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Now, although straight couplings do have a space in my heart, I will readily admit that shonen ai takes a large part in there. Especially the pairing of
A) Cloud and Leon (thank you KH for making this possible)
B) Riku and Sora (when you think about it, half the things Riku and Sora say to each other or the actions they express can be intepreted in that way)
and C) Axel and Roxas (it's just so believable that they could be more than just best friends, even if technically as Nobodies they remember emotions but can't feel them)

For now, let's concentrate on the AkuRoku pairing here. Please read and review and enjoy.

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Warning: Shonen ai (aka boy-on-boy action) in later chapters. Don't like, then don't read. I can't abide flames that have no constructive criticism at all.

Summary (just in case I couldn't fit it in) The Akegata twins have arrived at Radiant Garden University. Roxas, thinking that he will leave behind the troubles of 'high school politics' (and maybe confess to a certain someone of his sexuality) is then made the victim of Fate's twisted ways when he meets a cold and aloof vocalist of the small time campus band 'Heartless Rapture'. If that's not bad enough, he now has trouble trying to create a peace between his brother and a childhood friend (with a terrible secret) that they had long ago lost contact with (not Sora's fault of course) and avoid the advances of a very perverted bisexual housemate! But the more he 'bumps' into the vocalist, the more drawn he is to Axel...like a magnet!

The Twins

There was one thing that annoyed Roxas Akegata (1) more than anything else in the world. What was it? Alarm clocks. Damn annoying alarm clocks that shattered his peaceful dreams. It was possibly even more annoying than his twin brother, Sora aka the cute happy twin. He slammed the alarm clock, hoping that by chance he broke it so that it could no longer torture him every single morning and he could sleep. Honestly, it was summer! Why would Sora insist on getting up early in the morning when it was meant to be a nice lie-in today? He then felt said heavy body jump on him.

"Oi! You ain't going back to Lalaland this time!" Sora announced. Roxas glared sleepily at his 'older' brother, hoping that his overly-too-innocent blue eyes looked threatening enough to frighten him away. Unfortunately, his eyes could never do what he wanted. It was a curse for everyone who had the infamous Akegata-baby-blue-eyed-look.

"Why not?"

Sora sighed. "I can't believe you already forgot."

Roxas just looked at him with confusion, hoping that maybe he could go back to sleep if Sora just told him what it was he was supposed to remember.

"We're supposed to be packing today so that tomorrow we get the day to travel to Radiant Garden Uni. Remember?"

Part of his brain must've taken a long time to register this fact because…yes, he was meant to be packing with his twin today, travel tomorrow, relax and settle in the next day and the day after that would be the beginning of university. And why did he decide to go again? Sora sighed again.

"You're hopeless sometimes, you know that?"

"I aim to please," Roxas said sarcastically, falling back onto his pillow and covering his face with the white feather duvet. Ah…sweet sanctuary. Until Sora proceeded to strip him of the duvet as a last resort.

"Will stop being your usual 'whatever' self and get your ass into gear you lazy bum," Sora ordered.

"You sure you're not my twin but Kairi's and somehow you got mixed up with us?" Roxas asked, his voice muffled by the pillow he had buried his face in.

"Considering that mom and dad have our birth certificates in the study which states that we are twins, no, I'm not related to Kairi in any shape or form."

OK, then Kairi was a seriously bad influence on you, Roxas grumbled to himself. In case you're wondering, Kairi had been Sora's girlfriend but they ended it on the 'let's just be friends' note. Roxas guessed it was because Kairi was the dominant figure and Sora was just plain ditzy sometimes. It was a wonder that boy remembered anything like birthdays. And if he knew Kairi like he did, Kairi didn't want to be boss at times. However, Sora was way too nice for his own good. Why else was he called the 'cute happy twin'?

"Fine," Roxas mumbled. "You get started and I'll catch up."

Sora rolled his eyes but went away for a few peaceful moments. Roxas sighed. Sometimes he really did wonder how they were related. After all, Sora was brunet, smiley, never had a damper on his mood and the girls just fawned over him. A total 180 degrees compared to his blond, moody, 'I'm-too-cool-to-talk' attitude and being the listen-friend for a girl, that kind of look and feel. Oh, and the very delicate fact that he was into guys that Sora was still completely clueless about. The only thing that the twins did seem to share was the same eyes, same build, same face and the same shoe size. Even their styles were different. Roxas was the skater. Sora was the surfer. Yep, you couldn't find any twin more different than them if you asked him.

It was during this peaceful contemplation that Sora had decided to interrupt by bringing that huge black suitcase. Roxas got up groggily.

"We aren't bringing the whole of our bedrooms y'know," Roxas yawned.

"Stop moaning and start packing," Sora ordered. "This is uni, not high school!"

"Uni is still a school," Roxas stated dryly, "We're furthering our education."

"In a mature environment," Sora countered, a smile in place. "So that means that we don't have to put up with high school politics."

Ah, high school politics. Where the jocks dated cheerleaders or other hot girls and the geeks were left without dates on prom night. Roxas had actually been fortunate that one particular girl-friend had been nice enough to pretend that she was his date for that night…fortunate in the fact that he would've had nothing to do that night other than listen to some stupid stories from his grandparents and 'their day' if he didn't go. That was a fate worse than death in his humble opinion. He dragged himself out of bed.

"OK, OK, I'll get packed," Roxas grumbled. Sora grinned broadly.

"Good, that means we can have the afternoon to see everyone before we go if we finish packing by lunch."


Not that meeting all his friends for what may seem like the last time in months was bad, Roxas just didn't really enjoy getting squeezed to death by Olette who kept saying she was going to miss him. Neither did he want Hayner and Pence repeatedly asking him if he was going to be OK and if he was going to tell Sora that fact. Roxas knew that he'd only tell his twin when he was good and ready because he had only recently came to accept that the way he swung was not towards girls. Sorry, but he couldn't just turn around to face Sora and say 'just so you know, I'm gay, so I hope that won't damage our relationship bro'! Nah. That needed a bit more subtlety. Scratch that, a lot more subtlety. He looked over to the one wall that separated him from his brother, finding himself wondering what Sora's reaction would be if he told him. He was actually tempted to drop this bombshell on his unsuspecting twin but he stopped himself. No, now wasn't the time.

Maybe tomorrow…or some other time…

Thank god his mom could keep a secret for so long.

"Get your motor runnin'! Head out for the highway! Lookin' for adventure and anything that comes our way! Born to be wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiild!"



"Shut up."


"Because your singing is distracting me and damaging my delicate ears."

"Are you saying that my singing is bad?"

"I'm implying that it's disastrous."

"You're mean."

"Role of the younger brother, even if it's only by a minute," Roxas smirked wily. He then sighed, looking out into the fields with boredom. "How long until we get there anyway?"

"I'd say another couple of hours. Radiant Garden is a long way from home, don't forget."


Home. Twilight Town was 'Home'. Destiny Islands had been 'Home' when they were little but their parents had wanted to move onto the mainland when the luxury ferry route had made it possible to do so. It was easier to commute for them with their jobs. Then their dad left without a word. Maybe that had affected Roxas' personality because their mom would often tell him that he had once been the mirror image of Sora in every way possible save for their hair before he left. After their dad's disappearance, Kairi's family moved to Twilight Town. It was nice seeing her but he would often wonder of the others. Tidus, Wakka, Selphie and Riku. They were the only ones unaccounted for since they lost contact with each other as time went on and they got older. Actually, come to think of it, it had been Riku that didn't reply to a letter from the twins. What had happened to him? The others wouldn't say. Did something happen? He looked over to Sora. He was the one who was most choked about Riku not writing back. In fact, he swore that if he ever saw Riku again, he would give him a piece of his mind and an ass-kicking to boot.

"Hey Roxas?"


"You gonna be OK? I mean, you weren't exactly too thrilled about leaving town."

"I'll be OK," Roxas assured him. "You know what they say. I have separation issues since dad left. But I've got you so leaving home doesn't seem so bad."

"Yeah, and we'll make other friends when we're there and everyone can come visit us if they want to. Everything will be great."

Roxas closed his eyes and nodded. "Sora."


"Thanks for sticking with me."

"That's what brothers are for."

Roxas began staring at the ceiling of the car while Sora went to get the details of where they were staying. It was the afternoon. Back at home, the sky would be a rich shade of orange with purples and lilacs starting to form on the horizon. The sky was blue with white clouds here. He mused. What a strange world they lived in, where one place was in a continuous twilight yet another could have a normal working sky.

I guess that's what I liked about Twilight Town. It wasn't normal.

"We're set!" Sora announced, spooking Roxas in the process.

"Since when did you get here?!" he demanded.

"A few minutes ago," he said brightly. "Anyway, we're living in the Zero District dorms. I think the place is called Shiva House."

"Shiva House? Isn't that one of the really well-known dorms?"

"On par with Ifrit House, Alexander House and the other dorms that usually achieve excellent grades."

"Wow. How did we manage that?"

"I signed ourselves up for Shiva a couple of weeks ago."

"Where was I?"


"Are you telling me that you set us up while I was asleep?" Roxas droned.

"Well, you are a grumpy person if someone wakes you up. So I didn't want to be at the brunt of your wrath."

"I'm a really that bad?"

"Yep. Now let's go find that dorm!"

"Your enthusiasm scares me sometimes…"

Sora narrowed his eyes. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means that you'll make important decisions without me."

"Role of the older brother, even if I'm only older than you by a minute."


My legs were beginning to feel like jelly
as we approached the warm brick building, most of the walls covered in ivy and creepers. The dorms were all like this except that above the front door there would be the insignia of the dorm. For Shiva House, it was a blue woman surrounded by coloured crystals that I supposed were meant to represent ice, considering the dorm was named after a spirit of a popular fairytale from Radiant Garden. See, I do research into things! I'm not a 'completely useless lug' as my incredibly curious, friendly, neat-freak of a brother claims.

Anyway, getting back to the point, so there we were, standing in front of Shiva House and it looked like we were the first to arrive since Sora observed an envelope underneath the 'welcome' mat. Classic sign of being the first arrival. So Sora, being the curious person that he is, immediately pounces on it and rips it open, finding that the pastoral care office had left us information about the university and the house, and how many people would be staying with us, as well as the keys.

Once inside, Sora took a seat and began looking through everything. Roxas looked at his twin oddly.

"Should I just get our suitcases to our rooms?"

"We're sharing," Sora told him distractedly. "It says that Shiva House is one of five dorms that share rooms in here."

"OK. I'll be right back then. Keep an eye out for our housemates."

"Will do," Sora waved him off, still looking at the information. "Oh, and our room is lucky number seven."

"Thanks bro," Roxas grunted as he dragged his suitcase upstairs. He then muttered under his breath, "You just take your own sweet time with that while I do all the donkey work again."

Liar, a voice in his head said. Sora does most of the donkey work. He was the one that did the driving, most of the packing, got you and him set up here and he's finding out more about the university.

Dumb voices. Why was the human race cursed with a conscience?

It's to make sure you don't do something stupid.

Roxas was now lying on his new unmade bed, looking blankly at the ceiling again. New room, new surroundings, a new work regime, a new beginning. Every thing was new and unfamiliar. That scared him.

"Roxas! Get down here!"

"Huh…? Coming!"

He got up, looking around the blank walls, the open window, the two sets of drawers and the other bed in the room with its own bedside table. He wondered what Sora was going to do with his side of the room. He had an idea what he was going to do with his side.


"Keep your shirt on!"

Getting down stairs, he noticed that Sora wasn't alone. A blonde girl was with him as he chattered away. Her blue eyes glimmered shyly at him as she gripped her white sundress a little. Sora then turned to face him.

"And there's my twin, Roxas," Sora introduced him. "Say hi Roxas."

"Hi Roxas," he chuckled, getting the annoyed pout from his twin as expected. Sora hated it when Roxas took the mick out of him. The blonde looked up at him like a deer in the headlights, a slight tinge of pink glowing on her pale cheeks.

"My name's Naminé Kyori." (2)

"Naminé huh? That's a pretty name."

The blush on Naminé's face deepened. Sora gave Roxas a warning look. Roxas shrugged. Even if Roxas was gay, he couldn't help but be nice to girls. And anyway, he kind of had to look like he was into girls in front of Sora and he wasn't quite prepared to announce it to his new housemates when they got here.

"Are you a freshman?" Sora asked her. She nodded her head. "Cool. We are too. The only three freshmen of this dorm I might add."

"There are only three of us?" Roxas questioned.

"Yep. There are five sophomores, five juniors and only one senior in this house. Everyone else has either gone to Alexander House or some other house. I just managed to get the only places available here."

"That sounds reassuring. Is there something I should know about this house?"

"Nope. Nothing that I don't know about."

The peace within the room was then shattered by a loud joyous female voice. "SQUALLY! WE'RE NOT THE FIRST HERE THIS TIME!" Roxas immediately took note not to give the speaker sugar.

"It's Leon," a stoic male voice growled quietly. The two speakers entered the house. The girl had short black hair and brown eyes that sparkled with a mischievous childishness. She was wearing denim micro shorts, a v-neck sleeveless white top and wooden coloured sandals adorned her feet. The man that followed her was dressed in leather mostly, chocolate coloured hair falling into his calm grey eyes. Roxas couldn't help but feel a sort of attraction to the man, but knew that he wasn't for him. The guy was most likely straight. The girl jumped up at the three freshmen.

"Hiya! I'm Yuffie Kisaragi! And that's Squall Leonhart!"

"Just Leon," the leather-clad man inserted.

"What's wrong with being called Squall? I think it's cool!"

"My parents were having a weird day," Leon muttered.

"It's a lot cooler than being called Yuffie though!"

"First day back and you're already annoying Leon," a pessimistic voice sliced across the conversation. The new arrival was another young man but his silvery blue hair covered one blue-purple eye, the only one being seen lined with black eye-liner. His clothing basically consisted of black; jeans, shirt, jacket (with pinstripes) and heavy boots. He then acknowledged the three freshmen. "Zexion Meimei." (3)

"Sora Akegata," Sora greeted, "and this is my twin Roxas and this is Naminé Kyori."

Roxas then noticed a worried glance being shared between the older three students but Sora was completely oblivious to it, per usual.

"Is there a problem?" Roxas asked.

"No-no-no! No problem at all!" Yuffie laughed uneasily. Zexion and Leon looked at each other and shrugged indifferently.

Why do I get the feeling that they're hiding something?

(1) kana for dawn
(2) kana for distance
(3) kana for invisible