You're a really special friend,

and our friendship will last to the end.

But what you don't know

is that my feelings for you continue to grow.

You're the only one who listens,

you're the only one who cares,

and every time I'm around you,

my heart, in happiness, flares.

Your smile's like a rainbow

with a bright, beautiful glow.

You're always on my mind

even late at night.

Your voice is a sweet lullaby

that makes me happily sigh.

Your laugh grabs my heart,

and your frown tears me apart.

You've grabbed my heart's attention,

and being with you is my ambition.

Those are the facts

that around you there's nothing my life lacks.

When I first met you

I knew that you were true.

And I could clearly see

that we were meant to be.

I remember when you felt bad

because you thought you had hurt me.

That day you looked so sad,

but I was never really angry.

And then you asked me what was wrong

when I looked emotionally gone.

I wanted to touch your hand

and have you as my man.

You would always talk to me

and I enjoyed your company.

You told me I'm not ugly

and other things to compliment me.

Watching those who kiss goodnight,

watching those who remain true,

I want to look you in the eye

and say, "That's what I want to be with you."

Everyday I see you,

I pray you want me too.

I can't go on without you

because I love you.