Did she really want to contemplate how she'd ended up in this situation? No.

The Meddler's arms were draped around her waist as he held her from behind, her face tilted up to meet his. She had not relaxed her guard, so it was no surprise when it happened. He had not asked permission, neatly avoiding the chance that she would say no.

She wasn't sure if she didn't want this and that was another thing, along with the how, that she would rather not think too much about.

This one was only a brief contact, more chaste than his fist, but this time it was she who was able to break the kiss. She felt her cheeks stain pink as she looked up at his face. He could be called handsome, she supposed. He shared some qualities with Derian and she had learned over time that her friend was considered quite fetching by most standards.

Without a word he gently turned her around to face him fully. His eyes softened with a smile as he slowly traced the shape of her cheek. She felt her blush deepen at the naked admiration in his eyes as he closed the distance between their lips once more. Once again she let him. This time she could feel the smile that pulled at his features even as he continued to press his mouth to hers.

When she felt his lips part against her skin she swiftly pulled away. Her heart was beating nearly as fast as it did after a long run. Her gut churned and her conscience was already on fire with thoughts of Blind Seer.

"Maybe it's just me," the man said with a casual sort of drawl to his words, "but perhaps the wolf is in for some competition?"

Firekeeper shot him a glare for his words and took a deliberate step away from him. While her inner monologue repeated that there was no way at all that he could be right, the man's smirk seemed to promise, 'all in good time.'