To Kill the Pain

Chapter 1

Disclaimer- I do not own DBz but the story main real plot is mine, it's based off my life, more info after chapter.

She stood in front of her desk, looking out the window. The rooms only light touched her face in a thin line, moonlight, the only light she ever accepted. Without looking down her fingers gently picked up a needle from her latest sewing project. The needle was average length and was thin; you could barely tell she was holding anything. "I'm so sorry, but some promises can't be kept". She whispered faintly to no one. Her left hand took the needle to her right arm, she gently the sleeve of her shirt and rolled it up. Then took it and placed it against her skin. The cold metal sent a shiver through her back. As she was about to pierce the skin a single tear escaped her eye and rolled down her cheek, she closed her eyes for she could never watch what she was doing. The door to her room swung open and someone swiftly entered and pulled the needle from her fingers.


Okay I know this is short and hardly worth it, but I promise to update right away with a longer chapter. Oh, I almost forgot, what I said earlier is true. The main character is represents me, and as other people come into the story I'll let you know who they represent in my life. Please Read and Review.