His Secret Obsession

"As this is only for you, Beloved, that which is hidden from their eyes.

For my veil will be a pledge of love, not given lightly or in haste."

From the Sonnets of L'orelai Boviatte, Vol. II

He admits it to no one, only acknowledging it to himself secretly, silently. This obsession completely owns him and renders him vulnerable for a time, as it assails his senses. From somewhere rooted within his calloused soul, he watches her, spellbound as she luxuriates in this nightly ritual.

Sitting at her mirrored vanity, she slowly unwinds the intricate coiled design with her deft and knowing hands. As it tumbles from its concluding restriction he marvels at the fluid movement, unable to look away, awash in the resplendent beauty that threatens to possess him. Shaking her head, it shimmers darkly and seductively but also with a radiant fire not seen by many.

Taking her implement, she carefully applies it to the shining mass

of warm mahogany shimmer silk. Slowly, she strokes and soothes the riotous portion that refuses a more conventional existence. He smiles. For this insurgent is the measure he admires most, as it spirals away from the other more sedate assemblage.

His hands ache, yearning to reach out and capture this long flowing convergence before she can deny him this pleasure. Mellifluous, flowing waves slip through his fingers as he caresses each soft segment until he is left with only one. This one he brings to his lips, as he meets her gaze and smiles.

So lovely, so mesmerizing…Leia's hair.