Joke-snip I wrote for Nagia, who usually RPs Nejime for me. Set in some point in the indeterminate future, when Nejime and Tian are together. Very together.


"Indeed," Nejime agreed, striving for her usual cool, detached tone of voice but failing miserably. The utterly breathless quality of it might have been to blame; or it might have been the fact that it was muffled by Tian's chest.

"Wow," Tian said, again, and fervently. He had not expected - this. Not at all. Just knowing that Nejime had -- feelings for him beyond the usual teammates-and-sparring-partners-and-best-friends-and...

Okay, so maybe he should have figured this out sooner.

Still, he hadn't expected for her to ask him to kiss her on that rooftop. And he hadn't expected that he'd shove her up against the wall, and she'd respond by emitting that mindblowing chakra that she called 'sawtoothed' - that chakra that rubbed over each of his nerve-endings in ways that made his eyes cross and the blood rush from his brain. And he hadn't expected to basically break into someone's empty apartment - Nejime distracting him as he tried to pick the lock by nipping and licking at his neck - and then pushing (or was it Nejime doing the pushing)? his girlfriend into the empty bedroom, where they proceeded to indulge in a different kind of sparring than the type they were used to.

He grinned down at the naked girl in his arms. "Lightning take me, Nejime," he rasped, unable to keep from planting a kiss on her marked brow, tongue flickering against the slightly roughened skin of the Seal. Nejime shivered, and he smirked - apparently the skin of the Seal was a little more - sensitive. "You were...WOW."

"You weren't too bad yourself," Nejime murmured, sounding as satisfied as a cat who had tipped over a pitcher of cream. She suddenly rolled them over, so she straddled him and he was staring at her from a position of utmost helplessness.

"And now you will tell me with whom you learned these-- skills, so that I may inform them that you are off the market."

Tian: No one! Honestly! You were my first too. I did it all through...research.

Nejime: Oh? (dangerously)

Tian: Well, you know my idol is Jiraiya of the Sannin...