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Things that happen in the night

Parker woke up. He'd had a good sleep besides when he could hear his dad and Dr. Bones in the next room. He didn't know what they were doing, but he planned to find out. He walked silently past their room and into the kitchen. He didn't want to wake them after the fun they seemed to have last night. He walked to the cupboard and pulled out a packet of coco pops. He reached for a dish and poured them in. After this he poured milk in spilling a bit of it on the counter. He then sat down and began to eat. By the time he was halfway through Booth walked in. His hair was a complete mess and he was only wearing boxers.

"Hey, daddy." Booth looked at the table and saw Parker covered in chocolate milk, then he glanced at the counter, which was covered in milk and coco pops.

"Did you get your own breakfast?" said Booth in horror. Parker nodded.

"You and Dr, bones didn't go to sleep till late, so I thought you might want to sleep." Booth looked at his son puzzled.

"But we went to bed when you did son?"

"I know that, but I heard you later on" Booth started to sweat 'Oh god, don't say my own son heard me and Bones, please say he thought it was something else he heard.'

"It sounded like you were having fun because you kept saying each other's names." Booth's heart pounded in his chest 'Okay, so my son heard up, it can't be that bad can it? Just as long as he doesn't ask what.'

"But daddy, what were you doing last night." Booth started at Parker in disbelief. 'He had to ask, didn't he. How am I meant to explain to my son what me and Bones were doing last night? Maybe if I say I've got to do something he'll forget about it. But what if he asks Bones? I have to say something, he'll wonder what's going on since I haven't said anything for at least 2 minutes.' Booth opened his mouth to speak. But nothing happened. 'You need to say something Booth, anything. Just say something.'

"Well me and 'Dr bones' were playing." 'Hopefully he'll lose interest now and won't ask anything else.'

"I know that daddy, but what, I want to know it sounded like fun and I want to know how to play." 'What! My son wants to… no don't think about that Seely, just get through this without it being bad.'

"We were playing tickle monster." 'Whew, that should keep him quiet.' Booth poured himself a cup of coffee as Parker took another spoonful of coco pops. Booth took a sip of coffee.

"Sounds like fun, can I join in next time?" Booth almost spat his coffee out, but forced himself to swallow. 'God no, he can't join in, my son; I don't even want to think about that. But he wants an answer.'

"We'll see, son." With that Booth walked from the kitchen and went to have a cold shower to calm himself.