Chapter 9:

The stairs seemed endless as I made my way up to talk to Edward.

Our door was shut, but I heard loud classical music playing from the other side, and a sudden wave of nerves hit me.

Maybe I had acted out of line. I mean the girl was pretty, but would Edward really ever turn away from me. Especially since I harbored his child. Bad thought. He wouldn't stay with me just for our child would he? I would rather him just leave then to think he had to stay out of obligation, and guilt for our child.

Again I felt like I was over reacting. I was being stupid.

I opened to door slowly, and slipped in.

He was stretched out on our bed, legs hanging off one side, hands covering his eyes, mouth set in a frown.

"Edward?" I whispered.

His head flew up, and he looked at me with surprised eyes. Then suddenly I was in his arms, I was my turn to be surprised.

"I'm sorry for yelling," he mumbled burying his head into my hair and inhaling deeply.

"I'll forgive you only if you agree to forgive me for leaving you at the restaurant and slamming the door in your face... that was rude."

"Forgiven," And then he started shaking in my arms. I couldn't understand why but the small tremors slowly built into body racking sobs, and I pulled him to the bed, not thinking anymore. I was only worried about him, and I needed to know what was wrong.

"Edward, why are you shaking, what is wrong?"

His answer was a muffled moan as he buried his head into my chest.

"Edward!" I growled firmly. "What happened?"

The shaking slowed, and he lifted his head from my chest, but he refused to look in my eyes.

"The feelings I felt in the restaurant... I wanted that... human!... how ridiculous is that! I felt horrible... but my instincts pulled me towards her like a magnet, and I felt that I... like I needed to have her." He looked ashamed, and pained beyond words. "What hurts the most is that... you completely left my mind... I didn't even think of you! I wanted to kill myself a few minutes ago." Although I was mad I reached out to him to comfort him, but he shook his head hard, and glared at my mouth still not looking in my eyes. "Let me finish!" He cleared his throat and I pulled my arms back, and rested them in my lap, as I waited for him to finish his piece. " I want you to know that no matter what happens I will always see you first. Always! I love you, Bella,"His whispered.

"I love you, too I forgive you."

But in the back of my mind. I had a feeling that this girl... this Danie McCullough, was going to ruin everything. That she would get to Edward again, and next time he wouldn't come back to me. That thought scared me more than anything.