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Chapter 11:

Then slowly the person who noticed Mikan gathers all "his" strength to walk closer to the laying figure of Mikan.

He then walked closer and closer until he is just few more steps on her. He then Held his heart for a while and breathes, he let his hand fell on his sides and try to utter some words but no words came out from his lips. Then once again "Mi-Mikan?" He called out for her attention.

Mikan was looking straightly at the beautiful night sky with stars glistening at her brown orbs. The she snapped when she heard but she didn't really know what the person said, so she looked where the voice came from. "Huh?" Mikan said turning her head to the voice came from. It took a few seconds when Mikan realized who the person is in front of her.

"Na-Natsume?" Mikan finally called out his name from its very deep slumber in her deepest thoughts and memory from the past few months.

Then Natsume got his eyes very wide with lining tears forcing himself not to cry but to fail his tears suddenly fall uncontrollably.

"Huh? Whoa! How unusual! Why are you crying Natsume?" Mikan asked very confused. Then suddenly a pair of caring warm arms hugged Mikan tightly. Natsume sobs on Mikan's shoulder while hugging her uttering some words. "Mikan You finally came back."

"Why are you hugging me! The hell's wrong with you?" Mikan asked trying to remember some very important thing in her mind but someone was like controlling her mind not to remember what it is.

Natsume didn't say anything but just hugged Mikan tightly not wanting to let her slipped in his hands away again. "Mikan I'm so happy. Don't leave me again." Natsume said digging his face in Mikan's Mikan just gave up and let NAtsume hug her.

"If you're not dead and it's obvious, where are you from those damn past months? You make me lonely to death from the thought you already left me." Natsume said.

"Wa? What are you talking about?" Mikan asked looking innocent to Natsume.

"You vanished suddenly a few months ago." Natsume said laying his back on the grass as Mikan laid also.

"….." Mikan couldn't think of an excuse so she just stayed silent.

Natsume stared at the night sky while Mikan is staring at him at the corner of her eyes.

Then Mikan suddenly stood up and dusted her skirt.

That made Natsume stood also looking at her. " Hey heading back already?" Natsume asked.

"Yep, we still have classes tomorrow." Mikan said then walks away slowly.

"Hey." Natsume held Mikan's wrist and pull her back.

"How come I didn't saw you in class today?" Natsume asked still holding her wrist.

"Well I hope that you're there in the class." Mikan said then ready to walk when she remembered something.

"Ohh.. Before I forgot aren't you going to greet me or anything?" Mikan asked.

"Yes, Welcome back Mikan." Natsume said. "Thank you." Mikan replied.. Then Mikan left Natsume there all alone yet very happy.

Mikan woke up ad did her newly routine back at school…. Well when Mikan is at the AAO, she does not have to study there. She just trains and train and train and of course train there.

Mikan walked out of her room and walked slowly away to her room just to find out that Kanji is waiting for her leaning at the wall just near Mikan's room.

"Good morning Mikan." Kanji greeted her with a warming smile.

"Good morning too Kanji." Mikan greeted happily. Then they walked side by side.

"So when will they come here kanji? Did they tell you that?" Mikan asked turning seriously like her brown orbs turns to grey.

"Nope but I think they will inform us anyway." Kanji said a little bit unsure.

"Right." Mikan replied turning to the cheerful Mikan.

Just then, someone noticed the presence of the two coming to "his" way. Then that person smirks to himself and move his foot a little to block the way. Then "Ahhhhhh." Mikan shouted and fell, her face almost hitting the hard floor.

Then Kanji cam rushing over Mikan, looking very worried not even thinking, who the hell did that to Mikan.

"Mikan… Are you okay? Tell me are you alright? Are you okay?" kanji asked again and again not even giving some time for Mikan to answer all his questions. However, Mikan just ignored him. And….

"WHO THE HELL IN THIS DAMN WORLD DID THAT?" Mikan yelled fuming in anger while looking for the person who just purposely tripped her.

"Didn't see you there Polka I mean watermelons." The no other than Natsume Hyuuga suddenly said beside Mikan with a smirk plastered in his beautiful face.

Then Mikan turned her head just to see him smirking at her.

"Pervert idiot Natsume!. Kanji come on." Mikan said angrily then dragged Kanji inside the classroom leaving the jealous Natsume.

"Idiot." Natsume muttered to himself and walked inside the classroom too.

Mikan and Kanji being dragged sat down on their seats catching everyone's attention. Suddenly the ever famous Natsume Hyuuga and Ruka entered the room making their classmates to switch their attention to the bad mood Natsume.

Natsume walked there slowly taking a few glances at Mikan and few glares at kanji. "Dare to touch her and your dead." Natsume thought making the room very hot in an instant.

"Today sure is very hot huh?" A girl asked while fanning herself.

"Yeah" Replied a person while wiping sweats on his forehead.

Then Mikan realized who did it and activated her Alice. Suddenly the temperature turns back to normal.

"Mikan you're back? " Ruka asked shocked.

"Oh… Yeah! It's been awhile I missed you Ruka!" Mikan greeted with her bright smile as he hugged him tight.

"Uh…I'm glad you're back Mikan!" Ruka shyly said then let go of each other leaving two young guy burn with jealousy.

"Oh…Morning pervert." Mikan's smiling face turned sour.

"Hn.. Whatever watermelons." Natsume smirked then walked to his seat Ruka following him.

Then Mikan sighed and turned her head towards the sky, while Kanji just kept watching her.

Then their teacher came in and the class goes on smoothly.

Just then, when Mr. jinno's class started he kept on calling Mikan and all.

"Ms. Sakura come in front and please answer this." Mr. Jinno called her with a smirk on his face.

Then Mikan stood up walking slowly catching everyone's attention.

Mikan answered it correctly. "Yay! I got it right! " then Mikan cheered smiling brightly as she danced towards her seat and sat down.

Mr. Jinno looked shocked with Mikan answering it correctly. Moreover, the class just ended so fast.

Everyone is fixing their things ready to go to their rooms.

Mikan and Kanji was about to go out of the damn room when Natsume pulled Mikan's wrist back.

"Huh?" Turning her head towards Natsume.

Saying nothing Natsume dragged Mikan but all of a sudden, Mikan stopped making Natsume looked back at her just to find that someone is holding Mikan's wrist preventing from her tracks.

"Back off" Natsume threatened looking riskily at Kanji who just glares back.

"Ne, Mikan we have something to do right?" Kanji asked Mikan totally ignoring what Natsume had just said.

"Yeah" Then Mikan pulled off her hand at Natsume's grasp.

Remembering that this day the AAO will secretly start their plans to destroy the Alice Academy.

"See yah Natsume" Mikan said with a smile then dragged kanji out of the room.

"Damn that stupid freak" Natsume cursed and went out of the room trying to find where the two go.

Back to Mikan and Kanji

They were walking side by side heading for Mikan's room to have a private conversation.

"Ne, Mikan are you sure you want to do this for her?" Kanji asked looking at her with a worried expression on his handsome face.

"Of course and there's nothing to worry about, Maybe because of this damn school why she left me." Mikan said anger rising through her body.

Then Mikan and Kanji entered her room. Kanji sat on her couch while Mikan is preparing some munchies for them.

After a few minutes, Mikan came back with a tray filled of cookies and juice. Mikan placed the tray to her table and sat next to kanji.

"So?" Mikan was the first to speak out while adjusting her earring; it is like a walkie-talkie earring given by Yuka.

"Okay tomorrow your mom will start her plan and there's nothing to worry about her after all she's already used to it. Our only part of this damn mission is to guide them." Kanji explained expertly to Mikan.

"Fine" Mikan said her eyes turning grey again. Kanji noticed it and got curious.

"Mikan, what's happening to you?" Kanji asked shaking Mikan continuously.

Afterward Mikan snapped out looking so innocent. "Huh? What are you talking about?" Mikan asked.

Then Kanji sat back and looked at Mikan then started to talk.

"Don't you notice that sometimes your eyes are turning grey?" Kanji asked Mikan suspiciously.


"Ohh.. Okay." Kanji said still unbelievingly. "That is just so suspicious.

"Let's eat then." Mikan said and started eating along with Kanji.

After eating Mikan and Kanji, wear their black suits, Black t-shirt with black jacket, black rubber shoes and black faded jeans. Mikan tied her hair in a high ponytail, and then they jump out of her room through her window and jump skillfully from tree to tree heading for the Alice front gates.

"Do you think they are already here?" Mikan asked while jumping from the trees.

"I suppose" Kanji replied also jumping from tree to tree.

Then after a few minutes of jumping, they stopped at a tree near the gate. Mikan was first to walk coolly to the gate then glared the guard.

"Get lost, if you still want to live." Mikan threatened.

"Hey, little girl it's already late you should go back to your dorm now and sleep." The guard ordered politely oblivious to the fact that Mikan meant that true. Just then, the guard flew to the ground hard unconsciously.

Then Kanji opened the door and just as he expected the AAO, are already here just waiting for them.

"Good job" Yuka commented then walked inside the Alice academy. Suddenly Reo throw something to kanji and Mikan.

"Tch" Mikan and Kanji grunted and put on their masks.

"Mikan you know what you're gonna do." Yuka ordered calmly.

Then Mikan's eyes turn into dull gray eyes and used her nullifying Alice throughout the Academy.

Mikan and Kanji then vanished into the cold dark night leaving the AAO's to start the upcoming battle.

Mikan and Kanji is now roaming at the headmaster's office so silently.

Mikan saw the headmaster there sipping his coffee reading some sort of magazine.

"Good evening Mr. Headmaster." Mikan greeted as she smirks.

Then the headmaster looked at Mikan and said attentively, "Who are you and what are you doing here?"

"You don't recognize me?" Mikan asked acting like she is hurt.

"But anyway, it's no big deal." Mikan added with her icy voice.

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