Winry broke off from her soldering when she heard raised voices in the next room. Glancing over to where Lan Fan was sharpening her kurai, both girls nodded in unison and strained to hear the voices at the door. As quickly as the voice was raised, another drowned it out with a loud shhhhing.

"I saw her magazines, just use this to get her whatever she wants."

"I can't take that. Winry has added enough to this shop as it is with her own money."

"Look...just...just take it. I have plenty and any money I give to her is an investment in better automail for me. She...I mean...I don't..."

"...I understand. I'll get her what she wants, you just make sure to bring her back soon. Girlfriend's got a lot of customers and they only want her. A lot of people besides you depend on Ms. Winry."

"I promise to bring her back, sir. mm...if you would...I mean..."

"The money was from a friend, right."

A loud sigh is heard at his, "right...thanks Mr. Garfiel."

As loud bootfalls began to come their way, both girls picked up their various tools and resumed working like nothing had happened.

The door slams open and...


" more night, Ed."