Their Icha Icha Paradise

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of these characters although it would be really awesome if I did.

It's been a while since I wrote fanfiction, especially the type I'm writing right now so take this as fair warning. This might be extremely lemony so if you don't like it don't read it.

"Kakashi-sensei… why do you read that type of trash?" Sakura asked as she hitched a sack of groceries higher on her hips and glared at Kakashi annoyed. He didn't seem to notice, or if he did he ignored it and kept walking beside her and reading the latest edition of Icha Icha Paradise. At 36, he still read every edition of Icha Icha that came put and it annoyed her more and more each day. It had been almost 10 years since they stopped being student and teacher which made Sakura 22 years old in about a week. The fact that he wasn't her teacher anymore still didn't stop her from calling him sensei and hanging around him though.

"You know Sakura… that's the 1000th time you've asked me that… when someone keeps asking about this 'trash' it usually means their interested in the details."

Sakura's face turned beet red then. "NO! I have NO interest in trash!" With that said she quickened her pace as Kakashi followed behind her, eyes not leaving his book. When she reached the door to Kakashi's place she paused and waited, tapping her foot impatiently.

"I know I lost that bet about Naruto and Sasuke… but if I'm gonna cook you dinner you could at least carry some of the bags!"

"Why, when you can?" asked Kakashi grinning. He took out a key and unlocked the door. Sakura brushed past him and headed straight for the kitchen.

"It's cuz you're always reading that kinky stuff…" she muttered under her breath. Kakashi chuckled as he heard exactly what she had said.

"How about another bet then?" Kakashi asked grinning as he finally put down his book to watch Sakura put away groceries and put some ingredients to the side to cook.

Sakura stopped putting things away and turned slowly. "What kind of bet?" she asked suspiciously.

Kakashi grinned and slowly walked toward her until he was almost too close for comfort. Sakura tried to back up but she bumped into the kitchen cabinets. "If I can break your concentration while you're cooking, and make you call my name then you have to act out Icha Icha Paradise for me for the next 2 weeks."

"What?!" Sakura yelled. She turned dark red from her head to her toes as she looked at Kakashi incredulous.

"If you're scared you don't have to." He whispered into her ear. Her breath hitched when she felt the heat of his breath of her skin, even through the cloth that covered his mouth.

"What happens if I win?" she squeaked. He looked at her grinning.

"You can burn all my Icha Icha Paradise. Sakura narrowed her eyes. It was a dangerous bet but then she was always an expert when it came to concentration. She wouldn't lose. Besides she knew she couldn't lose her only chance at getting rid of his books once and for all. But first…

"One more thing."

Kakashi raised his eyebrow at her questioningly.

"If I win you also have to show me what's under you mask." He smirked then.

"Deal. Oh… and Sakura… Don't regret it ok?" He whispered into her ear as his hand slowly brushed her waist and slid away. Her heartbeat quickened then. What had she gotten herself into?

I hope you enjoyed this guys! The next chapter is definitely a lemon so if you don't like it or you aren't old enough don't read this fic. I'd love your comments and any constructive criticism as well! Thanks for reading )