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Chapter 1 - To Kill a Brother

Uzumaki Naruto jumped to the side just as the jutsu hit. "You missed again. I thought you were supposed to be the genius of the Sharingan eye." He taunted loudly. Dodging quickly again he moved just before another strike could hit him. "You can't hit anything, your brother put up a harder fight than this."

His opponent just got angrier it seemed, quickly putting his hands through several symbols he prepared another attack. His black cloak billowed around him as the chakra condensed and was drawn in and swirled about him.

"You talk to much loudmouth." He released and a giant fire ball rushed out towards the Naruto consuming even the ground in its fiery furry. Not waiting for that to finish he performed several more seals quickly and suddenly chidori was crackling in his hand. He rushed forward to attack, his hand harnessing chidori and held back preparing to drive the lightning blade through his opponent.

Naruto flipped to the side and focused almost subconsciously, chakra started swirling in his hand and Naruto upped the power as the ball forming and began spinning faster and faster until a perfect blue orb hovered in his hand. Turning quickly on his heel Naruto rushed to meet his opponent again. Both of their attacks hit, the chidori and rasegan merging into a deadly chakra bomb. The air around their hands seemed to ripple out as everything was pushed out in n increasing sphere around them.

It all happened in a flash; suddenly both opponents were thrown back hard. Naruto smashed through a tree which proceeded to fall on him, Naruto violently vomited blood to the side at the impact of the tree across his ribs. Naruto was helpless pnned there desperately trying to push the tree off as his opponent made his way towards the helpless blond from where he had landed. Finally making his way over his opponent looked down at him and quirked his head.

"Why didn't you finish me off?" He knelt down next to Naruto who was barely maintaining consciousness between the pain and brutal smash of a very heavy tree falling on him; and to make it worse Naruto strained himself trying to push the thing off himself. "You had the opportunity, I know I screwed up." The raven haired person shook his head slightly, "Well your loss I guess."

Reaching down quickly and smashed his fist into the pinned boy's temple knocking him out in a flash. Shattering the tree with a quick jutsu Naruto's raven haired opponent picked the boy up and tossed him over his shoulder. Glancing at his surroundings quickly Naruto's captor headed off. Noting the feeling of chakra use and the sounds of explosions from the west he proceeded in that general direction. He thought as he walked, his mind churning over the fight, a long fight by shinobi standards, it had traversed several kilometers while both opponents relentlessly threw jutsu and attack at each other.

"I wish I could know why you did not finish me off." He glanced down at the boy's limp body, "You had the chance, so why? Well your mistake my gain I guess?"

He looked in the direction of his destination only to suddenly get slammed mid-back by what he guessed was some one's snap kick from behind.

"He did it because he knew I wanted to kill you," The new opponent said quickly performing several seals. "Guess that makes him a good friend." Chidori suddenly surged to life in this new challenger's hand and the second raven haired man rushed forward.

The first raven haired man cursed, he couldn't fight like this, with this kid on his shoulder weighing him down. Hastily dropping Naruto he closed his eyes, focusing his chakra to his eyes. Instantly he snapped his eyes open again and Sharingan was revealed spinning slowly around his now read iris. "Very well brother, let us finish this pointless struggle, and let's see if you finally have become strong."

Sasuke felt the hatred fill him; soon he was covered in the level one curse seal the black marks spreading across him like a disease specking on his skin. Sasuke's chidori started to blaze with a blackish tint eerily snapping with barely restrained lightning. Giving a strangled, snarling war cry Sasuke charged. Itachi span around his younger brother's foolish charge moving just to the side and carefully grabbing his brother's lower arm just above the wrist and the snapping chidori, securing his hold Itachi began twisting his body to toss Sasuke into a nearby tree. Drawing his hand back harshly as he was stung by an harsh electric shock issued from Sasuke who was now covered in the black lightning.

"Kukuku," Sasuke laughed at his estranged older brother, "Guess you have yet to meet my modification to the chidori; I hope you enjoyed my changes as the chidori nagashi completely covers me, the perfect defense and attack."

Locking eyes both of them suddenly, seeming by some co-mental choice sprang apart quickly. Itachi reached in his cloak and undid a clasp. "Perhaps I will need to take you seriously otou, but I doubt it." The cloak dropped revealing a simple get up, a fishnet short sleeved shirt, he had his vest on over the fishnet and a ninja-to strapped strait down his spine. He wore simple hakama wrapped in bandages from just under his knees down to his sandals. Giving a barely perceptible nod before speaking, "Come otou; show me what you have learned from the snake."

Sasuke growled and in a flash rushed forward drawing his katana as he moved in a single, fluid motion as if just flicking his wrist. Itachi stood there waiting, not even moving to draw his own blade, waiting, not even bothering to take a stance. Suddenly in a blur that Sasuke's sharingan could barely catch Itachi moved. Snatching four kunai with explosive tags from his holster Itachi threw them strait and fast towards Sasuke.

"Kukuku, you think I can't dodge a few shuriken." Gauging the paths of the kunai from his training and the additional help of the sharingan Sasuke dodged smoothly, moving around them annd not loosing any momentum. Sasuke however did not notice the four shuriken that Itachi had thrown immediately after the kunai. Each one moved at extremely high speeds hitting each of the explosive tags which detonated all around Sasuke as he moved between kunai, since Sasuke did not dodge he was right in the center as the explosion happened.

Itachi not loosing the momentum his attack provided moved in with a kunai. Sasuke barely managed to perform the earth style technique Kakashi had used on him when they first met. Moving swiftly under ground Sasuke attempted to grab Itachi's ankle. When he reached up his hand gripped nothing but air. Mentally cursing Sasuke attempted to snatch his hand back but was too late as another hand closed around his wrist and dragged him up and yanked the raven haired avenger out of the ground forcibly. "Please otou, such a pathetic technique. The sharingan can easily penetrate a ninjutsu of such low caliber." Before Sasuke could activate the chidori nagashi Itachi grabbed his other arm, span around fluidly releasing Sasuke with the added momentum throwing him hard and fast.

The moment Sasuke smashed face first into a tree trunk smoke covered his body and a broken branch appeared. Itachi glanced around fast, yet still maintaining an air of calm, looking everywhere swiftly trying to discern where his younger brother may be. Itachi felt a prickling feeling at the back of his neck, the shinobi sixth sense. Taking a quick step to the side Itachi watched several kunai shoot through his previous position embedding themselves into the ground. Without even facing the direction the kunai had come from he drew two kunai and threw them backhanded then rolled to the side springing back on his feet and facing the direction he had thrown his weapons.

Sasuke emerged jumping down from the tree Itachi had thrown his kunai at, his sword once again in its sheath across his back. Sasuke rapidly did several hand seals only to have Itachi mirror them perfectly. Both of them unleashing the same attack as one, two massive dragons of earth slammed into each other negating the attacks in a ground shaking explosion of dirt and stone.

"Ninjutsu and genjutsu won't do you much good in this battle foolish otou." Itachi rushed forward again, "The sharingan makes those battles pointless, we are more then able to copy each other in an instant. Superior taijutsu is the only hope you have to win this."

"Shut up you bastard." Sasuke charged at Itachi again. Drawing his sword again Sasuke hastily channeled the chidori nagashi through it, lightning arcing up and down the blade. Performing a downward slice at Itachi as he came with in range of a strike, Itachi merely leaned to the side; the blade slid through nothing but air crackling and snapping with electric fury.

In lightning fast motion Itachi drew his own sword off his back and slammed it down on Sasuke's forcing the blades to hit the ground and effectively pinning Sasuke's blade in the ground. Swiftly kicking up and around using his other hand as support by placing on the ground he kicked back with both feet into Sasuke's chest sending the boy flying. Sasuke's flight ending by harshly hitting the ground a solid twenty feet away from Itachi. Flipping back onto his feet Itachi quickly kicked Sasuke's katana into the forest.

Hopping back onto his feet Sasuke performed the seals again and focused his chakra, chidori crackled in his out stretched hand, before extending his chakra into strait shape with the chidori surrounding it. Itachi sighed softly, "That won't do you any good foolish otou." The moment he fisnished speaking both of them then moved heading towards the other at break neck speeds.

Positioning his sword Itachi took a swing aimed at Sasuke's chest, who reached out with his chidori blocking the strike then grabbing Itachi's sword and pouring chidori into it. Itachi watched as the sword shattered in a small blast sending shrapnel out before feeling the lightning arc through the metal pieces ripping into his hand. Dropping the hilt of his destroyed ninja-to quickly glancing idly down at his bleeding hand before muttering silently.

Sasuke noticed his brother's changing expressions just laughed in amusement, "And now nii-san, I have hated you and grown stronger, know that the avenger of the Uchiha clan is here. I have come for my vengeance, witness the strength I have trained up." Itachi watched as the curse seal pulsed again, a wave of purple chakra emanated from Sasuke before covering him like a flickering flame. The sickening marks that had spread across his skin from before merged into one and changed his skin purplish and his hair grew quickly until it was a white and spiky mane. A black cross formed across his nose and reaching up onto his for head in the position that an oni's horn normally resided. Sasuke then hunched forward issuing a slight cry of pain as two wings ripped out of his back destroying the shirt he was wearing, shredding it before extending and spreading to their full intimidating span. The wings sharing his skin color almost appeared as two giant blunted hands, flexing them before spreading them fully out again Sasuke turned his glare to his brother, his eye's now completely black with three red tomoes spinning around. Sasuke snarled and the chidori formed once again in his hands, this one a black light, not tint, but wholly black emanating and aura of darkness and evil as it snapped and arced around Sasuke's hand and wrist. Sasuke seemed to vanish as he rushed his older brother his killer intent spiking and his movements faster then ever before.

Itachi narrowly dodged the first few strikes only thanks to the sharingan, gaining his poise Itachi hurriedly lept back out of Sasuke's range, realizing this was quickly getting out of hand, and there was only one way to end this quickly and without further problems. Concentrating Itachi closed his eyes painfully, kuso; I am almost out of chakra. I shouldn't be doing this after what I did earlier, this was truly a miscalculation on my part. Opening his eyes again while wincing painfully Itachi revealed the feared mangekyou sharingan. Itachi could follow the movements of this demon form Sasuke had assumed perfectly, ever action was crystal clear; he could see all of them, even before Sasuke performed them, his mind signaled the attack. Quickly dodging to the side and avoiding yet another attack Itachi saw the opening he was looking for.

Moving with practiced speed he dodged the chidori as Sasuke lunged past and quickly grabbed his arm twisting up Itachi heard a satisfying snap as the arm gave a little. Slamming his hand down against the base of Sasuke's neck at full strength, Itachi was satisfied when Sasuke went limp. The curse seal retracted from the fallen avenger's skin into its little circular shape leaving his younger brother's limp body being held up by Itachi with a grasp on the arm he had just broken.

Itachi dropped his brother before he too collapsed on the ground next to him, "Well done otou, you actually pushed me to the point where I had to resort to the Mangekyou." He grunted as he looked over at the crumpled form of Naruto, "Of course you had help and you still have a long way to go, your hate must grow foolish otou."

Itachi knew he had to leave, he had to get the nine-tails, they had completed the other eight, and just this one biju remained unaccounted for. No choice, reaching into his bag Itachi pulled out a ball. He held it up looking at it cautiosly, I need this to even move, I need to get out of here quickly and need to go far. Popping it into his mouth Itachi chewed on the ball. The feeling was amazing, chakra rushed through his system at a frantic pace, he felt himself just grow stronger, this ball not only restored own his depleted system it seemed to also increase his strength.

"Who would have thought that fat kid would have something so useful from his clan," Itachi muttered to himself. Getting to his feet he went over to the still unconscious Naruto, he knew he only had ten minutes at best before the effects of the ball would reverse, he better be far away from here before then. Kisame knew where to meet him later, so no need to go find him now. Gathering up Naruto Itachi started to walk away from the battle field.


"Hey brat."

Naruto looked around, he was here again. The water coming to his ankles as he slowly turned around in the dark corridor noticing the metal pipes lining the walls and the constant dripping sound accompanied by a deep and heavy breathing. Looking up Naruto saw the now familiar set of giant metal bars and a great gate of epic proportions. In the middle of the gate, along the seam was a worn and slightly torn ofuda slapped down covering a small portion of the gap reading, 'seal'. Naruto was snapped out of his musings by the voice speaking again.

"Hey brat pay attention, do you want to die?"

"What do you want you damn baka fox?" Naruto could see the kitsune's eyes gleam in the dark of the cage, glaring at him as the blond snapped back.

"To save your life you little brat, you are unconscious and that Akatsuki bastard is taking you."

"Shit," Naruto cursed and clenched his fists before looking back up at the shining red eyes. "So what can you do about it, complain?" This time Naruto glared at the massive fox. "All you're doing is stating the obvious, why don't you be useful for once you fucking fur ball."

"GAKI,"The Kyuubi roared in fury at the blond's out burst, "Shut your loud mouth for once and let me finish I can help you; I can give you a measure of my power. If you ask nicely that is. Seeing as you're normally an ungrateful little ningen for the help I provide."

Naruto kept his glare leveled at the kitsune. "Why would you help me now, I thought Akatsuki was taking you out of the jinchurri?"

"I have no more desire to be their slave then I do to be your prisoner, I just have a better chance of escaping with you as my jailer instead of them, besides I serve no one."

After the echoing voice finished Naruto sat down into the ankle deep water and pondered the situation. "But what if I…"

"…Lose control? What does it matter, no one is around but those two traitors from your pathetic village."

Naruto sighed at the fox's snarling finishing of his sentence, "You have a point baka fox, but I don't want to hurt Sasuke, he a brother to me."

"Look kid, we have one choice, win or die." The Fox snarled behind the bars, its face finally came into the light, its teeth bared as it glared at Naruto balefully. "So which will it be? Death or victory, I should not have to break this to you, its sad you don't get it yet, especially given your choice of life careers, but you can't bring everyone home, people die."

"I hate this choice, I will always fight to protect my friends, I won't kill them, even if it means my own death." Naruto shouted rising to his feet in an instant and yelling angrily at the flaming orange kitsune.

"Be that way kid, but let me show you the outside world before you make your choice."

Naruto staggered back, he could see someone's back, he couldn't feel anything it was like looking through another's eyes. His head bounced as the person moved quickly traversing over the land.

"Over to the right brat, see them?"

"Yeah" Naruto felt himself go cold.

"There going to attack any second, and you know they can't win against this Akatsuki. So make your choice, your so called brother or them?"

"Shit, shit, shit." Naruto clasped his head and cursed loudly, he knew the fox was manipulating him, how could he choose.

"Well, I can give you my power. The only downside is you may lose control and they may die, but you know that if they fight the Akatsuki they will die. So make your choice brat."

"I choose…" Suddenly reaching forward and through the bars with no fear Naruto placed his hand on the kitsune's head which was lowered and right against the bars. "…To win. Let's do this damn fox."

"Smart choice, here you go. Use it well."

Naruto saw the chakra start to leak of the fox before his head snapped back. The red chakra poured out of the cage and into his system, he could feel it, and suddenly the dark sewers and the sight of Kyuubi's prison faded and he was in the real world again with all his senses working.


Itachi felt the surge of power on his shoulder. Glancing down at the blond boy he was carrying Itachi cursed as red chakra poured out and surrounded the blond, engulfing him in a flickering aura of the malevolent chakra. The red chakra burned Itachi's arm slightly before he quickly tossed the boy away and onto the ground. He had only made it a few hundred feet from where he had left his brother unconscious and beaten on the ground.


As Itachi watched the chakra literally lifted the boy's body in the air from where it had landed, the chakra forming a sort of shell before it spiraled up from Naruto's body and an image formed of a fox head which opened its jaws and roared in fury. Slowly three tails of pure chakra formed out of the jinchuuriki as Naruto's nails elongated, fangs popped out of his mouth and his whisker marks becoming feral. When Naruto opened his eyes and glared at Itachi, Itachi noticed the boy's eyes were slitted pupils like a cat's, and they glowed an eerie piercing red.

This is bad, but if I can get him to lose control, he won't contain and steady himself, he will burn out quickly. Itachi lept into action as fast as possible, praying his thanks for the super soldier pill he had taken from the Akimichi boy. He had taken the three pills from the boy's hand a moment before he had managed to pop the first one in and become a threat. They had attempted to interrupt his fight and provide even more problems. First they had tracked down Kakashi and Naruto, and then of course his brother had to show up to throw a wrench into the carefully laid plans that Itachi and Kisame had made. Then others had shown up, needless to say things were shot to hell.

I hate to do this, I remember hearing about these back before I left, I know the side effects, but there is no other way to stand before a biju of Kyuubi's standing and win without it. He quickly grabbed the second pill and swallowed it; the burst of chakra was amazing and addictive, Itachi felt his strength grow exponentially. Naruto issued a war cry and sprang forward at the same moment as Itachi rushed forward. A ball of energy, the rasengan, this one a deep blood red, instead of the normal blue, glowed in his hand. Then it began to form again spinning violently, as another chakra flowed into it an elemental chakra.

"Hey Itachi, meet my most powerful jutsu, your former partner from the Akatsuki enjoyed it as well. The fuuton rasenshuriken." Naruto actually yelled the last part out as he focused on it. The power was appalling and with the added power that the Kyuubi was feeding as well as the control provided by the Kyuubi the thing only became more powerful then before, where as when he used it before it was fifty percent complete this one was seventy five percent, unfortunately that meant the damage it did the user was even worse, the thing had to be completed or it would always hurt the wielder.

"You have to hit me with it first Naruto-kun." Jumping to the side as soon as Naruto dove at Itachi and struck down in an attempt to strike the powerful nukenin. The fuuton rasengan missed but Naruto continued on and impacted his attack on the ground. Naruto balanced on the hand with the rasengan in it he used the explosion for momentum to fling him high into the air where he performed a flip and landed in a quick roll before facing Itachi again. Itachi just watched in shock as a crater a good fifty feet across formed in less than a second and dirt, earth and stone flew everywhere from the explosion that caused the massive pot hole to form. Shit, I cannot get hit by that. Itachi quickly performed the necessary hand seals and the chidori formed in his hand.

Once again both Naruto and Itachi lept at each other desperately attempting to hit the other. This time no jutsu was evident in Naruto's hand, he was just going to attempt to bash Itachi to death, killing him painfully with a beating. Itachi thrust his hand forward only to have… The chakra actually reached out and grabbed my hand redirecting it. The chidori went out as Naruto's clawed fist impacted into Itachi's gut sending him skidding backwards. Itachi narrowly rolled out of the way as a massive claw of pure chakra attempted to smash into him followed by several tails, the strikes becoming more rapid and Itachi falling farther and farther behind in dodging them.

No choice gotta use it or I'm dead. Closing his eyes Itachi focused again drawing on more chakra, his body screamed in pain at the further demands placed on it. Itachi almost passed out from the pain shooting through his body racing along his tattered nerves. Itachi's eyes snapped opened again revealing the bladed wheel slowly revolving around his red iris. "Mangekyou sharingan," he muttered. Everything became clear to him, Itachi could finally see it, the movements of the chakra claws and now the tails that had joined in.

Itachi was now easily dodging and dancing around the chakra arms, hands and tails, its strikes as evident as some one moving in slow motion to the evolved sharingan Itachi possessed. Before it was overpowering his normal sharingan, the red chakra no longer did so. Itachi could anticipate all the moves that were made before they happened, precognition came easily. Everything seemed to slow down as he dodged each swing and slash done by the chakra. "You can't hit me now I see all your actions before you can do them. Just give up Naruto-kun," Itachi spoke to the boy calmly now as if he was not in a life and death fight but merely a friendly conversation at some bar.

Naruto merely opened his mouth and roared, Itachi felt the sound pulse over him and was thrown to the ground by the force only to rapidly roll out of the way as Naruto put his flesh and blood hand where Itachi's head was a moment ago, Naruto's arm now buried up to his elbow. Yanking his hand out Naruto issued another primal roar and this time his chakra flew out as well slamming once more into the Uchiha who managed to keep his feet this time.

Desperately Itachi realized he was going to have to put even more strain on his eyes. Even if he could predict those waves, there was no where to move out of the way of them. Flipping back Itachi's eyes started to spin rapidly before he locked eyes with Naruto and stared deeply into the crimson orbs. Naruto froze for a second but in reality several days had passed inside the Tsukiyomi.

Itachi smiled and sighed, letting out a groan. He had just forced Naruto to live the deaths of all his friends for seventy-two hours. Stretching quickly Itachi felt some of his muscles strain and bones pop, standing strait again Itachi went over to grab the now still boy. Itachi's still activated mangekyou eye saw the boy move a moment before it happened. Itachi was in disbelief of the action that was shown and barely managed to move out of the way before Naruto's strike hit.

"Moron, you forget there are two of us. And we are not so weak willed as that." Naruto screamed, the fuuton rasengan forming in his hand. "Dodge this." He ran forward at an even greater speed, Itachi's eyes barely keeping up with it.

Itachi gaged the attack; he knew exactly what to do just an instant before it happened, only years of training save him. Reacting the moment Naruto came into reach Itachi grabbed the kid's arm shoving it into the air and barely managing to hold it there gritting his teeth as the red chakra surrounding the boy burned him badly, Itachi's skin sizzling at the contact. Using one hand to quickly perform the seals Itachi formed the chidori and pump a massive amount of chakra into it making the attack even larger and more powerful.

"This is it, sorry Naruto-kun, but you put up a good fight." Naruto just snarled. Itachi's hand blurred as he plunged his hand and arm strait through the boy's chest; he actually felt Naruto's heart explode as his hand slammed into and through it. Blood splattered every where.


"Damn it brat." The fox reeled away from the bars and howled in agony and fury. "You screwed up you damn baka."

"He activated the mangekyou sharingan, I couldn't stop him, he's too fast and anticipates my actions to well."

"If you die, I die." The kitsune snarled and snapped at the blond. "There is no other way..."

Naruto cut of the fox before it could continue though, "Wait, I thought if I died you were released, why would you die?"

"Cause the bastard who sealed me here did not make a standard jinchuuriki." The kitsune howled in anger as the fox tried to quickly force its chakra to fix the boy's massive injury and pump blood for the now missing heart. "A normal jinchuuriki is sealed in a child before it is born, you were put in after, sure it was moments after, but it was still after."

"So that means?"

"It means that you and I can access each others chakra and powers without the downsides. It is also why you have not been racked with nightmares. The bastard who you call Yondaime used a new seal of his creation that had not been fully completed; even I don't know all the side effects."

Naruto just stared at the massive fox. "So what does this mean?"

"It means I cannot let you die. So here is the deal, all the power is yours, except for that which I need to heal you. You concentrate on beating this bastard and I will concentrate on healing this overwhelming damage caused by his latest attack and that caused by my own chakra."

"Sounds fine to me," Naruto smirked as he walked over to the cage water sloshing around him as he moved, "What do I do?"

"You can only have up to eight tails; I need the last to heal you and keep you alive. Be careful though, too long in this state and with this much power coursing through you and your life will shorten as will mine."

"Whatever you say, let's just do this already." Naruto reached the bars of the cage and looked at his prisoner who was still close to the bars. "Go ahead, I'm waiting."

Suddenly the kitsune blazed as the red chakra surrounded it. The chakra jumped and burst forward in a beam striking Naruto at the seal on his navel. Naruto could feel power surge through his body as never before. So much power was overwhelming, and addicting. Naruto could feel it, the power to destroy and rend. The power to do what ever he wanted, damn the consequences. Naruto started to loose himself, his more base instincts becoming prevalent, and there was something else as well, some thing the power shook loose, a door seemed to barely open and Naruto saw something on the other side, a blond child crying before the door seemed to snap shut.

Another massive pulse of the kitsune's chakra hit him and the power once again consumed him, he would kill his opponent brutally, rip him limb from limb.

"Damn this power is addicting, and strong," Naruto gave the Kyuubi a feral smirk.

"Give him hell from me brat, go kill the bastard."


Two arms of chakra suddenly appeared out of Naruto's chest, grabbing hold of Itachi's arm that was pushed through him and yanked it out. The arms held on as Naruto suddenly kicked strait up into Itachi's chin snapping Itachi's head back and sending the raven haired man reeling back.

Itachi watched in fascinated horror as another tail started forming and bubbling out. Blood started oozing out of Naruto's body from every pore. Soon he was covered in it, the chakra started to take shape, that of a four tailed kitsune. Then he noticed, not four, five… six, seven…

Eight tails now sprouted behind the boy, each one lashing violently, wherever they struck the ground shock waves went off or lightning flashed and cracked. Each element was reflected, whether in a water burst or a smoldering flame left behind. The chakra formed strands inside the hole Itachi had left in the blond, Itachi watch almost with pure fascination as the chakra pulsed and sent blood flowing while skin quickly began to form and replace, Itachi could actually see a heart regrowing inside the blond's body as skin, bone and muscle all started to regenerate.

Moving again to avoid the deadly tails Itachi prepared another chidori to at least slow down this powerful being. Itachi could feel his body grow more and more sluggish, his chakra vanished and disappeared draining quickly, he had to end this and escape quickly, he would be too wasted to even attempt another fight for a long time after this, not to mention the after effects of the balls he had eaten. This new release though ended the advantage of his mangekyou as now the chakra split everywhere. It actually started grabbing kunai and shuriken off of Naruto's belt and throwing them at Itachi with the weapon's achieving velocities Itachi would have believed impossible.

"Shit." Itachi was cursing, a very rare occurrence for him, it meant a lack of self-control. But his loss of self-control did not bother at the moment, how he could beat this was all he cared about at the moment. Naruto was a close in fighter, that jutsu he performed needed a direct hit to actually do the damage, though collateral is bad, if he could gain even a hundred feet it would be enough. Pulling back Itachi prepared to unleash the ranged fighting technique of the mangekyou, Amaterasu, when suddenly the chakra arm rushed out and grabbed him from twenty feet away lifting him into the air and burning him at the touch, even his mangekyou had not caught the movement or warned, it was simply to fast.

As the arm yanked him back to Naruto the boy smirked cruelly as he swung his fist again connecting solidly with Itachi's stomach. The air left Itachi's lungs and he started hacking violently blood coming up, Itachi resisted the urge to vomit, if only just, a little blood leaked out of the side of his mouth as well signifying the amount of internal damage caused. The front of his vest and net shirt was badly burned and his chest was now bare though an angry red and blistering from the out pouring of chakra and Itachi was sure that he had some internal damage now, Itachi's cloths were still smoking from contact and he was giving off a slightly cooked smell. Suddenly Naruto was over him again and he kicked him into the air across his burned gut sending waves of pain through the Uchiha. Itachi let out a painful scream; he could feel his body shutting down on him, he had reached the limit as his sharingan actually shut down revealing his onyx black eyes for the first time in years.

Diving his hand quickly into his holster he pulled out the final pill he had taken. There was no helping it now, he knew the effects but there was no choice, he would die if he didn't. He painfully forced the red pill into his mouth and chewed. The chakra overflow ripped through his body both refreshing and also like a thousand blades flowing through his chakra coils, Itachi felt one hundred times as strong as before, the chakra actually rolled of him in waves, two giant wings of chakra burst out behind Itachi in the form of raven's wings. Such power came at a terrible price, his body was ripping itself apart, and he could feel his eyes bleed from the extreme stress put on them as Itachi channeled chakra back into them activating his mangekyou sharingan again.

Rising from the ground Itachi ran with a new speed, his mangekyou sharingan worked as never before. Though his eyes were ripping themselves apart and covered in blood he could see more clearly than ever before, his eyes could catch a detail with out problems miles away. Itachi even felt he could really predict the future now. The downside, Itachi knew he only had five minutes before his body began to shut down based on what he was feeling.

With his new speed he burst into Naruto tearing up the ground as he ran at incredible speed, the burns of the red chakra Naruto was using did not even bother him now, the enhanced chakra of his overwhelmed it, canceling out the pain of the Kyuubi's, though Itachi was no fool, he knew that even with this he was no where close to matching the Kyuubi in chakra. Striking quickly but being blocked both by Naruto's flesh and blood arms as well as the chakra fox tails and arms Itachi finally saw his opening, the way to escape and end this. Itachi knew he could no longer win this time, he would be lucky to live and survive the after effects of the pills he took, but he had to escape, he had to try so that he could fight another day.

Grabbing Naruto's right arm he yanked forward, lashing out with his left foot into the side of this monster before him and hearing a satisfying crack of ribs. Itachi could see every arm of chakra forming and anticipate where it would move and try to strike him, Itachi moved fluidly around and through them, they could not touch him. Forcefully whipping around Itachi slammed the palm of his hand into the boy's chest crudely copying a Hyuga technique. Chakra poured into Naruto's chakra coils around the heart, tearing at his lungs and his abused life giving pump as the coils constricted and expanded wildly due to Itachi's use of the Jyuuken.

Itachi let the shuddering, coughing mess drop to the ground, before he abruptly kicked into the boys face sending him into the nearby river with a massive splash. Rushing over Itachi appeared behind where the Naruto standing on the surface when the blond surfaced. His hands moved faster than lightning Itachi raced to finish.

"Kage Bushin no Jutsu," Itachi actually spoke out this time, as a shadow clone appeared next to him.

The shadow clone quickly moved as Naruto surfaced, the blood that had covered his body when he had used this many tail washed from Naruto's body but the red chakra covering him remained and the water actually hissed and turned to steam.

Itachi's shadow clone slammed its hands together. "Sirou no Jutsu," as it finished a ball of water encased Naruto, covering and condensing holding the blond jinchuuriki tight. Itachi's clone stood with his fist sticking into the ball, holding the chakra and construct in place.

Naruto prepared for the blow to come, but was surprised when Itachi turned and booked it back the way they came, towards where Itachi had fought with Sasuke earlier.

I have to get out of here. Itachi's thoughts screamed I can't win this now, have to run and meet Kisame.

Naruto realizing his prey was escaping, his animal nature having come out even more growled and then roared. Focusing again Naruto formed a fuuton rasengan in his hand, ripping apart the prison in am out pouring of chakra that spiraled, shredding the prison in a spray of water and mist. Using his skills to walk on water to stay on top Naruto slammed the spiraling ball into the gut of Itachi's surprised shadow clone. This time he had poured more chakra then ever into it, the results were devastating and impressive.


Itachi looked back at what was happening when he felt the spike of chakra occur; glancing hurriedly over his shoulder, Itachi watched in horror at the amount of chakra pouring into the fuuton rasengan that Naruto was forming this time. Since the water had washed off the blood that had flowed over and covered the boys features and clothes Itachi could see Naruto's ripped clothing blowing violently as the chakra built up in his outstretched hand. But then Itachi actually saw the clothing on the arm holding the fuuton rasengan begin to shred and dissolve being pulled into a swirling motion by the oppressive attack that was forming, eventually the whole arm of the jacket became nothing more then dust rushing viciously around in the fuuton rasengan and around it.

When it hit, it left a significantly larger crater. With his eyes Itachi could easily see everything. Naruto and he had traveled almost a kilometer in their last fight. He was almost to what was left of the tree line near where he had left Sasuke. But he paused as the attack hit, stunned beyond belief at the results.

Everything dissolved even the water, or it was pushed away, a crater formed dirt pushing up and forming walls, the edge reached over halfway back towards Itachi, over five hundred meters, that meant the newly formed hole was a kilometer in diameter. The shock waves rolled off as debris ripped past him and those others who were watching the struggle. He could feel the pieces of ground ravage his skin and clothing, cutting him across his body opening new gashes. Never had he seen such a devastating release of power, and Itachi hoped to never see something like that again.

Itachi did the only thing he cuold then, he turned and fled, there was no choice at all, he could not stand before that, not right now. His body needed to heal, if he even survived the pills. As he turned to run he saw her. She was standing in his way, defiant.

"Move or die." Itachi narrowed his eyes dangerously.

She continued to stand there, he could see she was shaking, scared, no more than that the girl was terrified, yet Itachi had to admit he was impressed that she was able to stand before him like this. Itachi grew angry though he had to go; he couldn't waste chakra on this, nor time he had to escape. Glancing over he saw the key to his escape, one last attack. Moving quickly he snatched up Sasuke's katana that he had kicked off earlier. Bringing to mind what he had seen his brother perform before Itachi focused, thank you otou. Itachi poured the chidori nagashi into the blade before charging the defiant girl standing before him, standing in his way. He would cut through her before she even knew what had happened.


Naruto's mind reeled. So much power, here he was, practically flying through the air. The blast from his attack on Itachi's clone had sent him flying high into the sky. Glancing around briefly Naruto took note of the current situation and cursed, he looked down at where he had left Sasuke. What he saw horrified him, Itachi was rushing one of his close friends, one of his precious people with killer intent and the chidori nagashi arcing and hissing over the sword Itachi was wielding.

"Kage Bushin no Jutsu," he screamed and ten clones were next to him in an instant flash. He had summoned them into a pattern and they fell together towards the ground spaced corectly. The first two shadow clones grabbed his arms and heaved, throwing him down to the next two waiting clones. These two however just used the Kyuubi's red chakra wrapped around their bodies and the tails to grab and increase Naruto's speed further, the speed was incredible. Not slowing him down, the chakra tails of the next clones matched his speed before grabbing him then pushed Naruto even faster at his target.

The wind howled past his ears. The blood was seeping out again covering his body, turning him into a gruesome visage of the Kitsune no Kyuubi. Each one of the clones pushed him even faster; he could feel his bones start to break from the speed he was traveling, nothing more than a red streak, a red bullet moving through the air at unbelievable speeds.

Everything seemed to slow down. In the time he had traveled, Itachi had made it less then half the way to his victim who stood ready to fight in her stance, waiting to defend and stop the wounded nukenin, though anyone could tell she would not win the fight, even with Itachi so hurt. Twisting himself so that he would face the correct direction when he landed Naruto braced the eight chakra tails waving behind him so that they were beneath him to absorb the impact. Even with the tails this was going to hurt, if he smacked the ground at this speed he was going to make a bigger crater then his fuuton had, Naruto winced as he felt another few bones snap at the pressure he was putting on them.

The tails hit and the chakra slowed him. He smashed hard on the ground and could here one of his legs break and shatter, bones popping out all over the abused limbs, Naruto was standing merely because of the chakra and will power. But he had made it in time, just in time to save his precious person. His body interposed between the descending sword and his friend. Itachi's chidori covered katana stopped half way through his body cutting his spinal cord in half, the chakra sending the necessary signal. The worst part was it cut the seal on his stomach ,that was blazing a flaming red, in half. The pain made him let out a scream of pain that sounded like an oni's death cry.


He could hear the kitsune scream in agony as he landed in the sewer yet again, not even noticing the water was a deep crimson red. Naruto tumbled to the cage peering into its black depths; he felt his vision go dark before it started to fade in and out. "What is it?" He desperately screamed at his prisoner.

"Damn it you little fucker, why the fuck did you do that?" Another howl of pure agony and pain sounded out of the cage.

"I had to save her; she was a precious person to me." Naruto spoke passionately.

"Bastardwe are dead now, I can't save us." The voice twisted in pain as it went on. "His first cut went straight through the seal; he hit me with that attack." The fox then stumbled forward before falling against the cage, blood flowing down its fur in river of gushing red as a giant cut was obvious across its body, muscle and fat poked out of the slash in a disgusting manner, Naruto could even see bone in the massive cut, the fox crashed further against the bars breathing heavily.

Naruto was in absolute shock and disbelief, here was the massive Kyuubi, the most powerful being ever to exist so mortally wounded, Naruto fell back onto his butt the blood and water splashing and rippling around him at his impact. "W... w... wh... what?"

"I was too busy healing you too defend. And now, he realizes your going to die unless I give up my last bit of life. So too do one final act of spite he is right now punching through you with multiple chidori."

"You can't help, you can't do anything?"

"Too much damage, your body is beyond repair, besides look at me."Kyuubi gave a gurgling chuckle.

Naruto rocked back at this, "But what about my nindo?" He looked up at the kitsune with pleading eyes. "I am breaking my word by not becoming the Hokage."

The fox sighed tiredly its breathing slowing down more and more every second. "You died for someone precious to you; you died protecting them that was your nindo as well." The fox went quiet. The two sat in companionable silence for a moment before Kyuubi spoke up barely holding open its eyes. "You have a few minutes left, I can't heal you, but I can give you the final tail."

"What, you mean kill him as well?" Naruto asked eying the badly injured fox.



"No buts baka. We are dying because of that 'but'. You gave up the chance to end this so that your precious friend, your back stabbing brother could get the final blow and kill his damn brother for revenge." The fox's voice dripped with sarcasm the venom pushing through managing to hold together and have righteous fury flow in it, forcing open its eyes the giant fox glowered at Naruto. "You owe me. So I say you will kill him, show him the true power of the Kyuubi. I want him dead by your hand, by the hand of my container. So take all my power, and leave a mark on this world for us, a mark it won't forget."

"Yeah, I guess I could do that." Naruto said bowing his head before mutter, "Neh, sorry for this, I'll kill him though, I'll make it up where I can, in thanks for the power to protect, I'll leave your mark."

"Good…" The voice trailed off, and then slowly picked up again, "One last thing."


"You did good kit."

"Thanks, you did to you stupid oversized throw rug."

"Stupid ungrateful, useless brat, just go kill the fucking bastard already."

"I'm already going."


Itachi screamed in rage, he saw a flash and then Naruto was there, before he could stop the sword it slashed through the seal on Naruto's stomach. The chakra surrounding the boy stopped the sword before it ripped him in half, but Itachi knew that the boy and Kyuubi were dead now, nothing could save them.

"Stupid brat, stupid baka, you've ruined everything," Itachi screamed. Moron, leaving the blade buried in Naruto Itachi formed chidori in his free hand with several, before he finished he smirked, this should also help, forming an additional seal. Itachi watched the chakra grow, he watched with interest as the chakra crackled and popped with electric current. Smirking and growling cruely Itachi plunged it into the boy's body again and again he was being vicious, he would get the brat back for ruining everything that had been planned, for destroying his carefully planned events. Blood sprayed around him, drenching his clothes and body in a red spray that came from Naruto as more blood leaked off and formed a growing puddle around the too. The blood covered the boy and large holes were all over his torso ripped through his stupid orange coat.

Itachi stood panting looking at his handiword. Then looked up again into Naruto's face, and gave a sardonic smile. "Saved the heart for last brat," he panted out, his breath rushing out of his body. He had enough time to escape after this he knew, so he would saver it. Letting the chidori grow slowly in his hand he slowly lined it up with Naruto's heart, he would end it here.

"So long prison of the Kyuubi. Enjoy the afterlife." Itachi thrust his hand down at lightning speed. Before he could react his hand just stopped, the chakra had flared around the boy and stopped the hand less then an inch away from the heart where it crackled with electric fury.

Naruto's eyes opened slowly and he smiled the smile of the fox. A ninth tail of chakra suddenly formed behind him bubbling forth and growing before it waved gently. Naruto locked eyes with and glared at Itachi, Naruto's slitted eyes boring into Itachi's very soul.

"I consider Sasuke my nii-san; I guess that makes you mine as well." Suddenly Itachi's hand was held by the chakra, keeping him from moving. But the rest suddenly sucked up and moved down Naruto's arms. It rushed into two incredibly powerful fuuton rasengans; already Itachi could feel they were more powerful then even the last was, stronger and roaring with malevolent power.

The tails, the chakra around Naruto's body, everything drained into the two ruby red orbs with blades spinning madly in each of Naruto's palms. Only the the chakra to hold on Itachi's arm was maintained and not drained, to keep him from fleeing Naruto. The effect that the last deadly attack had on Naruto's shirt arm happened again with these two new one, only this time across his entire jacket and shirt, the clothing rippling before dissolving; the flakes rushing into the swirling maelstrom of death in each of the blond's outstretched hands, a loud whine was heard all around.

"If you use that, the girl behind you will die as well." Itachi threw his gaze meaningfully behind Naruto. Looking again Itachi could see the Naruto's arms bleeding, he even began to see bone as the flesh, muscle and fat on Naruto's own arms began to dissolve a whip into the ball, it was disturbing a immensely disgusting only years of fighting kept Itachi from throwing up.

"My body will shield her." Smiling again at Itachi Naruto laughed aloud. "So as my brother, let us embrace one time."

Suddenly Naruto closed his arms around Itachi like he was hugging him. The last of the chakra released his arm and fed into the fuuton rasengan. Itachi felt them connect with his back before he could escape. Everyone who watch was forced back as a bright flash of crimson engulfed them both. Both of them discharged straight into Itachi and Naruto.

Itachi felt as though every cell in his body was being shredded, yet his body was staying together. He would not survive this. Letting out an inhuman scream that matched the one Naruto let loose he felt the pain spike to unimaginable levels as their bodies were sent threw blenders and hellish torment.


Kakashi had arrived just in time to see the final part of the battle between Naruto and Itachi. Kisame had fled, apparently facing down Sasuke's newly assembled team as well as Kakashi and the two other teams that had shown up was too much. Kisame had fled quickly vowing to return and that it wasn't over and he would continue the fight later.

As Kakashi watch in amazement this final move, his Sharingan was out and he could make out everything.

True to his final words to Itachi, Naruto had shielded the girl behind with his body. There wasn't even a crater this time, just a small dip. All the force had poured into their two bodies. Kakashi could here their inhuman screams from a kilometer away. The light slowly faded and left standing was Naruto clasping Itachi close too him in a hug Itachi's own arms wrapped around Naruto because of the spasms of pain caused by the final attack, it did look as though the two were really hugging each other. Both collapsed in slow motion still holding the other. Naruto only releasing Itachi when they flopped to the ground in a heavy crash.

A medical Nin ran past Kakashi has he watched on in fear as his student went down and did not move, he knew Naruto was dead.


Sasuke had barely awaken too see the final strike. He managed to stand, as they crumpled to the ground he rushed to his friend. He saw the girl Naruto had defended collapse to the ground and start sobbing uncontrollably shaking and jittering. Sasuke felt the ultimate effects of betrayal, his own and his brother's had cost him all the family he had. First by blood, and then by a tie closer than before.


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