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An immense garden filled with flowers, countless little red, purple and pink dots in a sheet of what seemed like a field with no end. Birds flew high in the sky chirping, singing to the sun whose rays warmed her skin. Her eyes were closed and her arms extended as she twirled around; she imagined that she was one of the birds and she was flying free. She hated to be caged, she hated to obey rules and birds never obeyed anyone, they had no strings attaching them to anything. They could go anywhere at any time no matter if it was day or night, if it was raining or if it was windy. Besides, they didn't had stupid dressed who made it hard for them to walk and run and they weren't tripping over everything. Suddenly, she could hear he father's voice from behind her, she turned around only to meet his smiling face, those kind eyes gazing at her with no other thing but love. He held her in her arms and twirled her around both of them laughing as they fell to the still humid grass. He would asked her why what she doing out so early and she would tell him the truth, she always told him the truth.

That was how life was for me as a child, always running around and my father always chasing or looking for me. Back in those days I dreamed that, someday, I would know the entire world, that I would travel everywhere and attend important dances and banquets along with my husband. Of course, at| the tender age of seven I had no clue of what that implied. If only now I could go back to that time, the time where I was completely happy, where no thoughts of betrayal and death crossed my mind. How did I got myself immersed in this world? As much as I would have adored to be able to blame someone else for what was happening to my life, I knew that I was the only one responsible and, hence, the only to be blamed. But no way to turn back time had yet been invented and my only choice was to go on, to keep living even if my life was not what it used to be. A sigh escaped my lips as I rolled on my back, my fingers tracing the fur that covered my bed and my eyes fixed on the ceiling. It was then, as I laid in silence, that I realized what the worst part of all was. I was alone, no one to talk to. My father dead, my mother gone, and I was left without anyone to tell the truth to. Ladies in waiting were dangerous to confide in since most of them were renown for their desire of climbing the social ladder even if that meant betraying people on their way up and Margaret, I could always go to her but to tell her about her brother? How to tell her about the monster that she had become? Obviously she could not do that.

Hours had probably passed since the breakfast with the Queen and I could not bring myself to forget the look in her black eyes neither the way in which she had addressed herself to me, so respective. And the king, what a good actor he was. He remained silent the whole time, holding the Queen's hand and looking at her with fake adoration. The whole scene resulted revolting. If she only knew what he did behind closed doors the nights she does not accompany in his chambers, if he just knew how he enjoyed the pleasure of the flesh with no other than the lady who was sitting my her side, with me. I could not tell her, my heart wished to do so and free myself from the guilt, but I did not desired to die. And until the day I desire to do so, I must and will remain silent.

"Milady?" I heard a familiar voice coming from the door. I lifted myself up to smile at Anne whose eyes could be seen from the half opened door.

"Come in Anne" I said as I sat down at the edge of the bed "What is the matter?"

"I was told to inform you that Mary will no longer be accompanying you as a lady in waiting" she said, the look on her face holding a mixture of sadness and worry.

"Why is so?" I demanded quite taken a back by the news.

"I…I should not saying this but…" Anne said in a quiet voice as she approached me and kneeled by my side, her hands placed on my knees. "She was expecting a child…I believe it was from the king"

My eyes widened at the same time I felt as if color of my cheeks was being stolen. So Mary has gone to him to. Oh god, how many ladies could he trick in such a shameless way. How could I have been stupid enough to believe he would not seek another lady after he have had me. He had promised me he would never leave me, such beautiful words had escaped his lips the night I gave myself to him and they were all lies. All vile lies!

"Are you alright, milady?" Anne asked.

"Yes, yes" I dismissed with a smile "Please, Anne, go and tell the Queen I would be joining the meals today, I do not feel well" I lied with ease. Anne simply nodded and left the room leaving hoping that had not notice my reaction.

As I stood from my bed and started pacing around my bedroom I started to feel more and more trapped inside that small chamber, I needed to get out before I went crazy. My corset felt too tight, my dress to heavy, I was finding myself with trouble at breathing. Leaving my room, I started to pace through the candle lit corridors, my hand clutching my heart. I was in pain but it was not the kind of pain that a doctor could cure. It was pain of the soul, Henry's knife had wounded me so deeply that it had reached my soul itself. I walked and walked until I felt my feet aching in my shoes, my heart beating fast in exhaustion. Closing my eyes, I leaned my back against one of the walls. One of my hands still placed over my heart and the other held to the wall trying to keep me standing.

I jumped as I felt a cold hand touching my shoulder, but I started to relax as I laid eyes upon Charles Brandon. "Lady Marion, are you alright?" He asked with genuine concern in his voice and his dark eyes gazed into mine trying to look for an answer in them. I wanted to lie to him, to tell him that everything was going to be fine. After all, he probably had more things in his mind to worry about, much more important things, than the miseries of a simple lady waiting.

But I could not.

"Charles I…I have done something horrible" I confessed the words pouring out of my mouth like heavy rain. "If only I could tell you Charles; I am craving to let everything out but I cannot do that, I cannot do that!" the tone of my voice going in crescendo "And it is eating me alive from the inside. I have nowhere to run, nowhere to go. I miss my mother, my father. God, I will never see him again, never hear his wise advices again. Oh, Charles, what am I to do here all alone!"

I felt myself vanishing to the floor but his strong arms kept me from doing so. Picking up he held me tight against his chest. I felt like a child there, felt so small and yet I knew he would take care of me. There was no need for that silent vow to be spoken. I closed my eyes as I cried, my cheek against his chest as he gently combed through my hair.

"You will see, Marion, in time everything will be clearer" he said softly. Though I wanted to believe his words with no hesitation, there was a part of me which still held itself reluctant. "Look at me"

With each hand placed on my cheeks, Charles lifted my head from his chest so that I was gazing at him, his eyes honest. If I dare say so, he held the purest look that I had seen in a stare, it made me feel that I could trust him. "You are a fine lady, you will not be alone for long" he said, his lips curving to form a reassuring smile that brought a comfortable warmth to my heart "soon you will find a man worthy of you. But you know I will have to approve him first" he joked finally making my sobs transform into soft laughter. Though some tears still left my eyes, the darkness had escaped my heart with his words. Maybe there was still hope for me.

"You are too kind, Charles. I do not believe many men in this court can deal so properly with a sobbing lady" I told him with a smile before hugging him once again. "Thank you for your kind words, if you only knew how much good they had made me" I said as I let go of the hug and, standing on the tip of my toes, kissed his cheek.

"Charles! Charming ladies in hallways again?"

My eyes immediately widened at the sound of the voice behind me and, judging my the way Charles' muscles seemed to tense, I felt he was surprised as well. "Henry" I heard Charles say with a rather. uncomfortable laugh. I truly did not wanted to turn around to face the king, especially because I knew what he thought was happening between Charles and myself. Of course, the king did not knew who I was yet since my back was facing him but I knew I would soon have to turn and give the traditional low curtsy.

"My king" I finally said as I turned, my eyes fixed on the floor as I bowed down and slowly stood up. Silence came after that curtsey, it was enough for me to sense the expression on the king's face, there was no need for me to lift my head and look into his magnetic eyes filled with pride.

"Lady Marion, what a pleasant surprise" he greeted. I rose my eyes in time to see him bow his head slightly at me before turning his attention to Charles. I felt somewhat relived, the look in his eyes was not the harsh one I had expected to see but a much softer one and he even was smiling at her friend. That could only mean good things. "Charles, I found Compton not long ago and I believe you two had an appointment, am I mistaking?"

"It is true, as a matter of fact, I must be going now" Charles responded as he took a step forward "My king, milady" he said with a bow of his head as he walked away, throwing me a playful wink over his shoulder as he walked passed the king. I laugh softly as I watched him walk away, a smile lingering in my lips.

I kept looking in his direction until his steps could not longer be heard. Then, I turned to face the king, my eyes not daring to looking into his eyes, afraid that I could commit yet another sin. "Milord, I am afraid I…"

My words were cut by a loud gasp as my head met the cold stone wall and a sharp pain greeted me. I opened my eyes widely only to find Henry's ones. The fire of the candles lightening the hallway reflected in his light blue orbs making them seem as if they were on fire. "What do you think you were doing?" he asked as her kept a strong grip on my chin and my arm not allowing me to move my face or my body for that matter.

"M-my lord please" I managed to stutter, my body starting to shiver in fear.

"Answer me!" his strong voice demanded as he violently shook me.

My brain told me the words I must say, but the fear seemed to have sealed my lips.