Spencer lay on the ground, the bullets ringing through her ears. Aiden pulled her, Ashley and Kyla to the floor once the shooting had begun. Her stomach tightened as screams pieced the night, how'd everything get so screwed up...me! She thought as Aiden tensed, looking up to see him rolling off her; the car took off leaving the students of prom to deal with the after effects. She stared at him, he'd been shot in the arm, and his blood covered the front of her dress. Her blue eyes clouded over as she stared over to where her brother Clay was, he was holding on to Chelsea crying but she couldn't tell if she was alive or dead.

"Spencer are you all right?" Ashley asked, using her hands to check her girlfriend's body for a wound, "Spencer?" But the blonde couldn't get her mouth to respond.

"Aiden's going to be okay, I think..." Kyla spoke quietly; both she and Ashley had wrapped his arm up. Sirens could be heard screaming down the road toward the high school.

"Are you guys okay?" Glen and Madison both ran up, besides being dirty from the ground neither seemed hurt.

"I think so?" Aiden said as a question, he wasn't sure if anything was all right especially with him, Ashley and Spencer.

"Spencer?" Glen asked, but his sister's eyes never moved away from Clay. Glen followed her eyes to see their brother holding Chelsea, "Oh my God!" Everyone ran over to the two except Spencer who just stared, her mind racing a million miles a second. If she dies it's all my fault...this is all me, why'd I go and ruin everything?

Ashley and Madison both looked up at the same time, to see Spencer go completely pale, her eyes glazed over with everything that happened, "Spencer?" Ashley called, but her girlfriend only stared, not moving her eyes or body. The two girls got up and went over to the blonde.

"Are you okay?" Madison gripped the younger girls arm. Spencer didn't budge, her breath was coming quicker and her lungs ached for fresh air that wouldn't come. Dizziness over came her, her legs went weak and dropped out from under her.

"SPENCER!" Both Ashley and Madison yelled trying to hold the girl up.

"Her heart rate is erratic, we need to stabilize her!" A male voice drifted in through the light being shined through Spencer's eyes. She tried opening them but the images were hazy.

"Come on baby please!" She could hear Ashley's voice to the side of her but before she could see her eyes closed again.


Ashley sat in the waiting room, her mind reeling from earlier events. Her mouth was dry and her head hurt. Aiden was in with the doctor getting stitches, his wound was not too serious. Clay and Kyla talked near the back wall, Chelsea was shot twice. Once in her stomach and the other in the leg, she was in surgery now. Then there was Spencer, Ashley rocked slowly in her seat. She remembered checking the other girl for injury but there wasn't any, now she was lying in a hospital bed. Tears threatened to spill but she held back, to tired to cry yet again.

"Ash?" Kyla sat next to her, she felt sorry for her sister with everything that had happened. Kyla tried to be mad at Ashley but couldn't focus the energy. Ashley glanced up from her hands, "Can I sit?"

The brunette nodded her head, "Kyla I'm so sorry..." the tears she held back fell softly down her cheeks, "I swear I didn't know Aiden was going to pull something like that..." Kyla pulled her sister into a hug, Ashley melted into Kyla's arms, letting everything out. The sisters stayed that way for an hour.

Clay sat next to them, no one wanted to talk because it was just too much to handle at the moment. So he sat there with his hand on Ashley's knee, she tried to tell him something but the second she said Chelsea's name her tears fell again. Soon a doctor came out, he was thirty something with dark black hair, his tired eyes fell on the teenagers.

"How are they?" Clay stood up, needing to know that his girlfriend and child was safe.

"Chelsea is doing fine and so is the baby, we managed to get both bullets out. The one in her stomach just missed the baby by inches, the surgeons closed the torn wall. She'll be sedated for now, until she wakes up we won't know any more."

"And Spencer?" He asked trying to clear the lump out of his throat.

"Spencer...oh yes Miss. Carlin, well she's awake but that's all I can tell you. I was just about to go in and examine her." The doctor turned to leave.

"Wait," Ashley grabbed the older man's jacket, "Can I come?" She needed to be near Spencer now more than ever, she had to explain that there was never a choice, it was and will all ways be her.

"I'm afraid only family..."

"I'm her brother," Clay stated cutting the older man off, "its fine...she's her girlfriend." The doctor nodded his understandings and since the girls parents weren't here and Clay was eighteen years old he could make that decision.

"Fine, follow me." The doctor smiled and led Ashley down to the elevator. The ride to the seventh floor was slow and quiet and before the brunette had time to prepare herself she was standing in her girlfriend's hospital room. Spencer sat up with her legs dangling from the bed, her eyes fixated on the ground.

"Hi Spencer my names Dr. Coolidge," He extended his hand but the teen didn't respond. Licking his lips he scanned her chart for a minute, "I see here you have two brothers... is that correct?" He asked while putting gloves on, the blonde sat motionless not even seeming to notice the other girl in the room.

"How long has she been like this?" He asked a nurse who came in to check on two other patients.

"The entire time sir, the other nurses and I have tried to get her to talk..."

Dr. Coolidge sat closer to Spencer but her focus never changed, "Spencer?"

"What's wrong with her?" Ashley asked from her spot on the wall, the doctor had asked her not to go near the other girl for now.

"At this moment I have a pretty good idea but can't say for sure." He pushed his hair back, "SPENCER!" He shouted and snapped his fingers in her face, her eyes darted up to stare at him. She jumped from the table and ran for the corner, fear raking her body, Ashley's mouth dropped open she had no clue what just went down.

Spencer hunched in the corner holding her self protectively, the images of the night flashing across her mind. She rocked back and forth with her arms wrapped around her legs. Ashley wanted to run to her, pick her up into her arms and tell her everything was going to be okay but her legs were glued to the spot. A few male nurses came in and brought Spencer back to the bed, she didn't fight them.

"Dr. Coolidge what is wrong?" Arthur stood in the door way, Ashley didn't know how long he'd been standing there. He walked over and pulled her into a hug.

"Mr. Carlin I assume?" Arthur nodded, "Well from what I can tell you daughter is suffering from PSTD..."

"PSTD?" Ashley glanced up from Arthur's shirt.

"Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and a severe case as well. I'll give you some medicine for her but right now she needs something familiar. Take her home, for now we need to work on her attention. The more she is distant the worse things can get, next will be talking...in some cases people have never talked again. I'm not going to lie to you Mr. Carlin but things are going to be rough for a while."

"I understand," Arthur nodded. Ashley was over by Spencer stroking her hair and whispering soft words, "Ashley why don't you go home and get some sleep. I'll call you if anything changes." Ashley looked up, unsure if she should leave but she knew Mr. C would do anything in his power to make sure they both were all right.

"Sure, I'll see you later baby." Ashley laid a small kiss on Spencer's forehead. Her feet went slow but she began to walk away, all of a sudden she felt pressure on her arm. Looking down Spencer had a tight grip on her wrist, the blonde pulled her back and started shaking her head...telling Ashley silently that she couldn't leave her.

"Spencer you have to let her go." Arthur came over and tried to pull his daughter off Ashley but the girl had a death grip.

"Mr. Carlin this might not be something you need right now but I'm going to recommend that..." Dr. Coolidge stared at Ashley for a second.

"Ashley Davies."

"Miss. Davies stay with Spencer for now, I'll write a note for school that Miss. Davies will attend all classes with her."

"Are you saying she has to move in with us?" Arthur asked in disbelief, not that he didn't like Ashley, hell he loved her like a daughter but the girl living in the same house as Paula, not such a good idea.

"What I'm saying Mr. Carlin is if we can't get your daughter passed the first stages of this, she could work herself up like she did tonight which may cause a heart attack. The EMT told me they were lucky to bring her heart rate down in time, so I suggest, if you don't want you daughter back in here any time soon you allow her to have the one thing she feels safe with right now..." Dr. Coolidge put his hand on Arthur's shoulder, "And that is Miss. Davies." The doctor walked out.

"Why don't you go home Ashley...grab some cloths and come back to our house." Arthur sighed.

"Mr. C I..."

"Don't worry," He pulled her in for another hug, "I'll take care of Paula...you just take care of Spencer, she needs you right now."

"Thank you." Ashley felt the tears sliding down her face again, he hugged her harder trying to let her know it was okay.

"I guess there's just one thing left to say..." She pulled away and glanced up into his soft and caring eyes, "Welcome to the family."