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CHAPTER 1 Ghosts?

Benny Alden was sitting on his front porch along with his older sister, Violet. Benny was 6 years old and Violet was ten. Beside Violet was Watch, their dog. They had found Watch when they lived in the boxcar when their parents died. They were afraid that their Grandfather would treat them badly, but they thought wrong. Their Grandfather is really nice and kind. Now Benny, Jessie, Henry, and Violet live with their Grandfather.
"Hey Benny," Jessie said coming outside to her younger-brother and younger-sister. "Hi, Jessie!" Benny said happily while waving to his sister. "Hello, Jessie," Violet said and patted Watch on the head. Jessie sat down beside them. "Where's Henry?" Benny asked. "I don't know. I think he is in the Den with Grandfather," Jessie replied.
"Or at least that was the last place I saw him." Jessie was twelve years old. "Okay, let's go look." Benny said. Him, Jessie, and Violet stood up and went inside the large house. Sure enough, there was Henry, sitting in the Den beside the fireplace, reading a book. Henry turned to look at them and then went back to his book.
"Hi, Henry!" Benny shouted. Henry didn't answer. "Henry?" Violet asked. Henry didn't answer. "Henry! You are being quite rude!" Jessie said. Henry still didn't answer. He stood up, put his book back on the shelf and disappeared. The three Aldens were silent for a moment, but then Violet broke the silence. "That was rather odd…" She said, still in shock.
Then something tapped her on the shoulder. She jumped. But to her relief, it was the real Henry. "Henry, you scared me!" She laughed. "Sorry." Henry said. Henry was fifteen years old. "Henry, weren't you just in the Den reading?" Benny asked. "No, why?" Henry replied. "We saw something that looked exactly like you reading a book by the fireplace! But all of a sudden, it disappeared!" Jessie exclaimed.
"No, I wasn't in the Den at all this afternoon. I've been helping Grandfather with the garden." Henry said. "Oh. I don't know what happened, but we're going to find out!" Jessie said, excited. "Does that mean that we have another mystery to solve, Jessie?" Benny said, happily. "Yes, it does, Benny!" Jessie replied.