I have a couple of important things to state here.

1: due to the popularity of my story, and being overwhelmed with message's asking for the lemon, I have decided to post the directions here.

First, go to my profile and click on homepage, you will be taken to adultfanfiction dot net. There, you have to sign your name for legal reasons, and then enjoy. Or just go to the site and search my name, my name there is Shinn.

2: to the well informed reviewer. My response to this is simply.

You sir, are an arrogant dumbass who obviously thinks he's better than everyone else. This is a fan fiction, key word here, FICTION. Things are not going to be accurate, and I know that the movie 300 was not accurate, I major in HISTORY, with a minor in ancient Greek history, and my main Greek professor is a friend of mine, and I have written papers on the Persian wars and received A's, I know more about this, then you do. If you wanted to talk about the historical accuracy of my story, then next time act as a gentleman and maybe we can talk like gentleman, but since that seems to be beneath you, I will simply tell you to piss off. Good day.

To all my fans, I thank you for your support on this story. I have worked hard and seeing such fantastic responses truly warms my heart. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.