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The C-130 Hercules flew above the Virginian coast at ten thousand feet. There was a full moon out tonight which lent itself to good visibility. They're little if no cloud cover for the cargo that the C-130 was carrying. Eight men sat in the cargo area of the C-130. All US Navy SEALs. All equipped with HALO jump gear. Tonight they were carrying Tactical computer simulation webbing. As well as computer sensors on the end of their weapons. All the war and simulated injuries, but without the death. Commander Dean Winters rose from where he'd been sitting and shouted over noise the aircrafts engine. "Listen up men!" He looked around till he got all the SEALs attention. "We're haloing into Quantico tonight. For this training mission. So let's make the Navy proud and kick some marine arse!" Some of his men smiled, others grinned, two sat silently focussing on the mission. Winters looked around again. "Now I know I said this five times already." He paused to look at each man. "Do not activate you tactical webbing and sensors on your weapons. Until you are clear of the water. I don't want any fried SEALs."

The several SEALs laughed at the joke but all nodded. Commander Winters looked around once more before he spoke. "Remember, as soon as one of us is spotted that's it game over. So be very cautious when you land." He sat back down and waited for the cargo boss to start towards the ramp. Before the HALO insertion. Winter turned to his friend Petty Officer Michael Sims. "How you doing Mike?"

Mike was a believer in not psyching ones self before a mission. He turned to Winters calmly. "Dean, you know me, why ask a silly question like that!"

Winters shrugged. "Sorry, next time I'll remember!"


The pilot swung the big plane on line with the drop zone the aircraft responded sluggishly as was the case with such a big plane. The aircraft climbed to twelve thousand feet and the pilot flicked the intercom to the cargo boss in the rear of the aircraft. "Richards, open the ramp, jump zone approaching."

"Right sir!" Richards replied in his headset.

The pilot turned smiling at his co-pilot. "Jamie, this would be a good night for jumping wouldn't it."

"Yes, sir!" the co-pilot nodded. "Good visibility, hardly any cloud cover and the airspeed is just right at the moment."


Below Commander Winters watched as the cargo boss made his way to the ramp. He rose and made his way to the cargo boss shouting to be heard over the engines by the cargo boss. "Ready to go boss?"

"Yes Sir." The cargo boss shouted back. "When the skipper gives me the go ahead. I'll call your men forward." The boss held up his hand the pilot was speaking to him. "Yes Sir." The cargo boss turned to Winters. "Sir, I'm opening the ramp have your men standby!" Winters nodded and raised a hand his men to rise and get ready for the jump. Petty Officer Sims rose and found his place between Lieutenant Hong and Leading Seaman Beaumont. He checked the Lieutenants chute and gave him the thumbs up. He turned around to check Beaumont's chute once satisfied he gave Beaumont the thumbs up. He took a few breaths. Placed his breathing mask on and stood ready and waiting. For the red light to disappear and the green light to flash up for go. The light flashed to green and he leapt out of the aircraft. The adrenaline pumped through his veins as he hurtled towards the ground at huge speed. This was what it was all about, he thought. He tore through the light clouds that were blocking his view. His breath was taken away by his view of the Virginian coast. Lights all along the coast glittered as he stared out at them at three thousand feet above the water. The sea was getting closer he had to pull the cord at the right moment. He pulled, he froze as nothing happened. Then he was shaken and was jerked forcefully upwards as his chute opened and his decent slowed. The water was suddenly five feet below him. He detached from the chute and plunged into the water. The cold enveloped him as he took his bearing and struck out for the shore. He swam slowly not wanting to draw any attention to himself. Reaching the shore he slowly and warily climbed out of the water. He unslung his MP5 and opened his watertight bag pulling his radio headset and night vision out.

He activated his tactical computer simulation webbing and the computer sensor on his silenced MP5 as his feet touched the sand. He slipped on his night vision goggles as well as his radio set. "This is Sims, I've reached the beach and am proceeding into the foliage does anybody copy?"

Off to his right he saw Lieutenant Hong and Chief Ramirez giving him the thumbs up. He moved slowly into the bushes and waited for someone to arrive at his position. "This is Winters, all units report." Sims heard over his headset.

Lieutenant Hong replied for Sims' squad. "Alpha squad all ashore skipper." Then Lieutenant Meriwether report for Bravo. "Bravo squad all ashore, Boss."

Winters voice came over his headset again. "Radio silence men, from now on." Sims pulled his radio headset from his head and placed it back into his watertight bag. He cocked the silenced weapon and peered into the darkness of the training ground. Somewhere out there were marine patrols designed to catch the SEALs before they could get to the required location.

A noise behind made Sims turn around. He smiled at the figure and gestured to him to move closer. The man silently unsheathed the KBAR knife from his scabbard. With lightning precision clamped one hand over Sims' mouth. His boot swinging down and connecting with Sims' groin. The Petty Officer choked voice made an attempt at screaming in pain. The other hand swung the KBAR towards the underneath of Petty Officer's jaw. Sims instinctively pulled the trigger of his MP5. Nothing happened. The knife tip pressed up under the chin and was forced upwards. Blood spurted from entry wound of the knife. The man continued to force the knife further and further. Sims tried to wrestle the man off him but he was fighting a losing battle. His strength was gone. He thrashed around for a few more seconds before his life drained from him and never moved again.

The man pulled the knife from under Sims' chin. Picking up Sims' water bottle the man washed the blood off the knife and his hands. Throwing the bottle away and disappeared into the undergrowth.

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