Kalista Newman -New hire at The WWE. She is personal assistant to four wrestlers. Been divorced 6 months. Just came out of abusive relationship.

Misha Newman- Kalista's four year old daughter.

Kevin Nash- WWE Wrestler. Kalista is his assistant.

Scott Hall- WWE Wrestler.

Chessy Hall- Scott's Wife

Mark Callaway- WWE Wrestler.

Summary : Newly Divorced Kalista Newman tries to juggle a new job, motherhood and the Advances of One WWE's Biggest stars.

I don't own any of the WWE Characters just the original one. In My WWE world. Kev and Scott never left and He sure as hell never cut that beautiful hair.

Kalista walked down the hall toting her daughter in one arm and a folder of papers in the other. Lots of people cast admiring glances her way , She was a beautiful woman. She was 5"5 with long black hair and olive skin tone. Dark brown eyes and a toned curvy body. She owed her dark looks to her native American heritage.

She smiled own at her daughter Misha. Her daughter was the real beauty as far as she was concerned. The one good thing that had come out of her rotten abusive marriage to James Newman. Misha had the same dark skin tone of her mother, dark brown eyes. But she had black curly uncontrollable hair. The one thing she had got from her father. Her head was a Mass of curls.

The smiled left her face as she thought of the hell her sweet daughter had been through making her a clingy fearful little girl.

Watching your mother get beat and abused on a regular basis would make anyone fearful. She was relieved when James had left them high and dry and quickly file for divorce found a job with The WWE. She had been here a month. She was a personal assistant for four big name wrestlers. Scott hall, Mark Callaway, Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash.

Her heart skipped beat as she thought of Kevin Nash.

Every since her first day, he had flirted with her outrageously. Years of abuse and being run down had left her as emotionally crippled as it had her daughter. Every time she got around Kevin she became a tongue tied, blushing dork or worse yet a klutz. She flushed as she thought of the last time she had seen him. His outrageous flirting had caused her to dump the soda she was trying to hand him all over him.

To his credit, he hadn't got mad. He had just gave her that sexy grin of his and asked her was he making her nervous.

She had practically ran from the room. She couldn't really avoid him. Her job was to print out the guys schedules for the week, keep up with any personal appearances and make sure they had rooms booked for the various city's they visited.

She really liked the job it kept her busy and she liked the traveling. The fact that Vince had daycare set up in the arenas they visited so the wrestlers and employees could have their families with them , made it the perfect job for Kalista.

Misha had done great in the daycare. The only problem Misha had was her fear of men. She melted down anytime, she got near a man. Kalista hoped as she got more comfortable here, she would get over her fear of men.

Misha lay sleepily against her mothers shoulder. She was clingy today which was why she hadn't gone to daycare. This was the first time it had happened. Misha had cried to go with her mother and Kalista didn't have the heart to leaver her there. She just hoped it wouldn't be a problem bringing her with her.

Kalista juggled the papers and Misha in one hand and knocked on the door.

"Hey girl."

Kalista grinned.

Chessy was the one friend she had made here. She had befriended Kalista on her first day when she had come to introduce herself to Scott.

They were like long lost sisters.

"Hey Chessy. I got Scott's schedule for the week." She said.

Chessy reached out for Misha and the little girl went eagerly to her arms.

"Hey sweetie." She said getting a kiss from Misha.

Misha had taken to Chessy just as fast as Kalista had. Kalista wasn't surprise. Chessy was one of the sweetest people she had ever met and seemed to fall in love with Misha on site.

"Hey Kali." Scott said coming out of the bathroom.

"Hey." She said tensing up. Scott was a great guy and was as nice as he could be. But to Misha he was something to be feared. Scott had been trying to get Misha to talk to him for a month. The first time she had met him. She had screamed her head off.

She didn't scream anymore but she still wouldn't go near him to talk to him.

"Hey Misha." Scott said.

The little girl clung fearfully to Chessy.

Chessy knew why the little girl was fearful of men. Her and Kalista had plenty of long talks about her life before the WWE. Scott was filled in too. So he didn't push Misha. It would take time for her to come around.

Scott went and sat on the sofa.

"Misha..I got something for you. But if you want it you're going to have to come over her and get it." He said grinning at the little girl.

Misha's eyes got wide when she seen the big present sitting on the sofa.

She looked at the big man and then the present.

"It's okay honey, Scott is just a big teddy bear, take my word for it." Chessy said sitting her down.

Kalista's heart caught in her throat as she watched Misha walk very slowly over to Scott. Her staying in a crappy abusive marriage had done this to her baby. She felt the weight of guilt everyday when she seen how fragile her little girl was.

Misha looked up shyly at Scott. At first she had been really scared of him. But he hadn't done anything bad and he was always hugging and kissing Chessy and if Chessy liked him, he must not be that bad.

Scott grinned at her and handed her the big box.

Misha sat on the floor and carefully opened the present. Her eyes went wide when she opened the box. It was a big pink unicorn. She grabbed it and hugged it tight.

"Your Mama told me you liked Unicorns." Scott said smiling at her.

Misha looked up and at him with serious eyes, much to serious for a four year old.

She stood up and wrapped her little arms around his neck and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Thank you." she said.

Kalista about fell over, she couldn't believe it.

"See shes getting better. Stop worrying so much." Chessy said.

Scott was tickled. He had been trying to get Misha out of her shell for the better part of three weeks.

"Friends now?" Scott asked setting her on his lap.

Misha nodded and gave him a small smile.

"I knew she couldn't resist my immeasurable charms forever." Scott said laughing.

"What a ego." Chessy said laughing.

"Hey baby..you're the one who is so crazy about me, you cant deny it." He said winking at her.

Kalista smiled at there good natured banter. It must be great to have a marriage like that.

"Scott I'm going to lay your schedule right her." She said indicating the table.

"Okay..thanks Kali." He said.

"I have to get going." Kali said.

"Come on Misha." She said.

Misha planted another shy kiss on Scott and ran to her mommy.

"Can I walk with you. Scott is going to do some warming up in the ring. I don't really have anything to do." Chessy said.

"Sure." Kali said.

She was glad the next stop was Kevin's dressing room. Maybe if Chessy was with her. He wouldn't start stalking her around the room and flirting with her.

"Scott I'll meet you at the ring in a while." She said.

"Okay beautiful, be careful." He warned.

"Yes Dad." Chessy said rolling her eyes.

"Watch it girl, don't get smart." He said coming over to kiss her.

Kalista watched as they kissed and hugged. She hated to admit she was jealous of how happy these two were. She had always dreamed of having a relationship like theirs.

They left and Chessy picked up Misha who was still hugging her unicorn.

"I'm glad you're coming with me." Kali said.

"Where are you going?" Chessy asked.

"Kevin Nash." Kali said with a sigh.

Chessy frowned.

"Whats the problem, Kevin is usually such a sweetie, He ain't being mean to you is he?" Chessy asked.

"No, he's not mean. He just, well he flirts and makes me all nervous and then I start acting like a idiot around him and stuttering. He probably thinks I'm pathetic." She said.

Chessy laughed.

"Girl you're complaining about Big Sexy flirting with you, lots of women would love to have that problem." She said.

"I know, its just with the divorce and the way James treated us, I'm not too trusting of men." She said.

"Kali..Kev is my best friend in the world..he's a stand up guy. Yea he has a ego the size of Texas and the theres that obsession with with his hair." She said giggling.

Kali laughed.

"But really he is great. Would it be so bad if you flirted back a little. He wouldn't harm a fly. He does flirt with woman. But he don't mean nothing by it. He just thinks your cute, which you are. It might not be a bad idea to date. Get out there and have some fun." She said.

Kali sighed. She wasn't sure if she was ready for someone as imposing and drop dead sexy as Kevin Nash.

"Well just think about it." Chessy said as they stopped in front of Kevin's door.

"I just know Misha is going to scream in his face or something. I hasn't had to bring her with me to work before. So she hasn't had to be around all these wrestlers." Kali said.

Chessy knocked on Kevin's door.

Kevin smiled when he seen Chessy standing there.

"Hey Sweetness." He said grinning at her.

"Hey Handsome. Can we come in?" She asked.

"Sure and who is this beautiful little princess." He asked smiling at Misha.

"Kali's little girl." She said and went in. Kali followed her in looking anywhere but at Kevin.

Kevin was kinda shocked. He hadn't seen a wedding ring on Kali's finger and he sure had stared at her enough.

"Humm well, didn't know your were married Cupcake." he said looking at Kali.

Kali blushed. He had called her that from the first time he met her.

"I'm Divorced." She managed to mumble.

Kevin turned his attention back to Misha.

"You look just like your beautiful Mama over there." He said to Misha.

Kali held her breath and waited for Misha to meltdown.

Misha looked at him and reached out to touch his hair.

"I like your hair." Misha said smiling up at him.

Chessy and Kali both about fell in the floor. Misha actually spoke to him.

"Well now finally a young lady with the good sense to recognize the importance of hair care." he said pulling Misha out of Chessy's arms up into his.

Misha giggled up at Kevin.

Kali and Chessy just stared at each other not believing what they were seeing.

"It takes a lot of work for hair that looks this good." He said walking her over to his dressing table and showing her his many bottles of shampoo and conditioner. Misha listened with rapt attention as he told her what each one was for.

"Oh God , thats all he needs is someone actually listening to his hair care drivel." Chessy said rolling her eyes.

"I heard that young lady." Kevin said.

Chessy stuck her tongue out at his back.

Misha seen her and started laughing.

"Chessy is being bad isn't she?" Kevin asked her grinning.

Kali was close to tears , Misha for the first time in a long time was acting like a normal four year old.

Chessy Grabbed her hand and squeezed it.

"See..she is getting better." Chessy said.

Kali just nodded.

"Whats your name?" Misha asked.

"Big Daddy Cool." Kevin said grinning.

"Oh lord the size of your ego." Chessy said laughing.

"His name is Kevin." Chessy said.

"Big Daddy." Misha said clapping her hands together laughing.

Kevin grinned.

"Ladies of all ages just love me." He said winking at Kali who blushed and looked down.

Kevin smiled. He had been having a great time the last month seeing how much he could get Kali to blush.

"Come on Misha. I'll buy you an ice cream." Chessy said.

"Okay." She said and held out her arms for Chessy.

"Meet us in the cafateria when your done." She said to Kali before she could protest.

"Bye Big Daddy." Misha said smiling at Kevin.

"By princess." He said waving as they left.

"She's very beautiful and very sweet just like her mama." Kevin said and reached out to stroke Kali's cheek. He face turned red and she stepped back from Kevin.

"Now Cupcake, how long are you going to run from me." Kevin said grinning.

"Uhh I have to ggooo." She stuttered backing toward the door.

"Uh didn't you come here for a reason?" He asked.

Kali flushed. She felt like a idiot.

She pulled his schedule out of the folder and shove it at him.

"It's okay Cupcake. I know its hard to keep your mind on work, when your looking at Big Daddy." He said laughing.

Kali peeked up at him and he wasn't to far from wrong. If she had spent to much time looking in those beautiful green yes she wouldn't be able to remember her own name.

"Uhh I really have to go." She said and turned and opened the door.

Kevin took her hand and pulled her back for a minute. He took her hand in his big warm one an kissed it.

Kali could swear she was going to melt in a puddle on the floor.

"Later Cupcake." He said laughing as she practically ran down the hallways.

Kevin closed the door and leaned back on it. She was cute and shy and she had a kid. Not the type he ever went for, but damned if he could seem to help himself he thought grinning.