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"What are you up to?" Beka looked at her lover. Rommie was leading her by the hand towards her quarters.

Rommie smiled, "Patience. We're almost there. Then you get your surprise." Feeling Beka's expectant energy in the bounce of her step Rommie sighed, "Hold on until we get to your room. Your like a child"
Beka smiled, "You love me anyway, so, what's my surprise?"

Rommie sighed again, feeling the grin tugging at her mouth.

Reaching Beka's door Rommie pulled her into the darkness. "Where are the lights"
Beka felt Rommie mould their bodies together, Rommie's front to Beka's back. Her hands were stroking, up and down, from just below Beka's breasts to her belt.

"Shh, Baby. Just relax and enjoy." With a wicked smile Rommie placed her hand in the small of Beka's back and pushed.

Stumbling forward Beka braced herself to hit the coffee table that sat in the middle of the room. Nothing. Instinctively, she knew that her furniture had been moved, throwing off her stability in her own home.
There was no verbal response, instead a pair of arms held her from behind, leaning back Beka inhaled the familiar scent. And froze.
Rommie smelled like leather pants, machine shop residue and static electricity. The person holding her smelled more like lilacs and spices.

Tensing, Beka immediately thought of Rommie and what kind of intruder could get on board the ship, into her room and attack Rommie with Beka in the room! Not that similar things hadn't happen before, but still! As Beka planned a way to escape the person that could take on her android lover a second pair of hands traced her body from the front.

"Easy Baby, relax." Rommie felt the immediate lessening of tension in her bedmates body. Relief flooded through the avatar. Beka's surprise wouldn't mean much if she panicked.

Beka relaxed at the sound of Rommie's voice. But still curious she tried to guess who the person behind her was. Rhadi? Shudder. Dylan? Eww! Harper?…god Beka hoped not. Then a voice in her ear answered her question.

"Hello Beka, ready for your surprise?" Doyle smile at the almost inaudible moan that rose from Beka and the way the blonde leaned into her. Feeling Rommie pull Beka in for a kiss, Doyle set to work nibbling and kissing Beka's throat. A piece of advice from Rommie earlier filtered it way into her consciousness, moving up she began sucking on the rim of an ear. The groan and sudden collapse of Beka's knees made Doyle grin. Slowly she traced her hands down Beka's arms, making sure to stroke the sensitive inner arms and lifted them towards the ceiling.

Beka was in a haze. Everything not directly involved with kissing Rommie or Doyle's hands was firmly booted out the door. As such it took Beka a few minutes to notice that the velvety softness encasing her wrists was no longer Dole's hands, busy fondling her butt, but something else. Pulling her captive lips away she glanced up and saw the padded handcuffs. A thrill coursed through her body, she and Rommie had talked about this, but nothing was pursued and so Beka had forgotten it. Apparently Rommie remembered.

To Be Continued!!!!!!!

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