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Hatake Seyann valued many people in her life. Her family she had left behind when coming to Konoha, her husband whom she valued despite his perverted tendencies, and her two children, Sienna and Angel. Her best friends Mika and Michelle…she valued them as well.

She also loved certain aspects of her life. The scent and sound of the village at any given point during the day, the view of the Hokage carvings that the official Hokage residence allowed her, the forest just outside the village where she would go to train with Michelle, and Mika whenever the girl was in town…

And she was particularly proud of the fact that she had never seen an unnecessary sunrise. Yes, you read that right; the Hokage's wife was one of the group known as the sleeper inners. She would get up if assigned a mission but since her husband had taken the Hokageship, neither she, nor her friends, had been assigned early morning missions and she had been able to keep her lie-a-bed mornings.

Which made her wonder, what the annoying sound was that was waking her up on this morning. The sun was barely up. She had already cracked one eye to look at the clock sitting next to her bed and had noticed that it barely read past 7:30.

It sounded as though someone was in her kitchen. Rolling over to check the spot beside her, she noted that Kakashi was still very much asleep. "Relax." Celina suddenly, sleepily, made herself known. "The half of me that's in Sienna's been up for the past hour. It's just the kids, go back to sleep."

Seyann willingly complied. The early morning light quickly gave way to the darkness of sleep.


The next time she looked at the clock it was swiftly approaching 10. Kakashi's side was neatly made and a cup of coffee had been placed next to her clock on her night side table. Reaching over, she absently warmed it with chakra flowing from her fingertips. Once she deemed it warm enough for consumption, she raised the mug to her lips and began to sip gently.

After she was about halfway done her coffee, a knock came at her bedroom door. "Come in guys!" she called. In came her children, first Angel bearing several small wrapped gifts, followed by Sienna who held a tray that had all of Sey's favorite breakfast dishes on it; some of them dishes that took several hours to prepare. Kakashi stood behind them, mask off, slight smile on his face.

Then, it clicked. Why, exactly, she had heard noises at that godforsaken hour of the morning. Why it had been her daughter who, normally was as bad for sleeping in as Seyann herself. They had been cooking for her.

Her first reaction was 'Okay, what did my precious little monsters do??' Because there, really, was no other explanation for why they would go to such lengths to prepare her a meal, and give her gifts and the like. Her birthday wasn't an option, that wasn't for another few days…

After gently placing the tray on her mother's lap, the young silver haired girl clambered up onto the bed. Her son placed the presents on her bedside table and the two looked at their mother intently. Seyann was sure her eyes reflected confusion but she wasn't going to say anything until they said something lest she be forgetting an important event. But she really couldn't think of anything that might be so pressing…

"Happy Mother's Day mommy!!!"

Ohhhhh crap.

She had forgotten Mothers Day. In the hustle and bustle of being the Hokage's wife, being a Kunoichi, and being, well, a mom, she had forgotten that it was coming up.

Did that make her a bad mother? She couldn't ever remember her mother not reminding her family about the day devoted entirely to celebrating moms. And it should've hit her… her birthday was always in and around Mother's Day.

She smiled at her children, and shot her smirking husband (who she could just tell knew she had forgotten) a little bit of an annoyed look with her eyes. "Thank you guys!! This is such a surprise!" Meeting Sienna's eyes, she arched her eyebrows. "Does that mean that the person I heard puttering around the kitchen at 7:30 this morning, is you dear?" even though she already knew the answer.

"Yes…me, Angel, and Daddy."

"You, Angel…and Daddy? Are you sure he was there? He was still lying next to me at 7:30…"

"A doppelganger was lying next to you at 7:30 Sey. I was helping the kids so your breakfast this morning would be edible. They asked for my help last night because they readily acknowledged that they really, have no cooking skills."

"And it's times like those that I wish I had the sharingan like Michelle. I can't believe you pulled the wool over my eyes like that. So, what's for breakfast??"

Sharing with the rest of her family, she dug into the delicious looking meal, consisting of waffles, eggs and bacon. After the meal was consumed, it was time for the mother's day presents. From her son, a set of kunai. She exclaimed over these for a few minutes, even going as far as to testing one out on a makeshift target on the back of the door.

From her daughter, a pair of fighting gloves, a special material that hugs the skin perfectly, with no slack and plates of metal on the back of the hand for protection.

From her husband, a ring to replace her engagement ring which had been lost in a fight some time ago (which is a story unto itself). This ring was yellow gold, which complimented Seyann's skin tone and set with a single emerald, Seyann's birthstone as well as her favorite color.

"I must say dear, you did a better job picking this ring than you did with our engagement ring. I still can't believe you picked a pink diamond for me," commented Seyann after the children had taken off.

"Well, I learned my lesson didn't I?"

"You did, and you learned it well Hokage-Sama. Now please, do me a favor."


"Next time remind me that it's Mother's Day please. Preferably before the kids come in."

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