(A/N): I'm less than content with this but I don't want to put too much because, as I've said before, I haven't read the next book. I'd like to have a clear idea of how this relationship is going to pan out before I'd put more into speculation on this flimsy beginning.

Did she really want to contemplate how she'd ended up in this situation? No.

The Meddler's arms were draped across her shoulders as he held her from behind, her face tilted up to meet his. She'd not relaxed her guard, so it was no surprise when it happened. He'd not asked permission so that she could say no. She wasn't sure if she didn't want it and that was another thing, along with the how, that she would rather not think on.

It was only a brief contact, more chaste than his fist, but this time it was she who was able to break the kiss. Her gut turned and her conscience was already on fire with thoughts of Blind Seer.

"Maybe it's just me," The man said, calling her attention back to him, "but perhaps the wolf is in for some competition."

Firekeeper shot him a glare for his words and pulled away from him. Her thoughts were, There is no way he is right. While his were simply, In time.