Before Ashley even had the car in a parking spot Spencer jumped out, "Spencer come on

Before Ashley even had the car in a parking spot Spencer jumped out, "Spencer come on!" Ashley screamed knowing how dangerous that act was. She knew her girlfriend was no longer a child but hell if she was going to act like that she was going to grab the girl's hand and walk her across the street just to make sure she was safe.

"Don't worry Ash I got her," Kyla sighed seeing the frustration on her older sister's face, she unbuckled her seatbelt and got out with a smile from Ashley who than began to go find a parking spot.

Once she found one and it figured to be one of the farthest one away from the entrance she rushed inside. Her eyes searching the hallways and rooms trying to find anyone she knew finally she made it to the nurses station, "How can I help you?"

"Um where do people have babies?"

The nurse, a male with blonde hair and green eyes, raised his eyebrow, "Well...when a man and woman..."

"...I know that," she glared at him.

He chuckled and pointed the elevator on her left, "I know...take the elevator up to the fifth floor, take a right down to maternity. The nurse on duty up there will help you find who ever you're looking for," he winked.

She rolled her eyes thanked the man and rushed up stairs forgetting about the elevator as she didn't want to waste the time for the slow contraption to reach the floor. Huffing and puffing she entered the fifth floor glancing around.

"Ashley?" Kyla called over peeking out of the maternity waiting room, she waved her over.

Ashley took one last breath to calm her body down; I really need to do more exercising...I haven't really done anything since before prom, she thought walking into the waiting room she saw everyone sitting there minus Clay and Chelsea of course. The brunette walked over to them and everyone stood up, "So how is she?"

Spencer wrapped her arms around her girlfriend's waist, Ashley's arms engulfing her while looking around but it was Spencer who answered, "She went into labor...but there was blood...they're doing a C-section now."

"She'll be fine," Paula smiled tightly at Ashley while grabbing both Ashley and Spencer's hands and bringing them in for a much needed hug.

It seemed like hours flew by, everyone talking among each other trying to keep their minds off the ticking of the clock indicating how long the young woman was in surgery for.

"Hey Ashley?" Spencer whispered.

The two girls sat a few chairs away from the group near the entrance seeing as Spencer wanted to know right away when the doctor showed up, "Yea?" Ashley responded intertwining their hands.

Spencer licked her lips, "Well I was know how graduation is in less than a year?"

"Yea?" Ashley raised an eye brow unsure of where this was going.

"And you turn eighteen like in four months?" Ashley nodded, "Which means you'll get your inheritance right?"

"Where are you going with this?" Ashley wondered out loud while tucking back some lose blonde hair.

Licking her lips Spencer glanced at her family than back to her confused girlfriend, "I'm going to be eighteen in six months. You're going to be eighteen in four with your money and I was wondering if you're okay with it that is, because I so don't want to pressure you or anything..."

She is so damn cute when she rambles, "Spence babe spit it out," Ashley chuckled as a blush spread across Spencer's cheeks.

"Okay so yea I'm going to just come out with it,"

"That would be for the best," Ashley couldn't help but tease which earned her a glare; she raised her hands in surrender.

"We move in together," Spencer leaned back a bit ready for Ashley to blow and say she was trying to tie her down or something.

Ashley sat there trying to processes what the love of her life had just asked, "As in the mansion together?"

Spencer shook her head, "As in our own apartment near UCLA..." she bit her lip still waiting for the blow up.

"Well I think..."

"...Lewis...Chelsea?" the doctor asked coming out in a bloody gown and removing his gloves.

Ashley sighed happy to have a bit more time to process what had been asked. The group rushed forward asking question after question, the doctor chuckled while asking them to quiet down.

"Chelsea is doing just fine,"

"And the baby?" Arthur asked clutching his wife's hand, she flinched and if the tension wasn't high the group may have laughed at how Paula's face scrunched up and she tried to twist her hand away.

"A healthy 6lbs 12 ounce baby girl is waiting for all of you in room 324," the doctor waved them on through the double doors which hours earlier they had been denied access besides Clay.

Everyone tried their best to do a normal walk to the room but when ever someone got just a step ahead of anyone the group sped up. Finally Paula was two steps ahead and Arthur took off so the whole family and friends were running through the halls.

"Slow down!" a nurse chided but by than the group got to the room.

Inside Chelsea laid on the bed half out of it and half awake, what do you expect from a lady with a cut in her stomach where the baby came out, Clay stood beside her with a pink bundle cuddled into his arms. Almost immediately tears sprung to all the girls eyes except Ashley who was still unsure on how to feel about everything.

"Mom you want to meet your granddaughter?" Clay smiled so big you'd think he'd loose his teeth.

Paula nodded and reached out. Her son carefully placed the blanket in her arms, immediately it started moving around, little arms peeked from the blanket cover as it struggled to get comfortable in the new set of arms, "Oh my God!" she breathed out in a whisper, "Hi sweetie I'm your grandma," the baby gurgled causing everyone to awe.

Paula handed the baby over to Arthur who, once he saw the baby's face, had tears gliding down his face as well, "I'm," he sighed looking up at everyone than his wife, "I'm a grandpa!" he couldn't be any happier than right now.

"What's her name?" Glen asked as he wrapped his arms around Madison, she leaned into his chest and they rocked back and forth a bit.

Chelsea breathed heavily but smiled none the less at Clay and nodded. Clay took her hand and kissed the back of it while turning his attention to the rest of the clan, "We named her Dylan Ashley Carlin,"

Ashley's eyes shot open wide and a gasped escaped her mouth, "What?" Spencer giggled while wrapping her arms around Ashley so they were in the same position as Glen and by Madison; both Carlin's holding their loved ones front to back, "Why?"

Clay took a step toward the two girls, "You've done so much for our sister...if it wasn't for you I think we would have lost Spencer for a lot longer. You held all of us together through this horrible tragedy so what better way to say thank you."

Ashley launched out of Spencer's arms and into Clay's who laughed whole heartedly while surrounding her in his warmth, "Thank you!" she squealed happily. He nodded and returned to Chelsea.

For the first time in a long time she felt apart of a family. Looking around the room she saw Clay and Chelsea talking quietly with beaming faces at what they brought into this world. Arthur and Paula were still cooing and wiggling their fingers at the infant who was giggling and holding on to Arthur's large fore finger. Kyla and Aiden kissed and walked over to the new grandparents. Glen and Madison went to the bed to talk to the new parents, so now everyone was at the bed side besides her and...Spencer, she turned to see Spencer down on one knee and a blue velvet box held open with a sparkling silver band with a blue cut diamond set in it.

"Spence?" Ashley didn't think her eyes could get any wider, she had no thoughts inside her head and for the life of her couldn't figure out what the younger girl was thinking do to her speechless and mindless state.

"I know this is sudden to you since I did just bring up moving in together in the waiting room but I know you're it for me Ash. When you helped me run away and protected me from that creepy man I knew it. I bought this ring the day you asked me to prom, you were going to take me even though you hate school dances. I know this isn't like the best speech or anything but I love you so very much, you stayed with me through a lot of bad stuff and even when you wanted to run away. Through me my late night nightmare me being five years old..." this had the group chuckling a bit, "And if you can put up with a rambunctious five year old me well I think you can do a lot Ash so Ashley Davies will you marry me?"

The room grew quiet as all eyes swung around to Ashley who stared down at blue eyes than to the ring than back to blue eyes, Spencer bit her bottom lip in anticipation, her arm started shaking the longer Ashley took she started regretting doing it right now but it just seemed like the right time.


"...Really?" Spencer's mouth dropped open.

Ashley smiled a shit eating grin, "Yes...Spence...Yes!"

Spencer grabbed the ring and dropped the box, she slid it on Ashley's finger than jumped up quickly pulling Ashley into a passionate kiss of love and hunger, a throat clearing brought them out of their moment reminding them they weren't the only ones in the room.

"Cool it out, my niece doesn't need to see that," Glen chided cooing to the baby, "isn't that right D.A,"

"D.A?" Clay raised an eyebrow.

"Yea short for Dylan Ashley," he said in a duh tone.

Paula and Arthur approached the two girls, "Welcome to the family," they said in unison.

Everyone crowded around the bed and talked about the baby and the new engagement.

Madison pulled Ashley aside and the two glanced at the group, "Did you ever think we'd both be engaged to a Carlin?"

"Actually, no, no I didn't," she laughed, "So this is going to make us what sister in laws?"

"Don't think this makes us friends," Madison flipped her hair glaring at Ashley.

"Wouldn't dream of it Barbie," Ashley smiled causing the Latina to do the same.

"Hey soon to be Carlin, the both of you, get over here!" Arthur waved.

The two girls smiled bigger and joined their fianc├ęs and new family surrounded by new life and finally happy and excited about their futures.

Ashley placed a kiss to Spencer's forehead, "I love you."

"I love you too," she pecked her lips and returned her attention back to Chelsea and the baby leaving Ashley thinking about their engagement, the apartment and hopefully little Spashley's running around.