A/N: Meh, I decided to start this story early. I was going to wait till after I finished my Avatar/Warriors story (I will still work on that) but, this idea has driven me nuts, so here we are! This story is sort of an Avatar version of the movie "Fluke", if anybody has seen that movie.

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The Fire Nation soldier beneath her moaned in agony as she struck it over the head with a ball of ice, knocking him unconscious. Katara smiled briefly in victory.

Everything was going to plan so far. She and her brother, Sokka, and Toph, along with the Water Tribe and Earth Kingdom warriors were distracting the Fire Nation army while Aang, the Avatar, fought the Fire Lord. Once the Fire Lord was defeated, they would retreat and celebrate in their victory. The world would finally be at peace.

"Katara look out!"

A boomerang with an edge as sharp as a steak knife whizzed behind Katara's head and whacked a soldier that was coming up behind her off balance. This distraction lasted long enough for Sokka, the person who had warned Katara, to get behind his sister and club the soldier over the head.

"Thanks, Sokka," Katara said breathlessly.

Her brother nodded. "Maybe next you'll pay more attention. You owe me by the way."

Katara rolled her eyes before she shouted "Duck!"

And with that, the master waterbender commanded a stream of water to rush over Sokka's head and freeze the soldier that was rushing up behind them.

Katara looked at Sokka smugly.

Sokka shrugged. "Call it even?"

She was just about to reply, when a crackling blue energy filled the air. It blasted through two opposite sides of the Fire Lord's castle walls at the same time. It was a substance that could only be described as lightening.

Katara felt a sick feeling form in her stomach. She knew what she had to do…

Without a word, the waterbender took off running, powered by fear and adrenaline. She heard Sokka shout after her before he too ran after her. They were suddenly blocked by a blast of fire in front of them and another Fire Nation soldier appeared, trying to block their way.

Katara was scared. She had used up all of her bending water in the battle. Sokka raised his club, ready to protect his sister.

Just then, a rock crashed into the side of the soldier, sending him flying sideways. He got up after a minute, coming face to face with-

"Toph! What are you doing here?" Katara shouted above the turmoil of the battle.

"I'll hold him off!" the earthbender shouted. "Now go!"

Without thinking twice, the Water Tribe siblings rushed into the Fire Lord's palace, running as fast as they could. Both were afraid of what they might find…

After negotiating a few flights of stairs, Katara and Sokka found themselves in the Fire Lord's throne room. They were greeted by an unpleasant sight. At one end of the throne room lay the Fire Lord himself, a gaping wound in his chest where he had been apparently struck by lightening. At the other side of the room lay the motionless body of the Avatar.

"Aang!" the cry was ripped from Katara's throat involuntarily as she and her brother rushed over to his side. The waterbender picked him up in her arms while Sokka placed one of his hands on Aang's arm that was facing him.

"Aang?" Katara asked hesitantly. No response. She tried again, her voice softer and more tearstained. "Aang?"

A few more moments of silence before a soft groan was heard and Aang opened his eyes, though they only managed to rise halfway.

"Katara…Sokka…," he said softly, a faint smile on his face. "You're both…okay. You're okay…"

"We're fine Aang," Sokka assured him, smiling down at his friend.

"Did I beat…the Fire Lord?" Aang asked.

Katara nodded. "Yes Aang, you beat him. You were amazing."

Aang's smile only grew wider before he shivered slightly. A cold feeling began to overtake his body, feeling like icy claws.

"C-Cold...," he tried to tell Katara weakly.

Katara looked up at Sokka fearfully before pulling Aang closer to her, trying to warm his body with her own. She felt him settle down for a minute, before he asked in a whisper, "You guys…won't let me die…right?''

"No way," Sokka said, his deadly serious. He tightened his grip on Aang's arm.

Aang shivered again and coughed, struggling to breath. The cold changed to numbness, and it rose up through his body until it reached his throat. The numb feeling was almost painful, and Aang couldn't help but flinch.

"Can't…feel…below my…neck…" Aang gasped, growing more and more frightened by the second. Tears of fear and pain welled up in his eyes.

Katara took one of his hands and squeezed it hard, even though he couldn't feel it. Sokka felt his throat tightening, though he refused to cry.

"No…" Aang whimpered. "I…don't want to…go. I'm scared, Katara…."

"Shh…" Katara soothed. "I know you're scared. But you've got to brave. Can you be brave for me?"

Aang shook his head, frightened and half delirious from the pain.

"Don't go!" he cried, his vision growing dimmer so that Katara and Sokka were disappearing from his sight. "Don't leave…please don't leave…"

Katara held him tighter, pressing his head tighter against her body so that he might feel safe. Sokka strengthened his death grip on Aang's arm, barely holding back tears.

"Don't go…" Aang murmured, his voice growing softer as his spirit left his body. "Sokka…Katara…don't go…please…"

"We're not going anywhere, Aang," Katara promised him, her voice strained with the effort of holding back tears. "We'll never leave you, but you've got to stay awake. Aang?"

When the young airbender fell silent, Katara looked at his face, seeing that his eyes were closed and that his cheeks were stained with tears. But his skin felt so warm…

"Aang?" Katara tried again, shaking him slightly. "Aang! AANG!"

Katara broke into tears, holding Aang close and burying his face into his chest. No. No! Aang couldn't be dead! His body felt so warm, the blood had to coursing through his veins. He was Aang, the Avatar! He always came back…

"Don't die, Aang, please don't die…" Katara sobbed.

Sokka had by now lost his will to hold back his tears and broke down along with his sister. The most heartbreaking thing had not been Aang's death (although that was most of it) but the fact that up until the end, Aang hadn't wanted to leave them. He'd have rather suffer with his wounds than left he and Katara.

And so, the Fire Lord's chamber was filled with the sounds of sobbing as Katara and Sokka mourned the loss of their friend. It wasn't until much later that their father came in along with Bato and lifted the Avatar's body from Katara's arms.

He's gone, Katara thought sorrowfully, Gone forever…