so they disappeared into the threads of time.

As the world changed, so did the weapons with which it fought with. Instead of swords and spears, machines such as tanks and planes were used. Weapons with the power to wipe out entire cities in a matter of minutes were created. As with all civilizations, a war came about. First it was against two countries, then 4, it stretched till every country on the face of this earth was in heated conflict with its neighbors. Each potential enemy was looking for an advantage, more weapons, and more power. Till one day a single scientist found a weapon that had no equal. It was the summoning of demons. First it was simple contracts with various animals such as toads and birds.

Then it grew, people would summon demons from the darkest depths of hell. This was how the 9 biju came to our world. First it was the Shukaku, the one-tailed Tanuki. But that was not enough. People wanted more, so they summoned what they could, and then the nine tailed fox, kyuubi was summoned. Foolish humans thoughts they could control these demons, but they failed. The biju went on a rampage; entire countries were destroyed in seconds. Destruction was everywhere. So much blood and death, when all was said and done, humanity was but a small fraction of what it once was. All the cities abandoned, weapons discarded.

With nothing to entertain them, the Biju entered into an eternal slumber. The humans dispersed and went into various tribes. Some people began to embrace the teachings of old; the Spartan way of life was revived yet again. However, another force came to be as well, these people were called, shinobi. They wielded a power known as chakra. The new Spartans saw this and added such abilities to their own. These Spartans however were different then their previous incarnation.

In the past, the Spartans had a code of honor, but they also raped and pillaged. These new Spartans, follow the same honor, the same teachings, but not to the same extreme. Over time, the Spartans, which were dispersed tribes, united, to form one tribe. They settled into an area in the borders of a land called fire country. Near the border of the country of stone. For many years the Spartans maintained friendly relations with all the elemental countries. For they followed their own set of laws different the daimyos.

For one thing, when it came to marriage, and the birthing of children, it was a free society. For example, say a shinobi wanted to have a child, but he/she was afraid that their enemies would find the child and kill them. The shinobi would come to the Spartan village to seek a member of the opposite sex to have children, then the person who would help give the child, would have to pass a test. If a kunoichi wanted a child, and she found the man she believes is perfect to impregnate her, she would approach and ask, if he accepts, she would have to pass a test, the type of test dependent on the male. If she passed they would have a child. During pregnancy, she would be welcome to stay in the village during the entire pregnancy, so her enemies could not find out and bring harm to her or her children. For the male it is different. He would come to Sparta and seek women to bare his child. Again he would have to take a test, if he passed, she would bear his child. Once the child was born, the shinobi were free to leave the village, and the child would be raised in Sparta, with the knowledge of who their parents were.

The parents were also free to visit the child, or take them from the village if they felt it safe. One such man to do was known as the fourth Hokage of Konoha Kazama Arashi. During the war with stone, he was worried that he would never live long enough for his name and blood to be passed on. So he went to Sparta, to seek a women strong enough to have his child, he found her in Isabella. She was considered to be the strongest of the Spartan women, but he had to pass a test before she would even consider bearing his child. The test was a test of strength. He had to prove to her that he was a strong man; he had to be unmatched in battle. So he did, in the final battle with stone, he sat her on top a hill overlooking the field. During the battle, he used his signature technique the Hiraishin no jutsu, (Flying Thunder God technique). He single handedly slew 200 enemy shinobi in a matter of minutes. After seeing such strength, she agreed to bear his child.

During her pregnancy, the fourth decided it would be a good idea to coddle her. That was very unusual as that almost never happened. At first Isabella was annoyed, she was a Spartan woman for kamis sake, she doesn't need to be coddled. But over time she got used to it. Then a miraculous thing happened, she actually fell in love with him, and him with her. He had planned on taking her as a wife, but as the fates would have it, something happened. That something, was the awakening of the mighty Kyuubi no Kitsune, 9-tailed fox and lord of demons.

He was heading on a straight path to Konoha, and right in the middle of that path was Sparta. Many years ago, a priestess gave a prophecy. That prophecy stated that a great terror would rise, and crush the Spartan race one more. But there would be one survivor; he would be raised in the heart of fire, and have the Spartan way of life reborn. As such, the Spartans made preparations. They knew that the heart of fire was Konoha, since it's in the center of fire country. So they transferred all there material wealth to the Konoha bank, with explicit instructions to never open it unless a combination of the Spartan seal and the Hokage order is presented. T

he Spartans were indeed a wealthy people, but they stored their wealth, not for hoarding, but because they believed in living a life without too many possessions, that it corrupts man. But they felt money would be needed if the need to rebuild the Spartan race ever arose. It seems the prophecy has come to fruittation. The Spartan council ordered Isabella to leave and go to Konoha so her child would be safe, after much protest she agreed. Not 2 days later the kyuubi attacked. Every Spartan, man, women and child, old and young, picked up their swords and spears and fought the beast. This combined might of the Spartans did something that was considered impossible, they held the demon at bay for a solid 6 days, on the 7th day, the last Spartan fell, and the fox moved on. Even Konoha elite were unable to hold the demon at bay for that long. But because of the Spartans sacrifice, the fourth Hokage had the time needed to master his jutsu that would defeat the fox.

His soon to be wife, Isabella, arrived in Konoha, and went into labor. On October 10th her son was born. But not content to let the fox have his way, and to avenge her people, she got up, and prepared to go into battle. But before she left, she took off a pendant, and put it around her newborns neck. The pendant was circular, and in the color of bronze, it had what looked like an arrow on it. One side starts at the 4oclock position and meeting in the center, forming a sharp edge. That was the symbol for Sparta. She then gave him a peck on the cheek, and whispered, "Grow strong my child, makes your parents and your people strong and proud."

With that, she picks up the sword she brought with her, and leaves to confront the beast. Later that night, the Yondaime, having just seen his love fall valiantly in battle, picks up his son, his soon to be orphan son, and says, "we love you son, I'm truly sorry for having to leave you with no family, please forgive me.."

He then leaves to seal the demon into his flesh and blood, his son and the last of Sparta, Naruto.

A/N: the Spartan pendant that's mentioned, the symbol is the one that's on the shields of the Spartans in the movie 300. Simply look up a photo and you'll see it. I also plan to explain more about Spartan life, and how it will affect Naruto as the story goes on. This story will also be a harem, and I will reveal who will be in the harem when that female makes her appearance, to keep the surprise.