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Blood Sugar:


Caius slammed his fists on him his desk as he finally stood up from the elegant chair placed in front of the desk in his study. He slammed shut the cover of the book a little too hard for the delicate thousand year-old book, but didn't notice it.

Every little 'clink' was driving him mad. He wasn't sure what the noise was, but it had to stop.

He followed the light clinking noise throughout the castle; until finally he approached one of the larger rooms in the center of the castle, and threw open the doors in a fit of rage.

There, in the center of the room was Jane, where her pale hands were nothing more than pale blurs, while a long trail of fabric snaked its way around the floor, and finally ending in a pile at her feet like a cobra.

Caius wasn't sure entirely what was going on. He stared in angered befuddlement while the clanking of thin metal on metal continued.

"Would you STOP that INCESSENT noise?!" he finally roared.

She ignored him.

"Aro!" he whined. "Make her stop!"

Aro turned his head to look at him, shrugged and then turned back.

He stared at the girl in the middle. She had a look of sheer determination, and yet, though it looked like she was concentrating very hard, it also looked as though she was smiling a big, goofy smile.

"What's wrong with her?" Caius finally asked, giving up.

Aro shrugged. "The human she fed from had high blood sugar."

Caius was puzzled. What did that have to do with anything?

He stared at her for a minute. Though the clinking was annoying, he noticed that it was actually very entertaining to watch.

"What is she doing?" he asked, finally interested.

Aro shrugged again. "Knitting."

Hahaha, I got this idea because I'm knitting my mom a scarf while my mom is in the hospital, to give to her when she gets out.

I just wondered what it'd be like if you could get a vampire to knit… What with their super-speed.

And then, I thought 'What would it be like to have a HYPER vampire knit?'

And then I was like 'How do you get a vampire hyper?'

So then I figured, okay, sugar equals hyper… So then, get a vampire sugar, and they get hyper… So how do you give a vampire sugar? With blood of course!

I don't think animals can have very high blood sugar, so I figured it'd have to be Jane who does it… This is a shame, because I really would have loved it to be Alice knitting, and not Jane.

Therefore, this is VERY ooc, because I have NO IDEA how any of them are really supposed to act, on their casual days.

And this is probably the last thing I post for a while. It took 5 minutes to write and post, so I have zip chance of getting caught by -spit in disgust- Randy.