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The Fair

With their mission to protect a travelling fair from bandits over, Naruto, Hinata and Kiba decided that they may as well have some fun before they headed back to Konohua. Kiba and his pup Akamaru headed for the rides, and Naruto headed to the stalls with Hinata shyly tagging along behind him. At one stall, a group of sour looking kids were hanging around, muttering 'fixed' one with the stacked cans and a lot of very tempting prizes hanging from the roof and walls.

"Come on, come on, if anyone can knock them all down not only do they get a prize, so too do their friends!" shouted a shifty looking bloke who was monitoring. Many of the children had spent all of their money trying, and more than one was crying. Hinata, silently using byakuggan exposed the root of the problem. "That's mean, he's glued them down!" she whispered.

"Was he with the fair?" ask Naruto, he couldn't remember seeing him before.

"No, it looks like he's just one of the scam artists who follows along behind."

"Let's show him then." Naruto smirked. Even though they were glued down to the floor, Naruto, thanks to kunai training and his higher than normal strength, managed to knock all cans down with a single throw.

"Huh? Fine…pick a prize…then get lost!" said the sour vender. Naruto chose a silly frog hat that looked a lot like his little green wallet.

"But what about my friends? You did say… Right guys?" said Naruto, looking over his shoulder and beckoning to all of the children. Soon they cleared out the stall of all prizes to the curses of the conman. Afterwards Naruto and Hinata got some sweets and meet up with Kiba and Akamaru on the rides, Kiba was sporting a fake ANBU wolf mask and Akamaru with a set of sunglasses which were very cute on the little white puppy. After some more wondering around the fair, the four of them squeezed into a photo booth. Each took a photo from the four that came out and Kiba pointed out that it was late. They spent one final night with the fair then in the morning the four started back on their way home, to the hidden leaf village of Konohua.

"Hey, Hinata," said Naruto while they walked, he still wearing his silly hat and making Hinata giggle every so often as the bobble eyes of the frog bounced as he walked.

"Didn't you get anything at that stall last night?"

"um…no Naruto-kun…" she had her eye on a bracelet made up of a woven cord band of three colours, blue, red and purple with a jade charm on it with a 'fire' symbol craved into it, but it was already gone when she went to get it.

"Oh…well that's not fair is it? You were the only real friend of mine there…" Hinata's heart fluttered a little. "I got a hold of this before one of the kids snatched it…I noticed you looking at it…" he held out the bracelet.

"Thanks Naruto…" she hugged him quickly then blushed, letting go.

"It's ok!" he said grinning.

"Ah no fair!" said Kiba who wasn't paying attention to them, he was trying to adjust the string on his mask. The road was blocked by a land slide, they where halfway home.

"We have to climb over" Hinata said quietly, playing with the bracelet Naruto had just given her.

"Look's like it" moaned Kiba, putting the mask inside his coat and started climbing. Halfway up some loose rocks tumbled down the slope knocking lose larger rocks, trying to dodge these caused Hinata to lose her footing and slip, the rock under her hand came lose as well and she fell backwards. Naruto, who was still at the bottom, caught her.

"You ok Hinata?" she didn't answer, just stared at him wide eyed and her face flushed bright red. "Hinata?" asked Naruto in a concerned voice. In her head, all Hinata could think was "he's holding me…Naruto-kun!! Say something! He's so close…Arggghh!" It was all too much for Hinata and she passed out. "Hinata!" Naruto yelled, shocked.

"You two ok down there?" yelled Kiba, oblivious to what had transpired in Hinata's mind.

"Yap!" Kiba and Akamaru called from atop the rocks. "Er…yeah I think so…" said Naruto, unsure of what to do.

Hinata awoke a little while later but not into a much better situation. She woke up staring right into onr of the bobble eyes of Naruto's frog hat. Naruto was carrying her on his back. Neither Kiba nor Naruto had noticed that she had come around, Akamaru was on Kiba's back as if copying her on Naruto. Akamaru noticed Hinata and jumped over onto Nartuo's head to lick at her face. This however startled Naruto and he tripped over a rock on the road and fell forward.

"Sorry Naruto-kun…" mumbled Hinata as she scrabbled off his back, with a bright red face. Naruto rolled over and held his nose.

"It wasn't your fault Hinata… it was you" he said while throwing a stick at Akamaru, who thought is was a game of fetch. Kiba laughed at Naruto's scowl and dirt covered face but offered his hand to pull him off the ground.

"Thanks…" Akamaru came running back with the stick and jumped into Kiba's arms.

"It's going to be dark soon we should find a place to camp and pitch-up the tents, it looks like it might rain later too." Hinata agreed and looked on down the road, playing absentmindedly with the bracelet Naruto had given her. Naruto lead the way down the path with Hinata behind and Kiba, continuing the game of fetch with Akamaru, behind them. It didn't take long to find a spot near a stream and not far from the road. A rocky outcrop would protect the tents from any wind and the trees many braches overhead would take most of the rain fall. The two tents where put up quickly, one for the two boys and one for Hinata. After an incident with another team this was enforced. The rain held off well after night fall. The three of them sat outside the tents around the fire for a while, Kiba started a ghost story which engrossed both Hinata and Naruto and as the story when on their eyes darted around to the shadows and they edged closer together. Kiba grinned evilly and pulled out a flash light to shine under his chin.

"They thought they had got away… but…" Naruto and Hinata leant in listening, Naruto gulped.

"But then… almost from no where…." Kiba continued in a low dangerous voice. Suddenly Akamaru jumped on them from behind and barked. Both Naruto and Hinata jumped and screamed and flung their arms around each other. Kiba fell off the log he was sitting on doubled over with laughter Akamaru doing the same. But Naruto and Hinata were staring into each others wide eyes, frozen and unsure of what to make of the close proximity of the other. Hinata slowly turned red; her heart hadn't slowed down from the scare and seemed it would burst in her chest. Kiba stopped laughing he hadn't received the punch or scolding he had been expecting.

"Eh?" he peeked up over the log to see both of them still with their arms around the other and both stared into the others eyes, what was stranger was that Naruto was matching Hinata's usual red face. Kiba watched for a second, confused, neither seemed to even be breathing.

"Hey!" he shouted standing up, Hinata finally pulled her arms off of Naruto with a mumbled apology, Naruto pulled his back too and rubbed the back of his head with a silly half smile. Kiba looked from one to the other and back for a few minutes. Both where now looking away from the other, Hinata playing with her fingertips as always and Naruto still rubbing his head, both were a bright beetroot red, neither intending to say anything. Akamaru also seemed as confused as Kiba and looked at them with his head slanted sideways.

"Oh…. I see what's going on here." He said with a smirk, they both looked at him, "If you two wanted to be alone all you had to do was ask." He finished, picked up Akamaru and headed to his tent, "Night lovebirds" he joked and laughed out loud as he ducked under the flap.

"Hey… it's not like that!" started Naruto after him.

"Oh…" muttered Hinata looking down and playing with the bracelet again. Naruto watched her play with it and finally the obvious smacked him in the face.

"If we wanted to be alone we would have knocked him out" he added jokingly to her. Hinata looked up at him and giggled before looking back down and blushing. Naruto laughed nervously and looked away again; he really had no idea of where to go from here. Turning back towards Hinata he noticed that she was looked right at him again and his mind went blank. Normally he could talk freely to Hinata and she would just listen and add a small comment every now and again, so why couldn't he do it now.

"Um… Hinata… I um…" Naruto started, still not meeting her pearly eyes.

"Yes, Naruto-kun?" She asked sounding very hopeful.

"I… well… I guess that I have always… kinda well ….liked you…." He said, almost as quietly as Hinata herself spoke

"Really! Naruto-kun?" she sounded shocked and looked at him with her wide eyes and small smile, which he found cute.

"Well yeah…" he replied, his face was still beetroot red.

They where both spared an awkward silence by the beginnings of rain fall, so they both said they're red faced good nights and went to their respective tents. Kiba was just crawling into his sleeping bag when Naruto came in, Akamaru was already asleep on the end of it.

"So, how'd it go?" he asked grinning up at him.

"Shut up." Was all that Naruto offered and got into his own sleeping bag. Naruto pulled off the silly frog hat and threw in on top of his bag. All he could think of was that he must have sounded like an idiot.

Meanwhile in the other tent Hinata was grinning widely, Naruto really did like her and she slept with a large grin on her face.

Not much further down the road was another camp. Five men sat around a sputtering camp fire, as it was being slowly drowned by the rain. One was trying desperately to keep it alive, but he was losing the battle as the rain got heavier.

"We could have been in an inn now, if those brats hadn't stopped us…" muttered one.

"Well how where we to know that they would hire ninja to protect them?" snapped back another wrapping a bandage around a dog bite on his arm.

"They where only kids… how could we lose to them?" said another.

"Give it up Kogi, that fires going out no matter what!" the dog bitten one snapped at the short guy at the fire. Kogi sighed and sat back.

"A travelling fair… think of the money we could have got out of that… Jumpi" said the first one to the bitten man.

"That's why I choose it!" Jumpi snapped tying off the bandage. "That mutt had sharp teeth… anyway we came by this way because the road runs along a white water river and is frequented by traders, if we jump them around here, from front and behind there's no where for them to run. Then we get our pay day" Jumpi grinned evilly, the other men matched his smirk despite the heavy rain, they had high hopes for the next day.

End chap 1

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