Held Hostage

Rated T

Based on all those real life massacres that have really happened in schools. A mass murderer has broken into East High. What happens when he takes the entire school hostage? And what happens when he doesn't get what he wants? no pairings, just friendship


It was just an ordinary day at East High

"Come on, we all know you at Troy have a thing for each other,"


Or so they thought…

Shows Ryan whipping around, and Troy's eyes widening

When a mass murderer breaks in,

Shows a masked figure holding a machine gun, in a doorway

And holds the school hostage,

"You over there, line up,"

East High will be turned upside down forever

A shrill scream is heard

His aim is to get Gregory Roberts out of jail

"What I want? I want Gregory Roberts to be released from prison,"

But what happens if he doesn't get what he wants?

"I will continue killing a student every 15 minutes until you release Gregory Roberts,"

What will the gang do to survive?

Shows the gang huddled up together, looking around anxiously

Scene changes to Sharpay holding a knife, shaking

And how far will they go to protect each other?

Shows Chad stepping in front of Taylor protectively

Scene changes to Ryan in front of Sharpay

"I'll do anything to protect my sister…"

From zaccys-baby-v,

Comes a story of friendship,

"I'm not letting you go!"

"We're all in this together, guys,"

Of bravery,

Shows Zeke jumping onto a masked guy

Scene changes to Gabriella holding up a chair, ready to strike

And of suspense,

Shows a masked man suddenly turn the corner

Held Hostage

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