"White Lie"

Mikan's batch: 15


Mikan is now a special star student because she has good grades and mastered the nullification. Mikan have grown up very well she even has her own fan club. She's damn hot gorgeous with angelic smile plastered on her face.

After class Mikan decided to confess to Natsume so she went to the sakura tree and there he is.

"Should I tell him?? Okay it's okay if he rejects me but I hope our friendship will be the same. Well here goes."Mikan thought.

Then Mikan went closer to where Natsume is sitting, took a deep breath and Mikan called him.

"NATSUME!!!! Mikan screamed. Then Mikan run towards Natsume.

"What do you want polka dots??"Natsume asked.

"Hmm, Natsume I just want you to" Mikan was cut off by Natsume being impatient.

What is it?? I don't have all day you know! Natsume complained.

"Uh okay I...I...I... Like you!! No! I love you!! Mikan said a bit nervous.

"Hn. Go away and get lost I don't need you anyway."Natsume said coldly.

"And I don't love you either." Natsume added.

Mikan I'm sorry I can't tell you! Darn you persona!! I really love you Mikan! I'm sorry. Natsume thought.

With that Natsume walked away leaving a heart broken Mikan alone and lonely.

Mikan cried her heart out and she didn't seem to notice that it's already night but she continues to cry even more. She didn't move an inch but sat there and cried when someone approached her.

"Why??? Why did I tell him I'm such an idiot I should keep that instead but I can't hold it any longer but that's too much!" Mikan thought while crying harder.

"Mikan why are you crying for him??

You shouldn't love him in the first place if you don't want to get hurt right?" The guy asked.

"Yeah but you can't stop your self to fall in love right??"Mikan answered him a question. (Silly hehe)

"That's right but you fell in love with the wrong person Mikan." the guy said.

"Okay okay you win but could you just encourage me?? And may I know who you are??" Mikan asked

"Oh I forgot about that. Sorry My Name is Kanji Ichikawa."Kanji replied smiling.

"Oh nice to meet you but how did you know my name??" Mikan asked a bit confused.

"That's not important since you're popular right??"

Uh,I think so. Mikan replied while rubbing the back of her head.

"So how did you know about me being rejected??"

"Well you see I've been here for along time that I accidentally witnessed that. Kanji replied.

"So you're a stalker?? Mikan teased him.


"No just kidding" Silly! Mikan said and gave a giggle.

"That's better!"


"Well you see you looked prettier when you smile." Kanji said that make Mikan blushed.

"Come to think of it I didn't see you here are you new??" Mikan asked then puts her finger on her cheek.

"Yeah I will be introducing tomorrow! I wish we could be classmates" Kanji said with a smile.

"Yeah." Mikan replied.

"You should go to sleep now or you'll be late for class tomorrow."

"Right you should sleep also Kanji."

"I think I will stay here just for awhile before going to my room."

"Okay see yah!" Mikan said and waved her goodbye then walks away towards the girl's dormitory.

Whew! I think that's it for now. Kanji thought and went to his room and went to sleep.