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'Kyuubi thinking' "Kyuubi talking" POV change "Talking" 'Thinking'

Naruto's POV

I can't stand it anymore. All the hate towards me. All the neglect. Being blamed for things I didn't do. Being called things I'm not. The names I could handle. After all, I've done so my entire life. But this? I can't handle this like I can handle the names. This was too much. All I want right now is for the pain to stop. For them to leave. The room was too dark for me to see who they were. They didn't speak, so I couldn't find out who they were by their voice. Tears streamed down my eyes as the pain grew. Was I really hated enough for someone to do this to me? I felt something fill me before the source of my pain had retreated. The one that was forced into my mouth had also left. I laid on the bed. Bruised and broken.

The sound of clothing rustling met my ears before the dark figures that had done such things to me had disappeared out my open window. I buried my face into the soft pillow, weeping harder like a pathetic weakling. I didn't care what I looked like right now. My appearance wasn't important. No one could see me. And if they could, I would wish that they couldn't. God, I was so weak and pathetic. I couldn't even fight against the invaders that were in my room. Eventually, my eyes couldn't open anymore. When I could, I was in front of the cell that held the nine-tailed fox demon, Kyuubi No Kitsune.

Hearing a faint growl, I looked up and met with Kyuubi's red orbs. I lowered my head again. Kyuubi wouldn't really care. If anything, he would just lecture me about being weak and start demanding why I didn't try to prevent those actions that were forced onto me. I was still bad at reading Kyuubi's growls. I didn't even realize he was worried about me until I felt one of his large fluffy tails wrap around me. He gently lifted me and pulled me into his cell, laying me between his front legs, close to his chest. He lowered his head a little, nuzzling me with the tip of his nose.

"Kit," he gently called out the nickname he gave me. I moved very little. I guess he wasn't going to react the way I first thought. His voice was soft and kind of comforting. "Kit, look at me." But I couldn't. I heard a heavy sigh from Kyuubi. "Naruto, please look at me." Him calling me by my real name was rare. Him saying please is even rarer. I lifted my head slowly to look at Kyuubi with my bloodshot eyes. I could tell he was really worried about me now. I could see it in his eyes. "If I could have done something to prevent this, I would have done it. Believe me. But I couldn't." So he wasn't going to call me weak and pathetic? "They were stronger then you, and you tried to fight them off. But you can't fight everyone off just like that. It doesn't matter if you are stronger then an average human."

"Then why couldn't I fight them off?" I asked the fox. My voice was raspy and nearly quiet enough for Kyuubi to not hear me.

"I can't answer that in a way that would make you a little happier then you are right now. Naruto, what's done is done. An ability that demons don't have is being able to turn back time and right the wrongs that we don't want." He raised his head. I didn't feel his wet nose touching my sides anymore. "I'm sorry."

"Why are you apologizing?"

"Because I promised myself that I wouldn't let anything bad happen to you. And I broke that promise. I wasn't able to help you at all."

He really was sorry. I could tell by the tone of his voice. It was sort of quiet. "Why did you make that promise to yourself?" I asked. I was a little curious.

"I got a little attached to you. Why do you think I call you kit? Because I consider as my own." I only thought it was because I was younger then he was. Way younger. And he liked to piss me off. Kyuubi was a little confusing sometimes. He nuzzled me again when I disappeared into my own strange world, snapping my back into the reality that was my mind at the moment. He sighed heavily before saying, "Talk to me when ever you want, kit."

"Okay, Kyuubi," I replied before I closed my eyes. When they opened again, I was still on my bed. No longer bruised thanks to Kyuubi healing me, but I was still broken. I sat up slowly, feeling the pain from that actions of last night. "I think I should skip out on training today," I mumbled to myself.

'If you skipped out, then your sensei will want a good excuse,' Kyuubi's voice echoed in my mind. 'That, and if you skip, you'll be a day weaker then your rival, Sasuke.'

"Okay. I'll see if I can actually survive today."

'What does that mean, kit?'

"I really don't think I'm in training condition." I collapsed back onto the bed once I had said what I said. I pulled the blankets over to me to cover my body and curled into a tight ball like a frightened fox. Kyuubi growled at me for using that as an example.

Normal POV

"Where's Naruto?!" a certain pink-haired ninja asked in a demanding tone. "Even Kakashi-sensei made it here before him! And you were two hours late!" Sakura exclaimed, pointing an accusing finger at the older ninja, who was just balancing on one foot, reading his little orange book. Kakashi just looked at Sakura with his visible eyes for a second before reading his book again. Sakura sighed heavily in annoyance.

"I'll go to his apartment and see what's taking him," the darker ninja stated as he stood. "I need something to do or I'll fall asleep."

"You know where Naruto lives, Sasuke?" Kakashi asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I know. I've been there before." With that, Sasuke disappeared in a blink of an eye. He leapt from rooftop to rooftop until he came to the blonde's apartment. He slipped through the hallway window and walked until he got to Naruto's door. He knocked on it a few times. "Hey, dobe," he called out. Rustling was heard. "Get up. Kakashi sensei is already at the training grounds. You're two and a half hours late." A small groan was all that was heard through the door. Sasuke, finally getting impatient, grabbed the doorknob and was surprised to find it unlocked. He walked in, making his way to the blonde's bedroom where he saw a lump under the covers. "Hey, Naruto. Get up already."

"Go away, teme," Naruto's raspy and tired voice met the avenger's ears. "I don't feel like training today."

Sasuke, a little concerned but wasn't showing it, walked over to the bedside. Naruto was facing the wall, so the dark-haired teen wasn't able to see the look on his teammate's face. "Dobe, get up."

"Go away, teme," Naruto repeated. "I don't feel good."

"You're going let some kind of cold slow you down? And here I thought nothing could."

"Stop being a smartass and go away."

"What is the matter with you?"

"Nothing, go away."

"How long are you going to be telling me to go away?"

"Until you do. Go away."

"Naruto, just get up!"

"No! Go away!"

Sasuke grabbed Naruto's shoulders with a tight grip, but loosened his grip when he heard a small, almost impossible to hear, whimper. He felt Naruto tense completely, even if all he was touching was the blonde's shoulder. He saw Naruto's hand grip tighter onto the sheets the covered him. "What is wrong with you?"

"Go away, teme," Naruto said once again, sounding a bit like a broken record. "I don't feel like training today. Just tell Kakashi-sensei that I'm not showing up today." Sasuke just stared at the blond locks that were in his direction. He knew something happened to Naruto, but the dobe wasn't going to say anything anytime soon. Sasuke closed his eyes. Hands in his pockets, he slipped out the window and ran to the training grounds. Once Sasuke was away, Naruto gave out a breath of relief. He was gad that Sasuke didn't notice the bit of blood that was uncovered by his sheets.

When Sasuke made it to Kakashi and Sakura, he had told them about what Naruto had said. "He didn't have any bite in his tone when he called me 'teme'," Sasuke stated. "I think something had happened to him."

"Well," Kakashi said. "I could go check up on him later. See how he's doing and if I can find anything wrong with him."

"Maybe we should get Hinata to take a look at him," Sakura suggested. "If there's anything wrong with him internally, then maybe she can find out what."

"I don't think Naruto wants anyone near him right now," Sasuke stated. "He was scared of something. He actually whimpered when I grabbed his shoulder, and I didn't even grab it tight enough to cause harm."

"I still think he should be looked at or something," Sakura said. "Maybe the Hokage could take a look at him. She is the best healer around. Even if no one can find anything wrong with him, she should."

"Then Sakura," Kakashi said, gaining the young kounichi's attention. "Would you please inform Tsunade. Sasuke, keep an eye on Naruto for a while. I need to talk to Iruka and let him know that something's going on with Naruto." The two younger ninjas nodded their heads before heading to where they were told to go. Kakashi just smiled under his mask. "Here I come, Dolphin-chan!"

Sasuke made back to the blonde's apartment, sitting outside the bedroom window and watched the bed. After no movement, Sasuke got a little curious and activated his Sharingan to see into the room a little better. Naruto wasn't in the bed. He slipped into the open window and listened for some sort of noise. Water. Running water. That sound had reached his ears. He went into the hallway and saw steam seeping from under a closed door. That answered Sasuke's question concerning where the dobe was. Sasuke went into the living room and sat down on one of the chairs there, waiting for the blond to finish his shower. Eventually, the sound of running water had slowed down until there was nothing but dripping sounds. The door to the bathroom opened to show a wet blond with nothing but a towel around his waist.

Naruto was shocked to see Sasuke sitting in one of his chairs. His eyes narrowed a little. "I thought I told you to go away," Naruto stated.

"Kakashi canceled training today," Sasuke replied. "I came here to let you know."

"Well now I know, so go away."

Sasuke stood up quickly and stomped over to Naruto. He grabbed his teammate by his shoulders, shoving the blond to a wall. Naruto looked at Sasuke with frightened eyes. He didn't know what the Uchiha was about to do. And he was still hurt from last night. He still hadn't completely recovered mentally. Physically, yes. Mentally? No. the memory was still fresh in his mind, and right now, he was afraid of anyone touching him. "What the hell is the matter with you, dobe?!" Sasuke nearly yelled. "You aren't one to just stay home when there's training! You always show up!"

Naruto narrowed his eyes. "It's none of your business!" Naruto snapped back. "Let me go, teme!" Naruto started to struggle against the Uchiha's grip, but Sasuke was holding on too hard. When the blond grabbed Sasuke's wrist and gripped them just as hard as Sasuke was gripping his shoulders, maybe a little harder, then Sasuke let go. "Why do you have to butt into everything?! What I do, whatever happens to me, it doesn't concern you! Anything that happens to me isn't any of your business!"

"Yes it is!"

"How?! Huh?! How is it your business?! I thought you only cared for yourself! I thought all you wanted was to rebuild your clan! I thought you only thought of your own business! Why does my business mean you can butt in?! Huh?! Answer me, teme!"

"Because I fucking love you, that's why!"

There was silence between the two. Naruto was shocked that Sasuke said what he said. Sasuke just stared at Naruto with a glare that showed he was serious. They both stood still, neither of them moving. Not until Naruto lowered his head. He breathing was soft and quiet, as if he was thinking about what Sasuke had said. "I'm sorry, Sasuke," Naruto quietly replied. "But I can't return those feelings for you." He turned around and started to walk towards his room. "Please leave, Sasuke." The avenger didn't move, but the demon vessel kept going to his room.

"We'll see about that," Sasuke whispered to himself before he disappeared.

Naruto made it to his room. He pulled out different kind of clothing that everyone was used to seeing him wear. A black fishnet shirt and a pair of black slacks that would probably cover his feet. Naruto didn't feel like wearing his normal bright and cheerful orange jumpsuit. He quickly dried himself off before putting the clothes on. He had already started washing the blood off his sheets. He sat on his bed, sighing heavily. 'Why would Sasuke even fall for me?' he asked himself. Kyuubi had heard what he said, and decided to reply.

'Who knows, kit,' was his response. 'But maybe now you have someone you can go to in your time of need.'

'I don't need to go see someone whenever something happens to me. It's probably an infatuation. He probably only likes me because of my strength, not for who I am. Besides, I know that deep down, he loathes me more then the villagers.'

Kyuubi had nothing to say to that.

'God! Why does my life have to be so fucking confusing?! Why must I suffer this way?! Why?!?!'

'Because I am sealed within you,' Kyuubi replied. 'They do not see you as you. They see you as me. Your friends are probably the only ones who don't know about me. I'm sorry, kit, that I ruined your life.'

'I don't blame you, Kyuubi,' Naruto replied. 'You are closer to me then anyone ever was.' He saw Kyuubi give a little fox smirk to him in his mind. Naruto stood up, no longer feeling any pains. He walked out of his apartment after he grabbed his apartment key and forehead protector.

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