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The Pontiac GTO pulled over to the side of the road. Tony shut the engine off. He looked up at the block of apartments that he was parked across from. Then glanced in the rear vision mirror running a hand over his now smoothly shaven face. He ran his hand through his hair again for the extra messy look. Smiling at his reflection. Pleased with himself. He turned to look over at the passenger seat of the GTO, fettuccini, chicken, chalets, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms and canned tomato were sitting in plastic bag. Next to the bag at a peculiar angle sat a bottle of wine. He reached over and picked both the bag and the bottle up. Pulling them into his lap before he opened the door and struggled out of the car. The cool night air hit him as he straightened and took a deep breath. He looked both ways and walked across the street.

His eyes adjusted as he walked into the light of the reception area. Stopping to check at the board of names of the residents who lived in the apartment block. Tony glanced down the board. Nothing seemed to suggest that Ziva lived in the block he was in. His eyes caught her name at the last possible moment. He ran his hand along in line with the number for her apartment. He checked the number with the floor levels and then he walked over to the elevators. The elevator opened and he walked in. The door closed, his ascent in the elevator was slow. Finally the elevator stopped and doors opened. Tony walked out into a hallway. As Tony walked along the hallway eyes flicked checked every door number. Until he came to the one he was looking for. He paused in front of the door. Nervousness took a hold him before he could quell it. He turned away and walked a few feet from the door. Before he could summon his courage again and turned back to Ziva's door.

He knocked on the door. His courage seemed to flood out of him as he stood there. There was movement and noise on the other side of the door. The door opened swinging inwardly and Ziva stood clad in pajamas and silk gown her silky hair flowing around her shoulders. "Hey." Tony said an uncomfortable feeling overwhelming him.

"Hey." She repeated she looked just as uncomfortable as he did. They began talking at the same time and then suddenly stopped. Ziva whispered. "Please, speak."

"Gibbs told me what happened, you ok?" Tony said anxiousness clearly audible in his voice.

"I'm fine, really!" Ziva added as she saw Tony still looking very concerned, "Was that all you wanted, I really am tired?"

Tony took a deep breath. "Firstly I wanted to apologise… I acted like a complete ass!"

As he paused Ziva's eyebrow rose. "That's putting it mildly."

"You going to let me finish or do you want to have a go pelting me with insults?" Tony said anger flaring slightly.

"Sorry Tony." She whispered.

"Your ok!" Tony shrugged nervously. "I'm the one out of line. I've been thinking about you a lot and I came to the conclusion that." He paused looking into her face and feeling strength to speak, continued. "You just being in my life as a friend is good enough. I know I can't fight these feelings I have for you. I know I tried and it doesn't make it any easier. So please forgive me for the way I acted before." He rubbed his chin. "It took a punch to wake me up." He shrugged a little jokingly as he saw her eyes widened. "All I want to do right now is be a friend. So please let me be your friend."

Ziva fought back tears. Not tears like she had, had in the hospital. But tears that came from her heart almost happy tears. She took a deep breath before speaking. "I will, I also need to ask for your forgiveness. I hurt you more that I know and I'm sorry."

Tony smiled relief flooding over him. "So friends yeah."

Ziva nodded. "Friends, Yes." Her mind whispered. 'But I want so much more!' "Come in it looks like you were going to cook for me. How did you know?"

"Know what." Tony looked confused as Ziva opened the door wide for him to walk in.

"That I took a bullet in the arm!" Ziva said Gibbs last words to her before she had blacked out running through her head. 'I wasn't talking about your father or Moshe.' Gibbs hadn't meant them he had meant Tony. Gibbs obviously knew what she and Tony had tried to rid themselves of the fact that they both were attracted to each other.

Tony brought her back to now. "Oh yeah, no like I said before Gibbs called me!"

Ziva nodded not fully comprehending what Gibbs had done but appreciating the fact that Tony was going to cook. "It's just hard to make any dinner, Yes."

Tony walked through the living room. His eyes flicked to the side to see a Menorah standing on the small dining table. He reached the kitchen. "Well, you just relax I'm going to make you Fettuccini DiNozzo. A recipe that my grandmother passed down to my Dad!" Tony's face changed to stone as he said the last words. He brightened. "So I hope you like it. I actually changed the bacon in the original recipe to Chicken just for you."

Ziva slumped down onto the lounge. She closed her eyes. Tony was here in her apartment. Something about it aroused her. Ziva fought it down and regained her control as Tony called out from the kitchen. "Do you have a big pot I can throw this pasta into?"

Ziva rose slowly and with difficulty. She walked into the kitchen. "Just above your head."

"Cool!" Tony said pulling the pot out of the cupboard. Filling it with water from the tap. He set it down on the stove and ignited the burner he had sat the pot on. Tony looked at Ziva for a moment. She was so beautiful he remembered the first time he'd met her. She had worn that scarf thing around her head. She had been a picture from that moment on right up until now. He put the bottle of wine onto the bench. "You have wine glasses or something?" He turned to her.

"Just to the right of your shoulder." Ziva said pointing her finger at the cupboard.

"Excellent!" Tony said pulling two glasses out of the cupboard. Placing them down on the bench and unscrewed the cap on the bottle. "I hate having the screw caps on these now!"

Ziva looked over at the pot for a second. "Tony, the pot."

"Huh." Tony said a she turned around. Water bubbling over the top of the pot now. "Oh damn it!" He turned the burner down and slid the fettuccini into it. Then he turned to Ziva again handing her a wine glass. "To new friendship."

"And so much more." Ziva whispered under her breath and smiled at him. "Mazel Tov!"

"Yeah?" Tony nodded not understanding the words.

"We celebrate." Ziva said smiling at him.

"Sure, I couldn't agree more." Tony nodded. His phone rang and he picked it up. "DiNozzo?"

"Tony." Stan said over the phone. "Karen at Bethesda, she in labor."

"Right ok?" Tony looked at Ziva who glanced at him not understanding.

"You coming or not Tony?" Stan said, Tony had promised Stan that he wouldn't be alone when it happened although Tony could only guess that he wasn't alone.

"Give me Ten Minutes Stan." Tony said looking at Ziva shrugging his shoulders. "Alright see you then." He disconnected and looked at her. "That was Stan he's at the Hospital. Karen's in labor I said that I would keep him company."

Ziva put the wine glass down and rushing form the kitchen. "Give me five minutes."

Tony walked out of the kitchen and slumped down on the couch. He sat on something and he lifted himself up to pull it from under him. The DVD case of Ben-Hur stared back at him. "Weird!" Tony whispered as he slipped it onto the table.

Ziva walked round in front of him. "Well what do you think, good enough, yes?" She whirled around for him. Ziva wore the scarf thing around her head and a nice dress. A small dressing wrapped around her arm was almost invisible.

Tony stared open mouthed. "Wow!" was all he could manage. He automatically lifted himself from the couch Ziva walked to the door Tony following.

Ziva turned to him. "Did I hear McGee mention that you have a new car?" Both were oblivious to the fact that they had left the pasta still cooking on the stove.