A/N: Well, this is my first Tudor story and I decide to write it because certainly there are several Tudor fans out there waiting for some more fan fictions about them.

This story is probably not at all historically accurate because, even though I had read about the Tudors I don't remember much about them…so if you find any mistakes just let me know (POLITELY) and I will gladly fix them.

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The bright sun shinning on the sky, a light morning breeze moved the red velvet drapes that surrounded my bed. I could already listen to all the chattering and movement in the castle; it must be late morning or afternoon.

"Lady Marion, please wake up! We must get you ready for the masquerade ball" I heard Mary's chirping voice form behind the curtains. It was most certainly the afternoon.

I slowly rubbed my eyes and stretched before sitting down.

"Good morning to you as well Mary" I mocked as I was yanked away from my bed and got my hair attacked with a comb.

"Stop complaining like a child my lady! You know how much it takes to get you ready for this balls" Mary began bickering "And besides, it's the king's ball…I have been told he is quite a charmer" she added with an over exaggerated wink.

"Oh Mary" I laughed "We both know that the king is married to a lovely woman and he most certainly won't be interested in me" Mary nodded understandingly.

I don't know how I got to be here, to be a courtier. My mother told me she had found me wondering on the fields by myself when I was about three years old. I was very sick so she and papa took care of me and, as time passed, they adopted me as their child. My mother told me she and my father had not planned to tell me the truth but it became quite obvious to me that they were not my parents as I grew up. Both of them has fair skin, my mother was blonde and my father had reddish hair, both with green eyes. I was almost the opposite, though my skin is pretty fair my eyes and hair are brown, and my small nose doesn't resemble my father's pointy one, or my mother's thin one.

Sometimes I think how lucky I am to have been found by a family that was part of the court. I believe to have a great life, I go to dances, I have the best dresses and someday my parents will choose a handsome suitor to take care of me, which will certainly happen soon for I am eighteen years old.

Mary finished combing my hair and braided the top half of it before covering it with silver with pearls around it. I smiled at my reflection in the mirror; Mary always made me look my best.

"My little angel is getting ready finally" My mother said as she entered my room. I jumped and hugged her.

"How do I look?" I asked twirling around and grabbing my pajama as if it was a large skirt.

"As beautiful as always my darling" she said with a kind smile "But you still have to get into your dress so that you can be a complete angel"

My mother went to the armoire and very delicately took a white and silver gown. I gasped at the sole view of it.

"Mother it beautiful" I managed to say "But how? I should have seen it if it has been in my armoire all this time"

"I placed it this morning hoping you will see it…but as my little girl is always sleeping, she missed it"

I quickly took off my sleeping gown in order to let Mary tie my corset. She had done it several times but I believe she tied it even with more strength this time.

Once Mary and my mother fixed my dress I was able to look in the mirror. I couldn't help to smile; everything was lovely, form the net in my hair to the pearl necklace tight around my neck.

"And…the final touch" Mary said as she tied the laces of my mask. It was rather small for I didn't wanted to cover all of my face as most people do. It was silver, the same colour as my dress and only covered my face down to half of my nose.

"Now come my child, we must get you to the ball" My mother added placing her hand on my back and guiding me down the stairs and to the front door.

"Mother? Where is my father? Won't he say goodbye to me?" I asked concerned. My father always said farewell before I went to a ball or to visit a friend.

"I am afraid, my child, that your father slept very late yesterday so I don't believe he is awake" My mother said as she patted my hair "But don't worry I will tell him you said goodbye" she added.

I knew she was saying the truth but still, she seemed rather odd, I adventure to say she looked tired herself. Maybe papa was sick. I shook that thought away from my head. Today I was going to the king's masquerade ball, and I should not be sad or worried.

It took several minutes or maybe an hour for me to get to the king's castle but every moment of wait was worth it. I saw the castle standing before me, it was immense, bigger than any castle I've had the honor of seeing before. Guards waited at the entrance carrying torches to brighten the now darkening path to the door.

I slowly entered the castle still in awe and then walked towards the great hall, music feeling my ears and the smell of great food all around. There were people dancing happily in the centre as the rest of guest chattered, most of them with theirs masks on. I smiled at the view and allowed myself to wonder around, looking at the girls' glamorous dresses and well designed hairs…I wasn't even half as beautiful as these ladies were. They're eyes were like precious gems compared to my brown ones and most of them had gold locks that made my light brown ones seem opaque and dull.

Then, my eyes were fixed on him. Sitting at the end of the table, chattering and joking with four of his closest friends. I had heard rumors of him being quite handsome, but none of them compared to reality. I felt my heart beating fast inside my chest. No! Calm down…he will never look at you.

Just as I finished the thought my eyes encountered his blue ones. I immediately blushed and looked directly at the floor. I moved toward the opposite corner of the table and took a seat. Now he must think you are like the rest of court girls. My hand nervously played with my skirt. .No other man had captivated me that way, with only one look. Maybe I am acting like this because he is the King…yes…his power makes him alluring nothing more.

"May I have the honor of this dance?" A voice asked shaking me away from my thoughts.