Dearest Bella,

I have been alive countless decades. But the longing to see you is frightening but sexy. I know I have been evasive with countless trysts with Jasper and Emmett, and have almost died while in the midst of his felching, but this does not matter. I, Edward Anthony Masen Cullen XVIII, love you and want to marry you. You do not realize the pain I am in. When the sharp tingling in my pants yearns for you, I have to quickly find a bathroom. I want you so badly, you have no clue. Steve couldn't keep my away, Ethan couldn't keep me away……..even the guy with no chin couldn't keep me away. You mean that much to me.

There have been countless times when hookers have invaded my front doorstep, but none of those hookers looked like you.

Okay, Bye.

Love you always, Edward