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Six years later

Naruto sat on a branch in one of the largest trees near the Akatsuki base, staring down at the kits playing around. The twins were running away from Kyosuke, who had pink streaks in his hair for some odd reason. Naruto figured that Tsuki, who looked more like Itachi then Naruto but acted like the blond, played a prank on her oldest brother. Tsuki had black hair with blond streaks in it that reached her mid-back. Her twin brother, Kuro, had hair the opposite color. His hair was blond with a couple of black streaks on the back of his head. Both had black eyes like Itachi. Naruto was a little confused why all of the children he had with Itachi had black eyes, but the Uchiha said that it a family trait. It usually meant that the kits were going to develop Sharingan eventually.

Kuro and Tsuki ran and hid behind a tree, climbing up it to avoid being caught by their oldest brother. Kyosuke was now fourteen years old, and was already a lady killer. He would go into the village and girls his age or a little younger, maybe a year or two older, would start giggling or pass out just from his presence. It was almost the same case with the twelve year old Itanane, who attracted a lot of guys. Then either Kyosuke or one of her uncles would get the boys to back off. Naruto didn't let Itachi go into town when Itanane was there, knowing that Itachi would go into 'overprotective father' mode and start scaring all the boys away from twelve year old. Naruchi was as much as a handful as his twin siblings, maybe a little more.

At least they all weren't growing up too fast. They knew a lot of jutsus, but now that things were a little calmer, the kits settled down a bit and stopped acting like they were grown up. Kyosuke, Itanane, and Naruchi were all acting their age, no matter how powerful they were. Tsuki and Kuro had always acted their age. When they were born, things were already as quiet as they were now. Konoha stopped trying to drag Naruto back, and Sasuke even dropped by the visit the kits from time to time. That took a while to get Kyosuke and Itanane used to him being around, but Naruchi started an uncle-nephew bond with him the first time Sasuke visited the Akatsuki headquarters without trying to take Naruto back. The twins didn't know anything about Sasuke wanting to kill Itachi or anything that involved the past.

The blond liked it that way. He even hung out with his old friends every now and then. He was barely even surprised when he found out Neji and Gaara were together, but he was a little when he found out that even Gaara could have a kid. The red-head said that Shukaku likes to make his life hell and screwed around with his anatomy when he was bored one day. They only had one son, Daichi, who was currently five years old. He took more after Neji then he did Gaara. His hair was black, but the tip of it was the same shade of red as Gaara's. He had the Hyuuga eyes, but black rings around his white eyes, like Gaara's black rings around his teal eyes. Sakura and Lee already had a couple kids, one boy, the oldest, and the youngest was a girl. Kumo, seven years old, the boy, took a lot after his father. Hair-cut and eyebrows, not to mention the size of his eyes as well, but he didn't go shouting about youth like his father did. Awai, five years old, looked like her mom, but her bangs were black like her father's. Her eyes were the same color as Sakura's. She was the shouter of youth.

Shino and Kankuro getting together kind of surprised Naruto a bit, but he was over it in an instant. More like when Gaara knocked him on the head for acting like a crazy idiot, as he so kindly put it. He wasn't at all surprised when he heard about Kiba and Hinata getting together, and married. They already had a daughter, Tenka, who was five years of age as well. She had the Hyuuga eyes like Daichi, but the same color hair as her father. She even had a little puppy. Kiba said that the pup with her is Akamaru's pup, Hoshi. Even Shikamaru and Temari had a couple of kids, more like twins like Tsuki and Kuro, both six. Naito was their son, who looked a lot like Shikamaru, but the major difference was that he had plenty of energy and didn't find things troublesome and no one could get the kid to stay still. His sister, Yume, was opposite of her brother. She looked like Temari with her hair down, but had her father's eyes like Naito had Temari's, but she was the lazy sibling that found things troublesome.

Things were acting the way they should be, for the exception of Arashi and Itachi still planning way to inflict serious pain on Kakashi, who they had yet to kill. They kept saying they were going to kill him, but they haven't so far. They just kept saying that they were still thinking of a way to kill him in the slowest and most painful way imaginable. Then the blond just stared at them and left the room where the two were. Naruto looked down when he heard his twin kits squealing, but just shook his head when he saw that Itanane had joined in with her older brother, helping him tickle the twins. He turned his head a little when he heard something flying thorough the air, right before a rock hit him between the eyes. Naruto leaned back a little, falling out of the tree he was in, but he landed on his feet.

He heard giggling and looked up to glare at whoever it was that threw the rock at him, but he saw Sasuke and an unfamiliar woman with him, holding a bundle of blankets that was squirming a little. Naruto cocked his head to the side a little before he stood up straight and went over to the younger Uchiha. "Hey, teme," he gave his usual greeting. "What was that about? Throwing a rock at my head?"

"You seemed like you needed a knock back into reality, dobe," Sasuke replied with a smirk on his lips. "And the rock was the closest thing."

Naruto growled a little before he looked at the woman that was a little behind the younger Uchiha. She had long brown hair with beautiful deep hazel eyes. The blond had never seen her before, but then he looked down at the bundle she was holding. She held a baby that looked about five months of age that had brown hair, like the woman's hair, but what got Naruto's attention were the baby's black eyes that were staring at him. "Since when did you have a kid?" Naruto asked the former avenger.

"I've been married to Kagura here for about a little over a year and a half," Sasuke replied, wrapping an arm around the woman's waist. "And little Sentou was born about six months ago."

"I thought he was five months," Naruto mumbled under his breath before he stuck out his hand to the woman. "Hi, Kagura. I'm Naruto, Sasuke's brother-in-law. Nice to meet you."

Kagura smiled before she shook Naruto's hand. "Nice to meet you, too, Naruto-kun," she said in a soft silky voice.

"Hey," a voice behind Naruto said before he felt some weight on his back. "Who's the pretty woman?" Naruto turned his head to look over his shoulder, seeing a smirking Kuro on his back. "What?" he innocently asked as Tsuki came running over as well, giving her Uncle Sasuke a hug around his waist, since that was as far up his body as she could go at the moment.

"Two things," Naruto replied. "One: this pretty woman is your new aunt that Sasuke has kept hidden from us for the past year and a half. Two: what did I say about jumping onto my back, little kit?"

"Don't do it?"

"That's right. You, off." Koru slid off of the blonde's back before he went a little closer to Kagura.

"Hi, I'm Kuro!" he greeted, flashing her a smile. "I'm six years old! And that's my twin sister, Tsuki! Hi, Uncle Sasuke!"

"Hi, really hyper child," Sasuke replied with a smirk as Tsuki released his waist and went to greet Kagura.

"Hello," she greeted not quite as loud as he brother did. "My name's Tsuki. What's your name?"

"My name's Kagura," she replied. "You're a pretty cute little girl. You're father better get a big enough stick to beat the boys off for you when you're older."

"Too late," another voice joined in. "Dad already has it for Itanane protection. Hi, I'm Kyosuke. Don't need to tell me your name. I already heard it."

"I'm Itanane," the twelve year old girl said. "Second oldest and the one who usually tries to control all my siblings."

"Naruchi?" Naruto called out, looking at a tree. "Want to come down and say hi?" Not even a second later, the mini-Itachi came down from the tree, landing on his feet, before he ran over to his blond mother, hiding behind him a bit. "He's a little shy. But this is my second oldest son, Naruchi."

"You had all these kids?" Kagura asked.

"Yeah," Naruto replied. "First Kyosuke, then Itanane, then Naruchi, and last but not least, the twin terrors. Hey, teme, want me to drag out your brother?"

"I'll do it," Kyosuke said, turning around a little before he yelled out. "Uncle Sasuke's here!"

First there was a black blur before Sasuke felt something squeezing him around his chest. "And where has my otouto been the past few weeks?" Itachi asked, resting his chin on the top of Sasuke's head.

"Busy," Sasuke replied before he got Itachi's arm to let him go. He turned around and shoved his chuckling brother away from him.

Then Itachi saw Kagura and stopped chuckling. He stared at her, looking up and down her figure, circling her a little before he went and stood my his blond mate. "Who's this, otouto?" he asked his younger brother.

"This is my wife, Kagura, and my son, Sentou."

"Glad to know I'm not the only one reviving the clan," Itachi mumbled under his breath, earning an elbow in his ribs, courtesy of Naruto. "What was that for, Koi?" he fake whined.

"I heard what you said," Naruto stated, giving the oldest Uchiha a smug grin plastered on his face.

"Sure you did," Itachi said before he looked back at Kagura. "Hello. Name's Itachi, Sasuke's older brother. Father to these little balls of energy that everybody can't keep still."

Kagura didn't seem surprised when she heard that Itachi was dad, not Naruto. "I kind of told her about Naruto and Kyuubi and all the little kids," Sasuke admitted. "I told her before we got married. I thought she might as well know everything about the family she'll be joining."

"Good thing," Kyosuke said. "If she didn't know that mom was a guy before you married her, then she probably would be really shocked right now."

"Why do you think I told her before I married her, Kyosuke?" Sasuke asked his oldest nephew.


"Kyosuke, be polite," Naruto scowled his oldest son. "Everyone else is at the village right now. Except dad. He's still plotting how to kill Kakashi. You guys want to come in?"

"Yeah," Sasuke replied. "You guys live a long way from Konoha."

"I know," Itachi stated with a grin on his face. "We can't be too close to a village that wants our heads."

"You do know that you can live in Konoha and they won't kill you, right?"

"It's too fun way out here then it is in a crowed, mean, boring village," Naruchi stated.

"He said it, not me!" Kyosuke said, holding up his hands defensively. He was usually the one who kept down-talking villages.

"Naruchi," Naruto softly scolded. "No insulting other villages. Remember that all your friends live in Konoha."

"Not ALL my friends," Naruchi pointed out with a smirk before a familiar sandy blond blur tackled him. "Yochi!" Naruchi exclaimed, wrapping his arms around the older child's shoulders. The pair was laughing like maniacs as they rolled over on the ground.

"There they go again," Kyosuke groaned as he stalked over to his younger brother and Yochi. When he got over to them, he grabbed both of them by grabbing the back of their shirts. Yochi in his right hand, and Naruchi in his left. Yochi was pouting a bit, crossing his arms over his chest. Even for an eleven-year-old that Deidara spoiled senseless, Yochi was still kind of skinny. He had a little muscle on him, but he was still skinny. His sandy blond hair reached down to his waist, but was braided from the back of his neck all the way down. He kept it that way since Itanane got a hold of him and did it. His hazel eyes weren't as big as they used to be, but they still were a bit. "I'm not falling for the pouting face, runt-o," Kyosuke stated.

"Don't call me runt!" Yochi yelled out, wrapping his arms around Kyosuke's. "Naruchi! Escape plan 11!"

"Escape plan what?" Kyosuke and Itanane both asked as the adults just stared at them confused. Next thing Kyosuke knew, there was a sharp pain on both his arms, causing him to yelp a bit before he released both the younger children. As soon as their feet touched the ground, Naruchi and Yochi both split up and ran to hide. The ebony-haired child hid behind Naruto's legs while Yochi disappeared behind Deidara's, who had just came into view with Sasori next to him.

"What did you do this time, un?" Deidara asked the child behind his leg.

"Bit Kyosuke," Yochi innocently replied. "Naruchi did the same thing! Escape plan 11."

"I already hate it," Kyosuke muttered as he looked at the bite marks on his arms.

"Naruchi, no biting your older brother," Naruto scowled.

"Aw. Why not?" the ebony child asked with a pout on his face.

"He looks like a younger version of Itachi," Sasuke pointed out. "Now I see why Itachi never pouts. It looks scary."

"I used to be able to pout when I was younger," Itachi stated. "Then I just stopped because the pouts didn't work."

Sasuke and Naruto bother stared at Itachi with wide eyes. Even Kyosuke and the other two adults around were looking at him weird. "You POUTED?!" Sasuke asked in disbelief.

"Used to," Itachi replied with a shrug, ignoring the strange looks he was getting. "Then grew out of them. They didn't work. You used to pout, too, Otouto."

"Did not," Sasuke scoffed.

"Did so," the oldest Uchiha stated with a smirk. "Last time I saw you pout, you wanted me to teach you a few shuriken moves, but I said I had training. Then I jabbed you on the forehead."

"You always jabbed me on the forehead," Sasuke blankly pointed out.

"Yep. Like this," Itachi said, putting his index and middle fingers together before he poked Sasuke on the forehead, pushing the younger Uchiha back a little. A small red dot was forming on Sasuke's head before the former avenger started to rub it a bit. Sasuke growled a bit as Kagura giggled, Sentou was gurgling a bit.

"Geez," Kyosuke sighed. "Life is really weird in this family."

"It's not weird," Kuro stated. "It's fun!"

Tsuki gave a small scoff. "Kyosuke's right, Kuro," she stated.

Naruto smiled down at his young kits. 'It's not either,' he thought to himself, but Kyuubi heard him anyway.

'Then what would it be to you?' the old fox demon asked.

Naruto was silent for a bit. 'Peaceful,' he finally replied to the fox. 'Like it should be.'

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