Who Knew

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I decided to add Amy's thoughts on SilverXBlaze.

Amy's P.O.V.

Who Knew?

I didn't.

I didn't know that I would end up falling for you. Who would?

When I met you, I thought you were Sonic. Just like every other time that I looked at a male hedgehog. Half the time, I would see Sonic. Instead of Sonic, I'm seeing you.

Your silver fur makes my body tingle whenever if brushes mine. Whenever your hands brush against me I just want to jump up and shout 'I LOVE YOU!'

At first, I thought that I would always point to Sonic; instead I had difficulty choosing which hedgehog. When I had to choose, my heart ached for you. But it seemed that all you cared about was saving your world.

I wasn't mad… I was just hurt. Why couldn't you see that I loved you? More than Sonic even? That you were my world?

All these feelings confused me at the time, so I did the only thing that I could do. I ran… I choose Sonic and ran away from you. I wish now that I had chosen differently. That I could have told you how I felt and I would've finally felt your lips against mine.

But something has always kept me back.

The purple cat that you speak so greatly about had kept my heart locked up. How your eyes twinkle whenever you talk about her. I thought that you cared about her more than me. I knew it was true. You had only known me for a day, her for a couple of years. How could I win over the love stored for years into one day? I couldn't.

Tears spill from my eyes now, as I sit in Soleanna. No comforting hand on mine, no lips caressing mine, no kisses to make the tears go away. I wish you were here. But, you're probably with her, happier than me.

As I sit on the worn bench, memories of you flash through my mind. From the desert scene to the battle with Sonic and beyond, I had always loved you. You just couldn't see it. I wouldn't let you see it.

I was so stupid! Sonic never loved me; I was a fool to think that. If I hadn't loved him, I could be with you.

A comforting hand on mine, a pair of lips to caress mine, and kisses to make the tears disappear. I could've had all that, but I threw it away for Sonic.

How naïve I was!

Again, I wish you were here.

Your hand gently stroking mine would be a welcome gesture, but you're no were to be found.

How could I throw something like that away!

More tears spill down my cheeks as the train arrives.

I've got nothing left in Soleanna, but hurt memories of you and him. So… I'm leaving.

I hope that one day, we'll find each other and I'll finally have someone to walk the path of life with. Someone to protect me and make me his.

I wish you were here.

Then, we could leave together. You make everything seem wonderful. Like, I had been to the desert a million times, but you made everything seem dazzling. You make me feel complete.

I board the train now, tears and memories still fresh.

I wish again for you to suddenly appear and kiss me, but you don't. I take one last look at Soleanna as the train starts to move.

Maybe, someday, someway, somehow, I'll find someone to walk with.

A comforting hand on mine, a pair of lips to caress mine, and kisses to make the tears disappear, maybe I'll have that with…. You.

Who Knew?

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