Their Icha Icha Paradise

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"But w-whyyy?" she squealed her big eyes looking anxiously out the window where she'd seen her clothes fly.

"You won't need them Sakura… remember… for 2 weeks you're gonna do whatever-I-want."

"O-only if it's in Icha Icha P-paradise." As soon as she said it she knew it had been stupid. Kakashi stood clutching his stomach as laughter rang through him.

"I might have a… good imagination Sakura… but which do you think is better at it? Me or the book where I learned all my tricks from?" Sakura gulped hard as she stared at him. Her hands still covered her breasts and lower still. His eyes sparkled and his lips were curved slightly into the smirk she knew all too well now. The look that seemed to be reserved only for her. That look always said there was more mischief in store.

Her eyes trailed to the locked door of his room then behind her to the king sized bed. She didn't need to ask why he needed a king sized if his… skills- meant anything. Pictures of nude girls littered the walls and Icha Icha Paradise Posters as well. Suddenly she felt a heat swell between her legs and she clutched them together tighter.

His smirk seemed to increase at this. He had caught it. He turned away from her and walked over to a small closet that she hadn't seen before, perhaps because of the nude paintings covering it. He slid it open and pulled something from it and suddenly he was behind her. She gasped and tried to turn around to look at him but his strong hands grasped her shoulders tightly so that she couldn't. She stood, with her back to him and suddenly she saw nothing. He had blindfolded her.

"W-what are you doing… w-why do you need to-"

"Shhh- you'll find out why eventually anyway… besides… it's more fun like this."

He went back to the closet and grabbed some rope before walking back to her and gabbing her hand gently and pulling her to his bedpost. He lifted her up onto the pillows on the bed and had her sit there upright.

"You feel the railing right?" He put her hand on the metal railing that served as the backboard for the bed and hand her run it along the top of it.

"Put one leg over it like you're riding it."

She squeaked a little but acquiesced when Kakashi tugged at her leg a little. Her hands pressed on the bar a little so she wasn't sitting on it all the way but very suddenly Kakashi pulled her hands away and she came down on the cold metal. She squeaked again at this and Kakashi raised her arms up in the air and had her hold them together. He tied them together with one end of the rope before tying the other end tightly to the ceiling fan above her. He made sure there was no leeway for movement. She tugged at it but it was no use.

"Wh-what did you do?" He didn't answer just walked over to the table across from her and leaned against it. He smiled then. His eyes gleamed mischievously. He knew he would enjoy this immensely. But then any time he spent with Sakura was time well spent but this… having the stubborn young woman at his complete mercy. He was hard already.

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