AN: This is the first of what I hope to be a series of poems inspired by LotR. This one is based on Arwen and Aragorn, one of my favorite couples of all time. I hope that you enjoy and that you will let me know what you think. I greatly appreciate reviews.


A shadow am I, wondering and longing;

For the days that had sun and starlight.

I feel the wear of the darkness' being;

I feel my soul's mourning of this cold night.

My body wilts as a last prayer I raise;

A tear accompanying it's flight.

For the one and only I wish to love;

Walking amidst this wicked night.

I dream of the beautiful and innocent;

His breathing as he slept.

I wish to see his face once more;

To dry the cares and tears he may have wept.

To one hope do I hold;

That his destiny, his time will come.

I am glad to have loved, to end so;

I know light from this darkness will come.

If you want to use this for anything please give credit. SD...that's me.