Who Knew

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Silver's P.O.V

Who knew…

Those are the three words that cross my mind as I stand here. Who knew…

I sure didn't know, I mean, who would?

Why did she have to die? Why couldn't I take her place… but, no.

Fate has a cruel sense of humor.

I remember the day we meet. She was like a purple angel…

She possessed a unique sense of style back then, but it suited her. A red and gold gown… I never could have imagined her in a gown, but she was wearing one.

The events of that day race through my mind as I let the tears flow down my face.


In a deep forest….

"Hello, anyone here?" called a ten-year old Blaze the cat. She was tracing her usual route to the woods when she had heard something. Being naïve, she went to investigate.

Blaze cupped her hands to her mouth. "Does anyone need any help?"

Her call was answered by a soft moan.

"H-Hello?" stuttered the young kitten as she searched a nearby bush. Her keen eyes picked up a flash of silver.

The silver glob moved.

Blaze jumped back, terrified as a young (about her age), silver hedgehog emerged from the bush. She immediately noticed several scratches along his arm.

She gently touched his arm. "Are you okay?"

The silver hedgehog turned his gold gaze on her. "… Yes, I think so…" he finally answered.

The hedgehog surveyed the cat. She wore a long red gown trimmed in gold with gold slippers. Her gloves were, like her dress, red trimmed with gold. Her long purple fur was kept out of her face with two pigtails.

Finishing his survey he shifted his gaze away from the kitten. "She's beautiful!! Like an fallen angel! Have I died?" he thought, as his face reddened.

After an eerie silence, Blaze interrupted his thoughts. "I'm Blaze. Blaze the cat."

Returning his gaze to the angelic cat, he replied. "I'm Silver…"

Another eerie silence filled the space after the introductions.

Again, Blaze broke it. "What were you doing? In the bush, I mean."

Silver debated on whether to tell her the truth. Making up his mind, he said, "My home was attacked… by Iblis. No other people survived…"

Blaze nodded her head. "My family was killed by Iblis… I've sworn to kill him, even if I have to die to do it!!!" Flames engulfed her hands as she said this.

Embarrassed, Blaze hid her hands behind her back, hopping that Silver hadn't noticed.

But… Silver had noticed. "… You're a pyrokinesis, aren't you?"

Blaze looked at him in surprise. "You mean you're not scared?"

Silver threw back his head and let out a laugh. "I have psychic powers." To prove his point, he engulfed his hands in a blue aura.

"No way!!! I thought that I was the only one who had a kind of power." Blaze held out her hands from behind her back.

They both stared as their auras mixed together, sending off an intense light as the came in contact.

Blaze watched in silence as her flames, the very things that kept her from having friends, surrounded her and meet with Silver's light blue aura.

When, the spectacular event was over, they found that their hands had meet and locked with one another during the show.

Pulling his hands away, while blushing a deep shade of red, Silver mumbled his apologizes.

Blaze couldn't help but let out a giggle at the sight. She remembered what he mother had said, about you finding your soul mate and something about fireworks going off.

These weren't fireworks, but they were a lot better.

Blaze shyly moved closer to her proclaimed soul mate, who was looking at the ground. She moved her hand underneath his chin and tilted his head up. Their eyes met and Blaze let out another giggle.

Both of their lips met in a passionate and heart filling kiss.

Fireworks went off in both of their minds.

Silver moved his one of hands to her small waist . The other he used to hold her chin.

When both young ones felt the need for air become great, they reluctantly broke apart.

Blaze escaped his grasp and looked him in the eyes. "So, partners?"

Silver nodded his head. "Partners."

End of flashback

My tears were now flowing down my cheeks as I stood on the spot where I had last seen her…

My soul mate, lover, and soon to be girlfriend, had given her life to seal Iblis.

Memories of her coursed through my mind.

But the one thought that stuck out the most was their first and last kiss

I would of kissed her many times if I had known that she would of died.

I would have said those three words.

I love you Blaze the Cat…

But... I didn't get to say those words.

And now she was gone... forever.

My whole universe was dead. Nothing mattered anymore without her.

I fought Iblis for her. For us to have a chance together.

Iblis snatched that chance and her from me.

My feet give out beneath me and I crumble to the ground,

Tears flooding over my eyes and clouding my vision.

If only...

If only I had known.

But… Who Knew.

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