(Disclaimer): Jane Lindskold is a great authoress and I'd never try to take her characters. But this is fan fiction so I am allowed to bend them to my will!

(A/N): Like I said, this is post Wolf Hunting and pre Wolf's Blood. I'll go ahead and tell you all, I've not read the later of the afore mentioned. I think the Meddler is one of my favorite characters and I just couldn't resist the temptation to play off the hints that seemed to be dropped in the book about him and his interest in Firekeeper.


No one ever got so close to her without consequence.

Firekeeper shook herself and wondered briefly what was the matter with her. She pulled away from him, his fingers coming free of her usually coarse hair, which now seemed combed- she wondered if that were his doing. "Does my touch repulse you so?" The Meddler questioned, seeming to fringe on hurt. They sat in what seemed like a swirling grey cloud; this was the second time the man had graced her with his presence by invading the sanctity of her dreams.

Firekeeper turned to him and shook her head. It still startled her at how real he was. He no longer had the head of a wolf, instead keeping the face he'd worn when he'd come for his 'favor', a face that still seemed hauntingly familiar. She licked her lips at the memory of the kiss and the man noticed it with some amusement. He could easily assume what passed through her mind; indeed he was in it. "Why do you come here?" She asked him.

"I've told you before, how I was in a solitary environment for years and years. Is it really so bad to want conversation?" He questioned. "Contact?"

The wolf woman really couldn't bring herself to think the answer was no. After all, even she didn't like going long on her own. Without her noticing he had once again closed the distance between them, his fingers going again to her hair, the feel causing bumps to rise on her skin. Vaguely she hoped her actual body was unaffected, least Blind Seer notice. At that thought she felt guilty, as if she were betraying the blue eyed wolf. It also unsettled her to realize this man she knew as the Meddler could effect her so. "You feel real here." She commented.

He laughed cheerfully before proclaiming proudly, "This is one realm in which I'm not bound to the rules."

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