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The Cullen Singstar night

"Edward, where are you taking me? I demand to know!", I tried to look angry at him, but at the sight of his entertained face made me forget what I was talking about. In the mean while, he hadn't.

"We're going to my house." I regained focus for a few seconds. It was enough to formulate a sentence.

"What are we going to do there?", I said suspiciously. I knew they were up to something, but I just didn't know what it was. I had seen Alice and Edward having their little secret conversations at school. They thought I didn't notice, but I always did.

"That's a surprise. I promise you will have fun.", before I could say something, he took my hand and kissed it lightly. My pulse fastened and I knew he could hear it perfectly fine.

I looked down at my feet taking deep breaths to calm myself. Was I ever going to get used to him doing spontaneous things like that?

I felt his cold hand against my face. I thought I heard a weak murmur saying "I love it when you blush." I looked at him and once again I was dazzled by his beauty. I would never get used to that either.

"We're here", he said and pulled over. I took off my seatbelt and looked up in time to see Edward opening my door and reaching his hand to help me out. Always the perfect gentleman.

"I can get out of a car without being hurt you know…", I still took his hand. One thing was to say that I could get out of a car without being hurt and another was actually doing it. Unfortunately, my balance wanted to confirm that thought. I stumbled out of the car and saw Edward's attempt not to laugh. "Stupid rock", I mumbled to the imaginary rock that had made me loose my balance and turned bright red once again.

As we walked to the front door, hand in hand, I heard music coming from the house. I tried to figure out which song they were playing. Of course, my bad memory let me down. I heard Edward chuckle and suddenly realized which song it was. It was "Video killed the radio star" only the Buggles weren't the ones singing it. Comprehension struck me as we walked into the Cullen's living room. A big banner hang from the ceiling. "Cullen singstar night"